I look in the mirror  and examine what’s reflected. I am going through that “mid-life crisis” time, a “re-evaluation” time. We start out as adults in the big world with our core values. We have the hard lines we think that we won’t let anyone cross. We type in BOLD on our hearts the things that matter the most and the deal-breakers....more
Because you loved him more than you loved yourself. I guess the tough question you need to ...more

A Year of Childfree Holidays: A Poem

A raging headache to start the year,From one too many an NYE beer,The carpet a mess with confetti galoreJust pick up the phone, that’s what the maid’s for! Then love is in the air on Valentine’s Day,It’s dinner for two with no babysitter to pay,Boxes of truffles and flutes of champagne,No “Junior is sleeping, we better abstain”, A shamrock tattoo upon my face,Evidence of last night’s St. Patty’s disgrace,The green beer that’d seemed like so much fun,...more

It's time to go home, wherever that is.

I'm a full-time grad student lucky enough to have my own studio apartment, courtesy of my University job. I decided that some time at home with my family was needed, and verbally committed to spending the week of Christmas at my mom & dad's house. Normally, this would be stressful. (Trust me, it has been at times.) However, I was looking forward to homecooking, family time, and cuddling with my dog, a lot....more

Parenting Children vs. Parenting Adults (A.K.A., the Grind vs. the Rewards)

There are a few things in life I don’t enjoy doing, but do anyways. Running. Waking up early for work. Working. Wearing pants with a defined waistband. Eating salads. Cleaning litterboxes. Cleaning the human litterbox known as the toilet. Writing. There are things I’d rather be doing instead. Eating a pan of brownies with a fork for breakfast. Calling in sick and watching re-runs of The Richard Simmons Show on hulu. Hitting every TJ Maxx in a twenty-mile radius instead of the treadmill....more
I don't think there is an easy  stage to parenting-  just when you think you made it through one ...more

Childfree Celebrity Spotlight: Renée Zellweger

This one’s a little close to my heart. Not because of the connection every woman made to her tragic rendition of “All By Myself” in her first few moments as Bridget Jones. But because the press has made it seem as if Renee’s baby-or-not pendulum is swinging as wildly as my own.In 1999, she told PEOPLE,...more
The comments on that blog Oh No They Didn't are even more telling than the blog itself. Anytime ...more

Motherhood: A Million Little Heart Attacks

Every year, we host a big bash called Friendsgiving where we put out a couple of turkeys and our friends bring the side dishes. Friendsgiving is a favorite holiday in our household, but it’s also the most perilous. Drew kicks things off by almost losing his eyebrows dropping the first bird into the deep fryer. Then we each drink enough red wine to kill a small rhinocerous, and the event comes to a ceremonious close the next morning when he takes down the Party City autumn leave streamers taped to the top of our 20 foot ceiling....more

Hand prints

Finally… It’s been far too long, a month?  Over a month?  I don’t know and I don’t want to know, it’s just been too long but alas the streak has ended and I got to see my Bug on my time and for a SLEEP OVER no less!I found out Friday Mol needed someone for the baby for Saturday night, after a quick think over and plans adjustment I happily said yes and was excited to see that little face back in my house. ...more

Your Mom Friend Hates You, According to

I came across this article from today that is an image slideshow of the 10 biggest non-mom faux pas. Already I know I’m going to regret reading this. I’m a childless woman, and I have many, many parent friends. Some I met because I actually looked after their children, and some were my friends before they had children. And many of these “faux-pas” are things that I have never seen any childless woman do....more

Tuesday: Who Knew

That my hanging power cleans were so good!  My HSPU's, not so much.  But I tried.And none of that Paleo stuff.  Cavemen didn't live any longer and they weren't any happier....more

Monday: Sadness in Ounces

My plan for this week goes as follows:Mon: Run x 2 / Tues: Bike and Crossfit / Wed: Run x 2 / Thurs: Bike and Crossfit / Fri: Run...more