How To Overcome The Urge To Convert "Happily-Childless" Friends Into Being Parents

Let me begin by saying that "the struggle is real" or at least in my world. My best friend of almost 23 years is among the "happily childless" women in the world. While I am completely sure that she would make an amazing mother, I have come to terms with the fact that this is none of my business. It's a difficult thing to come to grips with for me. I admit it, I like "knowing it all" and feeling like I have some say. ...more

The childless woman's guide to surviving school holidays

Late September/early October sees school holidays come around again here in New Zealand. In my No Kidding life, this can creep up on me. Suddenly, I'm assailed by people and noise. Though I can tolerate people and children and noise, if I don't have to, I prefer to avoid them. After all, I am accustomed to a much more peaceful environment! Besides, even though the sight of children does not upset me these days, being surrounded by boisterous families can make me feel isolated, and I prefer to flee home or to a favourite, safe environment....more

I can't be your grandbabymama

I think I can understand why you want a grandchild.After all, many years ago, you wanted a child. You could picture a baby crib filling the empty corner in the unused office overlooking the driveway. You flipped through magazines, furnishing the room with ideas.Then, finally, you were pregnant. You furnished the room for real, this time: crib, changing table, soft animals, color....more

Why I Hate My Childless Friends

you sound bitter in this blog. I might be wrong,more

The First Day of Pre-School and Only a Few Tears Shed…By Me

Christine Cox, The Choosy Mommy...more

Cell phone woes

I arrived in Izmir on June 25th.  It's October 6th and I still don't have a cell phone plan.  Yup.  It's been three months since I had a working cell phone. If you had told me this would be the case six months ago, my eyes would have been the size of saucers and I probably would have just died. ...more

Little Things

I try to keep track of random little things that happen in my phone, so that eventually they can fit into a blogpost and won't get forgotten.  I've got a few things that either don't fit into a post or have been forgotten (whoops!) when I was writing. I don't want to forget them, so here's a list of random little things....more

I moved my husband, terrier, and 17-year-old cat to Costa Rica. Follow the sarcasm, mishaps, and adventures.

There’s that moment when you’re uploading photos for your blog and everything is clicking right along. Then the Internet goes down and everything is lost. And you swear....more

5 O'Clock Frost Bite

As I sit in my frigidly-cold office with a horrendous but cozy hoodie, my space heater on full blast, and my zebra-print Snuggie draped over my legs, I can’t help but daydream about the sun’s rays kissing my skin, warming my body to feel like I’m sunbathing in a tropical paradise....more

I'm Glad I Don't Have Kids..

...Yet. Don't get me wrong, I love kids and I want two cute little bundle of joys eventually. Did you catch that last part? Eventually. I am so glad I don't have kids currently. I know that can be rude or whatever, but honestly, I am glad I don't have children....more