When Being Single Becomes the Norm

By now, we all know about the rise in single people and that, for the first time in U.S. history, there are more single people than there are married people. (http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2011/12/14/barely-half-of-u-s-adults-are-married-a-record-low/).  Interestingly, this increase in single people is not just a U.S. phenomenon: single households have increased 30% worldwide....more


My husband had a conference this past weekend.  And my Gingers went to my parent’s house, for a sleepover.I was alone.  In my house.  For 24 hours.  Twenty-Four HOURS.Can you imagine? A full 24 hours of silence? Pure silence. Nothing but me and the dogs and cats. Alone.I like being alone.  Some people can’t stand it.  Me?  Alone is wonderful.  Alone is calming.  Alone is apparently what I used to do with my time before marriage/kids....more

Time for a Career Change? Some of my best options

 As I age (gracefully, of course), I'm reminded how short life truly is.  **YES, this IS Lisa Newlin's blog.  NO, it has NOT been hacked.  I know it's confusing because this post starts with a somewhat intelligent statement instead of referencing bodily functions.  Don't worry.  This trend is only one sentence and it won't continue.** FART.  (See?) ...more

Book Review: I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales From a Happy Life Without Kids by Jen Kirkman

I Can Barely Take Care of Myself by Jen Kirkman Simon & Schuster Publishing Date: April 16, 2013 ISBN: 9781451667004 Price: $15.00...more
I heard about this. I have to get it on Kindle.more

Have a Baby, Win a Prize! (Honest)

In my book –The Spinsterlicious Life: 20 Life Lessons for Living Happily Single and Childfree– I tell a story about the time when my (by then, married) ex tried to talk me into having a baby with him by offering me lots of money, a live-in nanny, and a new apartment.  (Spoiler alert:  I didn’t do it.)...more

And then my boyfriend and I pulled sprinkles from our socks while I educated him on Disney princesses.

I’m not a kid person. Or, should I say, I’m not an every kid person. Meaning, most kids are like footballs to me. I totally know what a football is there for, and I can totally appreciate the skill involved with those who handle one for a living. But if you hand me a football, I’ll likely stare at it awkwardly for a few moments, wonder why someone just handed me a football, definitely hold it wrong, and then try to throw it to someone else who knows better. Also, for the record, I’m almost positive I’ve never thrown a child....more

My Childhood Was Awesome....And It May Have Not Ended...Whatever.

Ok I am horrible. It's been like 3 weeks since I have written anything. But in my defense, life around here has been pretty hectic AND it's been boring hectic so there was nothing interesting to write about. ...more

Childfree Celebrity Spotlight: The Wonder Years & The Wonder of a Childfree Jack & Norma

Ahh, The Wonder Years. Who among us didn’t laugh our asses off when Wayne lurched his car down the street while “Butthead” tried to hop in? Or cry our eyes out in the final episode when (spoiler alert) Kevin and Winnie didn’t get married?...more

The Hazards of Remaining Childfree in the Age of Possibility

One summer between my junior and senior year of college, I spent about six weeks doing absolutely nothing on Purdue University’s campus. Classes had ended and I wasn’t yet slated to start my temp job through the agency I always used. Imagine it! All day long to read books, shop in the glamorous Tippecanoe Mall (a JC Penny AND a Sears), snag free hot dogs at Jake’s, sew up next season’s Breakfast Club costumes…...more

The Seasonless Comforts of the Childfree Life

It’s mid-February, folks, and this was the starting point for yesterday’s jog:...more