My Take on Elizabeth Wurtzel and Lipstick Feminism

Elizabeth Wurtzel has a recent piece in The Atlantic that is causing a fuss among women. Briefly, it deals with the volatile subject of beauty and aging, but also makes some eyebrow-lifting statements about feminism. Lauren McKenna at the blog Apt. 11D has some smart observations about the debate.--Mona ...more
Hmmm... we find what works for us in various places. There is a discussion to be had on ...more

6 Signs that I'm Not Ready for Marriage (First 3)

Inspired by this blog post from HelloGiggles, I've decided to list out my own personal reasons of why I'm not ready to get married. No, this is not a hidden agenda to hint at OG or friends. This is sort of a cathartic way to talk myself off of the ledge of Quarter Life Crisis - instead of thinking "I'm already 25 years old and turning 26", my mind set should be "I'm only 25 and turning 26". So here goes... My 6 Signs that I'm Not Ready for Marriage...more

Pregnancy: A Treasure Trove of Terrifying Ailments

Let’s get disgusting, shall we? Last week, I developed a totally bizarre and (I thought) inexplicable* rash just above my ankles. Complaining about it to my boss (TMI for the workplace?) elicited one of her most common responses for nearly all our topics of conversation: “One more reason not to have kids!” She, who has a child of her own, went on to explain that pregnancy causes your body to flare up with all kinds of crazy ailments that can’t be readily explained or controlled....more

Busting America’s Baby Bust Argument

It’s hard to find a Childfree book or blog out there that doesn’t cite a desire not to contribute to overpopulation as a pretty solid reason not to have kids. So imagine my surprise when I opened a letter from my mom* and out tumbled a clipping of the Wall Street Journal’s “America’s Baby Bust” article, with the dramatic subtitle:The nation’s falling fertility rate is the root cause of many of our problems. And it’s only getting worse....more

Sucker at the Vet = Completely Broke at the Pediatrician Some Day?

A few weeks ago, our cat Jacques developed what we’ve affectionately been calling his pimp limp. Assuming he’d just had a too-hard landing from one of his many leaps off the kitchen island, we waited a while before thoughts of early onset arthritis and joint fluid infections guilted me into a trip to the vet this past Saturday. After a ninety-six point inspection on his front quarters, no obvious injuries or abnormalities were found and it was all chalked up to the possibility of a pulled muscle. No doubt earned in his many athletic endeavors, including…Lounging on pizza boxes:...more

Do I love Myself?


When Being Single Becomes the Norm

By now, we all know about the rise in single people and that, for the first time in U.S. history, there are more single people than there are married people. (  Interestingly, this increase in single people is not just a U.S. phenomenon: single households have increased 30% worldwide....more


My husband had a conference this past weekend.  And my Gingers went to my parent’s house, for a sleepover.I was alone.  In my house.  For 24 hours.  Twenty-Four HOURS.Can you imagine? A full 24 hours of silence? Pure silence. Nothing but me and the dogs and cats. Alone.I like being alone.  Some people can’t stand it.  Me?  Alone is wonderful.  Alone is calming.  Alone is apparently what I used to do with my time before marriage/kids....more

Time for a Career Change? Some of my best options

 As I age (gracefully, of course), I'm reminded how short life truly is.  **YES, this IS Lisa Newlin's blog.  NO, it has NOT been hacked.  I know it's confusing because this post starts with a somewhat intelligent statement instead of referencing bodily functions.  Don't worry.  This trend is only one sentence and it won't continue.** FART.  (See?) ...more

Book Review: I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales From a Happy Life Without Kids by Jen Kirkman

I Can Barely Take Care of Myself by Jen Kirkman Simon & Schuster Publishing Date: April 16, 2013 ISBN: 9781451667004 Price: $15.00...more
I heard about this. I have to get it on Kindle.more