Motherhood: A Million Little Heart Attacks

Every year, we host a big bash called Friendsgiving where we put out a couple of turkeys and our friends bring the side dishes. Friendsgiving is a favorite holiday in our household, but it’s also the most perilous. Drew kicks things off by almost losing his eyebrows dropping the first bird into the deep fryer. Then we each drink enough red wine to kill a small rhinocerous, and the event comes to a ceremonious close the next morning when he takes down the Party City autumn leave streamers taped to the top of our 20 foot ceiling....more

Hand prints

Finally… It’s been far too long, a month?  Over a month?  I don’t know and I don’t want to know, it’s just been too long but alas the streak has ended and I got to see my Bug on my time and for a SLEEP OVER no less!I found out Friday Mol needed someone for the baby for Saturday night, after a quick think over and plans adjustment I happily said yes and was excited to see that little face back in my house. ...more

Your Mom Friend Hates You, According to

I came across this article from today that is an image slideshow of the 10 biggest non-mom faux pas. Already I know I’m going to regret reading this. I’m a childless woman, and I have many, many parent friends. Some I met because I actually looked after their children, and some were my friends before they had children. And many of these “faux-pas” are things that I have never seen any childless woman do....more

Tuesday: Who Knew

That my hanging power cleans were so good!  My HSPU's, not so much.  But I tried.And none of that Paleo stuff.  Cavemen didn't live any longer and they weren't any happier....more

Monday: Sadness in Ounces

My plan for this week goes as follows:Mon: Run x 2 / Tues: Bike and Crossfit / Wed: Run x 2 / Thurs: Bike and Crossfit / Fri: Run...more

Unexpected Turns in Life When Kids Are Along for the Ride

For years now, Drew and I have been tossing around the idea of trading in our condo for something with a little patch of grass and a long list of maintenance woes we’ll never properly address. We’ve yet to pull the trigger for a number of reasons – one of which being that we can’t properly budget for a house without having a final verdict on the kids-or-not issue. But that doesn’t stop us from trotting out to every decent open house in a twenty-mile radius or yelling at these fools on House Hunters (Why, why can they never see past the paisley wallpaper?...more

Living Your Best [Single] Life

I have a pretty good life: great relationships with my family and a fabulous circle of good friends, an active social life, good health, lots of travel, and I support charitable organizations with my money and time. I adore my 13-year-old Yorkie, Danny. Despite all this goodness, though, I still come across people who look at my life and feel sorry for me…because I’m not married.  (It happened again just the other day with a woman I met in the dentist's office.)  And I don’t get it....more

Saturday Classes: Week Four and Five

Okay, so I am playing a bit of catch up here and have fallen behind on blogging about how I keep busy while my husband is attending his Saturday classes.  So I have combined week four and five in one post.Week Four:...more

Carving Out Time for Babies: Mission Impossible?

Something pretty darn exciting happened to me last week (details to come soon) that wound up heaping a load of unexpected (but highly welcomed) work on my plate. Add in some long hours at the office (did I mention I started a new job last month?) with a few mandatory night and weekend work events, and well, this happened:...more
I run, send Christmas cards, brush my teeth, shower, work from home, cook elaborate meals, have ...more

Childfree Celebrity Spotlight: Christopher Walken

Where does one even start with Christopher Walken? Probably with more cowbell and less kids if you know what’s good for you....more