Why, Oh Why, Didn't I Have Kids?

Why don't I have kids?  Because I never really wanted 'em.  They're not for everybody, something I tried to explain to a woman I met recently.  She looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language that she didn't understand.  And I guess I kind of was, because she has four kids and couldn't seem to shut up about them.  And, actually, she was more than just "a woman", she was a client so I felt it important that I be clear but oh so polite.  I would like her to hire me again…even though she probably thinks of me as 'that strange woman with no kids'....more

Mad About Mad Men Babies

Wow – it appears that no one is safe from the celebrity baby bump watch obsession – not even the starlettes who’ve already indicated they don’t want children. Now that I’m fully entrenched in the world of blogging about having a baby, I’m signed up for Google alerts on Childfree topics....more

My Favorite Life Lessons

There's an old expression that "youth is wasted on the young." I heard it all my life and never quite got it.  I just thought those who said it --who were always older than I was-- were just annoyed that they were older than whoever it was they were thinking of when they made the comment. Now I know better. That expression has nothing to do with being annoyed at someone younger than you are, it's all about having learned that we don't really really know what life is all about until we've lived awhile....more

Up Close & Personal With Childfree Me

As the author of Families of Two, (and next book to come out very soon!) I have been interviewed for lots of articles over the years, but not like with "Fab Over 50" -- they wanted to talk with me up close and personal about my life and childfree choice.  Here's some background and perspective fr...more

What’s a Childless Woman’s Legacy? Millions of Kick-Butt Girl Scouts.

Surely you’ve noticed that Girl Scouts suddenly seem to be all over the place: front and center on Good Morning America, or prominently placed on LATimes.com. Girl Scouts are 100 years old this year. All that green doesn’t look a day over 50. The actual centennial day was March 12. ...more
Count me in the Juliette Low lover camp!more

The Turning Point for the Kids-or-Not Decision

Drew and I were out house-hunting last weekend when we stumbled onto a cute little bungalow with a Midwest-sized backyard in El Segundo. Those of you who don’t live in California, prepare to throw up a little in your mouth: it came with 850 square feet, two tiny bedrooms, and a price tag of $650,000. Drew and I stood on the lawn and talked about blowing out the dining room wall and slapping an elaborate master on the back for an extra $100k or so....more

Women in History Who Got That Motherhood is Optional

Have you seen the collage of never-mom women from history (and some still alive) on pinterest? Olivia Reading has done a great job. It's Women's History Month, and I find it inspiring!...more

Grandbabies & Sleepless nights?

When you start your family life is bliss. As the children start to grow there is a time when you start to look forward to having your house back. Id be lying if i said i don't love having my grandson visit. Any grandparent would be lying, I think? Ayden James is my little lovie. He brightens any mood. They spent the night last night. Its 4 am, and im awake because Ayden is having a tough night. All babies have a hard time in a new routine. I should mention, Ive been up since 3? So reminiscent of the days i spent NOT sleeping when my three boys were babies....more

Ten Really Good Reasons Not to Have Kids

Nearly one in four parents (22%) say that if they could do it over they would not have children, according to a Dear Abby poll. Dr....more
I respect your decision not to have children.  I really do.  But this comes across as pretty ...more

Is it Accidental Pregnancy Season? The "Oops Baby" Fraud Continues

Freud once said there are no accidents. And in addition to sporting some truly impressive whiskers, Freud was also a pretty smart dude. But if he’s right, why is it that nearly everyone I know is announcing their pregnancy as an accident? Proudly and loudly at that! In fact, the enthusiasm with which they’re telling people that little tidbit seems downright suspicious. Perhaps a little “the lady doth protest too much”?So what IS an accidental pregnancy?...more