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Food Photography Lesson #5: Love to Fail

Today we’re talking failures. (Let me say right now that I’m not talking about HUGE failures, I’m talking about day-to-day stuff like forgetting to pick up your daughter from volleyball practice, bringing a pie to the cookie bake sale, ripping your pants at a concert, or running out of gas driving your kid to Kindergarten.) We all fail on a daily basis....more

What Changes at Flickr Mean to Your Account

Editor's Note: If you have a Flickr account you've probably noticed big changes there. But Flickr doesn't make it easy for you to figure out what that means to you if you have a Pro account. Here's a post from my blog Web Teacher that can help you figure out how to stay at that $25 a year level Pro account if that's what you need to do. -Virginia ...more

Photo Editing Fads: What Was I Thinking?

Editor's Note: Bailey from Let Birds Fly takes a look at some of the photography fads you may have indulged in and asks you to consider which ones might stand the test of time. She has great photos to illustrate each fad so you can really see what she's talking about. -Virginia ...more
One very high-profile blogger immediately comes to mind--she's still addicted to ALL of those ...more

Photography Tutorial: Adjusting White Balance in Photos

Editor's Note: Laura at Family Spice walks you through a step by step process for improving the white balance in your photos in this easy tutorial. She starts with a too-yellow photo and ends up with one that really sparkles. -Virginia ...more
Thanks for sharing, I use Adobe Photoshop on occasion to edit my food pictures but I am just ...more

Intro to iPhoneography: Shooting Apps. Which, Why, and How

Editor's Note: Photographer Veronica Armstrong suggests some iPhone apps that can help you raise your iPhone photographs to a new level of quality. She shows you some of her own photos as examples of what can be done. - Virginia ...more
“@BlogHer: Oh, shiny toys! iPhoneography Shooting Apps: Which, Why, and How ...more

Are You Game For a Photo A Day Challenge?

[Editor's Note: Lists, prompts, suggestions - whatever you call them I love them. There seem to be so many floating around these days all you have to do is pick your poison. Are you a cook aspiring to be a Vegan? There is a veggie a day list for you. My latest crafty escapades have me dabbling in art journaling and you better bet I can find a prompt a day on the internet encouraging me to try a new medium. A photo a day is nothing new, but the lists that Amy Huntley from The Idea Room has come up with is what makes it special. You can follow along on Instagram and see what everyone else has on the floor, in their fridge or on their head. - Jen]...more
@BlogHer is it to late to start?! Love this!more

Introducing Pixlr for Online Photo Editing

Editor's Note: Desirae from Sommerfugl Design finds all kinds of ways your can edit your photos without using Photoshop. Her latest find is a free online tool called Pixlr. Check it out. -Virginia ...more
@GoodGirlStyle I believe you can also connect it with facebook, flickr, and other places as well :)more

Why You Should Ditch Your Camera And Get THIS One!

This camera is perfect for anyone just jumping off the point and shoot boat because it teaches you how to use it without using all that photographer lingo. You know what I mean ... f stop, iso, blah, blah, blah. With this camera you don’t need to know the jargon, and you can still get great shots. The camera gives you as much, or as little control as you want. ...more

Sandy in FL (and a new camera)

For me, the following pictures put some perspective on the damage Sandy did up north considering the storm was smaller when it passed FL and it really didn’t even “hit” us. The storm + full moon caused significant damage, even here in Fort Lauderdale. ...more

Seeing Things In A New Light With The Panasonic Lumix G5 Camera

I love this camera and, even though I never thought I’d do it, I’m moving on from my trusty little point-and-shoot. The Panasonic Lumix G5 is just so, so much better. ...more