I moved my husband, terrier, and 17-year-old cat to Costa Rica. Follow the sarcasm, mishaps, and adventures.

There’s that moment when you’re uploading photos for your blog and everything is clicking right along. Then the Internet goes down and everything is lost. And you swear....more

5 O'Clock Frost Bite

As I sit in my frigidly-cold office with a horrendous but cozy hoodie, my space heater on full blast, and my zebra-print Snuggie draped over my legs, I can’t help but daydream about the sun’s rays kissing my skin, warming my body to feel like I’m sunbathing in a tropical paradise....more

I'm Glad I Don't Have Kids..

...Yet. Don't get me wrong, I love kids and I want two cute little bundle of joys eventually. Did you catch that last part? Eventually. I am so glad I don't have kids currently. I know that can be rude or whatever, but honestly, I am glad I don't have children....more

10 Things Not to Say to a Woman Waiting to Have Kids

 I understand that being a parent is pure bliss. Really, I do.Now, I may not completely comprehend the magnitude of such love until I actually become a mom, however, it’s not that unfathomable when most adults say, “it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to them.” ...more

Practising self-compassion

I saw the light this morning in bed. Actually, I didn’t see the light,not literally, because the curtains were still closed, but you know what I mean. I was having a lazy Saturday morning lying in bed, reading blogs and books and articles on my iPad, with a nice cup of tea delivered by my husband. (Some of the joys of not having kids!) Two things came together for me. The first was a paragraph written by Brené Brown. You probably know I love her work on shame, as I think it relates very accurately to the experience of infertility....more

“Don’t Call Me Childless” 7 Appeals to Moms—from Women Without Children

I had lunch recently with a new friend. In the midst of our “getting to know you” questions, I asked if she had kids. She responded “no.” The moment was uncomfortable. I felt awkward for asking. We moved on to another topic....more

The Woman Without A Baby

 At twenty-seven, I am your average, career-oriented millennial. An English teacher in the town where I grew up, I am married to my junior high sweetheart (we met at the art table when we were twelve). I have four cats and a mastiff named Henry. Although we don’t have the white picket fence essential to the American Dream cliché, we do have a Cape Cod style home. We go on vacation once a year, frequent local eateries, and go to the movies on weekends....more
Thank you for a thoughtful and thought provoking post about childlessness. I could have written ...more

What is Your Aspiration in Life? Here's Mine (With Some Help From Beyonce)

I often get made fun of for my Beyonce obsession, and I’m also acutely aware of how often I reference her and/or her music in my blog.  WHATEVER IT’S A FREE COUNTRY AND I LOVE HER OKAY?!But, be forewarned…cause I’m ‘bout to reference her again.There’s a song on her latest album called ‘Pretty Hurts,’ and without getting into too much detail about the song and what it’s about - it tackles beauty standards, low self-esteem and societal pressure to be thin and beautiful.  Ya know, all the things Beyonce naturally is....more

That next big thing

“My life is over.” “What’s the point of living?” “My life has no purpose.” " "It’s all downhill from here." ...more
Thank you so much for this post, which I've already shared widely across Gateway Women's social ...more

If we're childless, what is our legacy?

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the issue of what we leave behind. I’ve been prompted by reading someone else’s thoughts and fears on this matter for the past few months, as well as visiting my mother and looking at family trees and old photos. When we are childless, what is our legacy? Do we even have one? Why do we want one? Is it important?...more