We're More Alike Than We Are Different: A Book Review of Why Have Kids?

I recently received and want to share this book review for Why Have Kids? by La Vie Childfree blog follower Gabriela Maya Bernadett.Here it is: ...more

Sloth Sunday: Success!

Today was a rest day. I took the dogs for a walk.  That was it. I decided it was better to rest and heal up the blister and toe issues than to take a one step forward, one step back approach. So back to the trail to run 5 on Monday....more

Saturday: Finish Line!

I spent Saturday volunteering at the Pass Mountain 12k/26k/50k Trail Race.  I was lucky to be assigned to the finish line, handing out cups to the finishers of all 3 distances....more

Friday: She'll be stumblng round the mountain.....

Friday, I took the day off.  And I was prompted out the door, allbeit late, by a text from my sister.  I didn't get there at the same time as her, but she had more miles planned that I did so we thought we would cross in the middle somewhere....more

Thursday: Chef's and Signs

My feet and toe really were feeling better Thursday morning.  So I headed out for a run.  I had planned to do 4-6-4-6 to get my 2o miles in for the week.  After about 1.5 miles, things started to fall apart.  The toe was hurting.  The other foot started d...more

Wednesday: Assaults and Well Wishes

My feet/toe were still screaming at me.  I don't know what that toe did to its neighbors, but they jumped it and kicked its ass.  Wednesday included yet another bike ride.  This time, I decided to ride my bike into South Mountain Park and see if I could make it to San Juan Rd, which is closed to t...more

Tuesday: Barking at Pine Cones

Monday: Namaste and Blog Updates

Monday was an "active rest" day.  This meant that while I wanted to move, I knew that running and biking were probably not a great idea.  So I dug out the Yoga for Athletes DVD and looked at what it had to offer for "recovery".  Not much was that it offered.  I spent about half of the recovery program in Corpse pose.  Which is actually one Yoga pose that I have down pat....more

Sunday: PHX 10k Race Recap

Today I ran the PHX 10k.  ANOTHER PR!  65:27 is what the race results say.  I had 65:33, so even better!  That mean I beat my previous 10k PR by 5:30.  Not too shabby....more

ChildFREE Not ChildHATER

Cross-Post: ChildFREE Not ChildHATER - is "childfree" synonmous with "childhater"?...more