Let Me and My Womb Live: Stop Policing the Wombs of Women

A woman's womb is such a delicate, creative, innovative place that not only is a designated place where the uterus is located but it is also a place where babies and ideas are conceived in this delicate place. This particular article is about the conception of ideas rather than babies. I am going to give birth to a matter that is such a sensitive, raw and private matter...the policing of women's womb especially those who are childless. *sigh* Let me start off by saying that I am an unapologetic married woman who is childless....more

Can You Be Happy After Infertility if You Don't Have Children?

I've been thinking the last few days about those very early days of learning we will have a life without children. First, infertility, then childlessness. I remember those days, even though they were many years ago. I felt as if I had been slammed into a brick wall. ...more
zedsmiles I'm so glad, that in some small way, this helped.more

Stop! You Can't Give 'You Have to F*cking Eat' to a Parent

Certain parenting truths exist that those who cling to their hipness after childbirth are loath to reveal. Being an adult gets harder as the children grow older and begin to understand what is really in your juice glass at their birthday parties. Do you remember the day you realized you could no longer Speak-n-Spell your way through conversations about Christmas presents, flu shots and blow jobs? Yeah. That extends to reading. As in kids who know how to read and who also live in your house....more
Give parents some credit. I bought Go the F to Sleep because I needed some comic relief from my ...more

Hello From East Tx!

Hello There!I’m new to this whole “blog” thing so cut me a little slack…....more

Day 29 - Dixie's Third Birthday

Dixie our dog turns three today...Here's this year's video:Dixie turns threeHere's last year's video:Dixie turns twoAnd , here's Dixie's first year video...more

Happy Thanksgiving to all at Blogher

Reviews and interviews at Book Readershttp://bookread-mumswritings.blogspot.com/ ...more

I Don't Have Kids but I'm a Happy Woman

Just as I passed the woman and her child, an entire gaggle of cats started singing "Happy Birthday." “Meow meow meow meow, MEOW MEOW.” The child was clearly delighted, so his mom opened the greeting card again: “Meow meow meow meow, MEOW MEOW!” “How revolting,” I thought, as I left the store to go to my quiet home. I’m not used to jarring noises like tinny, electronic singing cats. I’m not used to cartoons playing in the background. I don’t know any songs from "Frozen." I don’t even know the plot of "Frozen."...more
I was so happy to read your post because everything you said describes me also and I seem to be ...more

The People You Meet Along the Way

For most people who love travel, the journey to their destination is the least enjoyable part of the trip.The destination, on a trip, is itself the high point. It's what you think about, dream about, plan for and are impatient to get to.  For me though, the journey and the people I meet along the way can be just as important....more

The 20-something's Guide to Maintaining a Vehicle

First off, let me say that I grew up around cars. My uncle is a mechanic who not only builds cars, but also paints them and finishes them off. My other uncle builds computers, so I'm fairly aware of electronics, and I've used about 4 cars since I was 14. Each one of them had their different quirks, like most cars do, and I'd like to share with you what I learned!...more

My Childfree Story