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This Camera Blew Me Away!

If you're a hands-on learner that's totally fine too. The G5 is extra user-friendly straight out of the box. No steep learning curve involved which is convenient especially around the holiday season. Unpack and get shooting. Whether you're the occasional photographer or a professional looking for a practical addition to your gear lineup you're bound to fall in love with some of the features. ...more

Panasonic Lumix G-5 Review (and a Giveaway!)

I have really enjoyed getting to explore the Panasonic Lumix G-5. I would never call myself a photographer, but I happen to take thousands of photos for the blog--and I enjoy it. There is so much I could learn to manually adjust things based on certain lighting or situations, but it's nice when the camera does a lot of that for you. ...more

Which Camera To Choose This Shopping Season

[Editor's Note: Is a new camera on your holiday wish list? Nancy at Ordinary Miracles has some tips for you about how to pick a new camera. And how to help Santa figure out just which camera you picked! -Virginia] ...more

How to Edit Food Photos In Lightroom

[Editor's Note: If you're a Lightroom user and a food photographer, check out Matt Wright's video on how he processes photos using that software before posting them on his food blog. This video arrives just in time for you to prepare your entries for International Food Photography Day, which is scheduled to take place on November 14. Read on, watch the video, and make your food photos the best they can be! --Genie] ...more

Tips for Photographing at the Aquarium

[Editor's Note: Enjoy some stunning photos shot at the aquarium and pick up some hints for how to do the same things yourself at Plain Adventure. -Virginia] ...more

Learn to Critique Your Own Photographs

[Learning how to honestly judge your own photography is the topic from Veronica Armstrong today. She has some excellent advice. -Virginia] ...more

Create a Watercolor Portrait From Your Favorite Photograph

[Editor's Note: Elise Engh from Grow Creative swears that converting your favorite photo into a watercolor painting is easier than it looks. I hope she is right because the finished product is so cute I can't wait to try my hand at this project. All you need is a handful of supplies and a free online photo editing software.- Jen]...more
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Tips for Great Vacation Photography

[Editor's Note: Megan Moore at Clickin Moms has some great advice to help you relax and have fun while taking great photos on your vacation. -Virginia] ...more

Why Use Your Camera in Manual Mode?

[You have a great camera, but you use it on Auto Mode. The photos look pretty good. So why learn to use the camera in Manual Mode? Mandy at Harper's Happenings can tell you why to learn about it. -Virginia] ...more

Cropping, Exposure, and Mint Syrup

[Editor's Note: The mint syrup sounds really yummy, but the photography tips in this tutorial are extra delicious, too. Take a look at these tips from Melissa Hartfiel. -Virginia] Last week’s photo was an easy start. It was pretty decent looking to begin with. So this week I thought I’d pick a photo that needed a bit more work. And the funny thing is, it took barely any longer to fix this one than last week’s. Image by Melissa Hartfiel: Used with permission ...more
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