Childfree Celebrity Spotlight: The Wonder Years & The Wonder of a Childfree Jack & Norma

Ahh, The Wonder Years. Who among us didn’t laugh our asses off when Wayne lurched his car down the street while “Butthead” tried to hop in? Or cry our eyes out in the final episode when (spoiler alert) Kevin and Winnie didn’t get married?...more

The Hazards of Remaining Childfree in the Age of Possibility

One summer between my junior and senior year of college, I spent about six weeks doing absolutely nothing on Purdue University’s campus. Classes had ended and I wasn’t yet slated to start my temp job through the agency I always used. Imagine it! All day long to read books, shop in the glamorous Tippecanoe Mall (a JC Penny AND a Sears), snag free hot dogs at Jake’s, sew up next season’s Breakfast Club costumes…...more

The Seasonless Comforts of the Childfree Life

It’s mid-February, folks, and this was the starting point for yesterday’s jog:...more

Mic Check One Two

Cross post from my day-to-day blog: Life of Duabs...more

Dear Parents: As A Nanny, I Don’t Have To Be You

One thing I hear a lot as a nanny from parents is that “it’s SO different when they’re your own”, often accompanied by a stifled look of superiority as they watch me wrestle my latest charge. I also hear a lot of “oh, you SAY you won’t do this now, but trust me, when you’re a parent, you will. You’re going to do basically everything you said you wouldn’t. Being a nanny is NOT the same as a parent.”...more

The Big B Word

I've been thinking a lot about babies lately. Not because I’m having one. And not because I’m remotely ready to have one. But everyone else in the entire world, i.e. my entire Facebook news feed  seems to be having them, to which I say, “Wonderful!” and “Awesome-o!” And I mean it gal-pals. If you will be/have/or are currently in the process of hossing a tiny human out of your hoo-hah, I congratulate, commend, and respect the shit out of you. Actually, let me amend that....more

10 Secrets of Happily Single Women

From time to time, I’m asked what it’s like to be single for so long (in other words, all my life).  Despite the release of recent U.S. Census numbers that half of the adult U.S. population is single, it’s still a curious state to some. Being single, to some, is still “not normal”. Being happily single is even "curiouser" to lots of people.  Being single is definitely not a utopia (what is?), but there’s a lot about it that’s really good. Singles  don’t always talk about it, but we live it and we just know it....more

Breaking up with a friend

Like everyone, over the years I have lost touch with friends. There are some you click with more than others, some who move too far away and some who you don't have much to say to once you're not in the same office every day.But how do you handle it when you just don't like someone any more? It's not that you've had an argument, but certain things they've done have made you realise you perhaps no longer want to make the effort.Let me explain....more

Single and Childless in the South

The great majority of the time, I love living in the south. The people are friendlier, life goes by at a slower pace, cost of living can’t be beat, and my family has been here since the 1700′s – the south is part of me....more
Great post! And I'll jump on the band wagon here and say you are definitely not alone! I'm 45 ...more

What Your Eating (And Other) Habits Say About Whether You Should Have Kids

Every month or so, I receive an actual paper card in the mail from my mom with mysterious contents. It could be coupons for Fancy Feast or the Banana Republic outlet. Or a Whole Foods gift card as a hint to stock our bachelor fridge with more than just Bud Light and dijon mustard. But more often than not, it’s an article on writing or the baby issue pulled from an actual paper magazine or newspaper she still reads. Her most recent find was an article from the Wall Street Journal called “Getting Junior to Move” and she’d circled this excerpt:...more