DINK Lifestyle: Glamorous or Sad?

For those of you unfamiliar with the acronym DINK it stands for Duel Income, No Kids. Being of the DINK subset of humans myself I was familiar with the concept but not the terminology.  When I first heard of the “DINK Lifestyle” I felt so labeled, so judged....more
PSA: "Dual" and "duel" have different meanings.more

Fireside Chat: Dying with Dignity

Welcome to the "Fireside Chats".   It is getting cold here in Silicon Valley and I personally would love to sit down with you at the fire place, with a glass of (your favorite drink) and chat about life.  Of course, when you think of life death is a part of the story too....more

No Really, I Never Want to Have Kids

I am twenty-four years old and I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that I don’t want to have children. Ever. When I get on my own health insurance I want to get my tubes tied, and until then I will take every possible precaution to avoid getting pregnant. We live in the 21st century, so why is a woman who opts to stay childfree for life still given the stink-eye?...more
"I choose not to allocate my body and my financial, emotional, and physical resources to that ...more

How to Make a Child-Free Woman Feel Awkward

In the past year and ESPECIALLY in the past few months, I’ve been surrounded by babies, particularly newborns. My best friend and brother both had their firstborns within days of each other, so naturally a lot of photoshoots followed....more
Bodynsoil exactly!  it's the best.more


Dear Ann Abler,I'm 34 and my fiance and I don't know if we're sold on the idea of having kids. What do you think? Is it everything they say it is?...more
E. R. Catalano yeah...I fear the bonobo stage, which I believe are the teenage years. ;)more

In Work/Life Balance, Where Is the Balance Between Parents and Non-Parents?

This past February, my furnace went kaput. One day, it was a nice 68 degrees—downright tropical during the winter's Polar Vortex. The next day, I could have sworn I saw my breath. After a few moments of panic and mentally preparing myself to freeze to death in my sleep—alone, childless, forever single—I was able to do the adult thing and schedule a repair. Someone would be headed to my home the following afternoon. I paused briefly upon realizing that I'd need to be home in the middle of the workday … but this was an emergency. ...more
KimSanDiego It all depends on the boss. My current boss is incredibly accommodating when I ask ...more

What If I Never Have Kids?

Society keeps telling us that time is running out and that if we are ever going to pursue motherhood, we should get on it sooner rather than later. I understand the science that supports this belief but I still can’t help but feel like it’s a scare tactic....more
I always thought I would have kids. Then I hit my 30s and was still single and starting worrying ...more

15 Reasons I Am DONE Having Kids (And 10 Reasons I'm Not Sure)

 I dipped my spoon into the molten lava cake and ice cream I shouldn't be eating (and wouldn't be, if I fit into my favorite skinny jeans), and slowly raised my eyes up to his, only to see them trailing off somewhere in the half-empty chain restaurant. I know he's already mentally changed the subject, so I distract myself looking at the kind-of-cute waiter's tattoos and let it go (for now). ...more

Taking my Youngest Daughter to College

JANE Yesterday we drove our youngest daughter, Josie, to Virginia to start college.  It was an emotional day for me.  I’m not saying only bad emotions were involved.  It was just an emotional day....more
omg ... my youngest is moving out Tuesday!  I feel your anguish and I can relate to your whole ...more