Retail at its finest.

Anyone else work in retail? If you do than you will totally understand this. Don’t you ever have one of those days where you just want to punch someone in the face for being so ridiculous? Oh, everyday? Yes, me too. So, I work in a beauty supply shop where I sell hair and beauty products and get to share my cosmetology expertise. ...more

On #ThxBirthControl


I haven't been looking at the November NaBloPoMo prompts this month, which is pretty spectacular considering I've been struggling to blog for the past few months. Today, however, I gave the prompts a gander, and today's prompt made my heart stop. If you could permanently get rid of one worry, what would it be? ...more

How Do You Make a Child Stop Kicking Your Airplane Seat?

I recently flew from Orlando to Chicago. I love traveling, and hopping on a flight doesn't phase me. I enjoy the time being disconnected and immersed in a good book....more
I agree about involving the flight attendant also, although as a mother I would never have let ...more

#ThankfulThursday on a Sunday: Gold Rush

With NaBloPoMo taking effect, I'm moving some things around... It's that time of year that everyone tries to become a little more thankful. At least, the time of year that they tend to broadcast what they're thankful for on various forms of social media. I'm no different in that regard, so I thought every Thursday of November I'm going to post a random -something- I'm thankful for. The twist is that I'm sarcastic and not very serious, so be prepared for no posts about family, friends, and dogs. Maybe a little about the dogs. But NaBloPoMo....more

I feel childfree because my children are away at school

I like taking care of my children, specially because they like my foods. I feel like I am making a difference in this life. Now my children are living with their father and I had to put their needs first and allow them to stay with him and his new wife and her children. My son would have to wake up at 6am to travel to my house, when it would be his father's week because we have share custody. He moved so far away almost in the remote country side. I texed them often and call them as much as I can. We set facetime but have not yet use it....more

When a Vacation isn't a Vacation

Do you have a list of places that you would never want to visit?  My list is a lot more focused than the list of places I want to visit.  Plus, I live in Florida which is pretty much everyone's travel destination.  For instance, I want to visit Alaska, England, and Italy;  I don't want to visit Miami.  When I first saw this prompt for NaBloPoMo, it's what really got me encouraged to do this.  Ideally, I would have written the post last night to schedule today.  But the time change is seriously screwing with me. ...more

Am I Too Young To Think Children Are Obnoxious?

I’m 24.  When I was 11 I started thinking about having kids, and I really really wanted to until 3 years ago when I began to hesitate. I was raised in a cultish, fundie Baptist church, so I’m sure that had something to do with the strong desire as a teenager (on top of hormones).  I was cultivated to believe that women are baby-making machines and basically that you couldn’t be complete in your womanhood until you’d produced another meat-eating, gas-guzzling, bible-thumping Republican for the world.  ...more

NaBloPoMo what?!? Joining in and Holiday Memories

I was reading one of the new blogs that I follow thanks to Helene and Tay's Blogtober14 event.  I'm kind of bummed that I didn't get to finish it out due to the fact that I'm a pansy.  But then I found out about NoBloPoMo just in time.  Blogher is hosting this for the entire month of November, and I've printed out the prompts.  I did this yesterday, and then I missed posting yesterday.  But that's okay beca...more

Rainy Babies and Island Croissants

This adventure inspired my first ever Instagram collage. ...more