Finley's Story From Other Perspectives

I recently asked my close friends who lived in Naples if they would take a moment and write down Finley's story in their words. We were extremely lucky while we lived there to have met some wonderful families who supported us through all of the ups and downs. Jo, Stu, Skye and Aidie lived right across from us with their dogs Bailey and Gemma (and eventually Bella). Jo would have been my go to for when Finley was born. She is a brilliant mum to her kiddies and I loved spending time with them all. There was one of my ultrasounds that Steve couldn't make it to..............more

It takes 6 hands

I hadn't had my Bug in 2 weeks and missed her face and I'm pretty sure she missed mine too because when she got here this morning she was super mouth-open-hands-out happy to see me. I could stop there, because it was that good. But I won't. ...more

Nanny Admissions: I Used To Be Childfree

I hesitate to share this story because I am worried that it will cause people to dislike me or feel that I have these feelings still, and it couldn’t be further from the truth. But I’m also trying to share more of myself on this blog, and writing about this part of my life might help people to understand who I am today. So. *deep breath*...more

My Fancy Hollywood Happening

Last week I had the good fortune to hang out in Los Angeles for a few days.  I flew out for a book-signing for my book –The Spinsterlicious Life: 20 Life Lessons for Living Happily Single and Childfree– hosted by Kolu Boutique(which is actually in Venice, CA), my dear friend, Joni who works there,  Jane (the owner), and Brenda, who also works there.  I love the clothes there, because Jane makes it a point to stock clothes you don’t see everywhere....more

Chicks That Trip: Solo Travel Can Be Fun

For many women, one of the downsides of being single is the desire to travel but having no one to go with.  Traveling without some or at least one of your favorite people can be daunting, but it can also be freeing and fun (see Lori's Cuba)....more

Sweepstakes for National Singles Week...Because Being Single Is In!

“[W]hat it does bring home to us is that we can no longer pretend that marriage is the central organizing principle of society?” - Historian Stephanie CoontzThere’s been a rash of studies and news articles lately on the declining marriage rate and the subsequent rise in single people.  Two that I’ve seen a lot of include:...more

Finding a New Normal Through the Grief

When I saw this posted on facebook, it was as though somebody had taken the words right out of my mind. I often find myself wondering who I am now. I know that I'm not the same person as I was before Finley died, or even before I got pregnant and dedicated my life to being a mother.So who am I now? I'm not sure....more

Taking The Big Leap -- I'm Getting Sterilized!

For the past year I've been considering permanent birth control.  My default choice was tubal ligation but I'm not incredibly keen on having surgery, seeing how the only surgery I've ever had was eye surgery when I was a year old.  I found out about the Essure procedure last year and have been looking at it as a possible option, and after a lot of research, I've decided to have that done.  I verified with our insurance company at work that it is, in fact, covered, and I made an appointment at a w ...more

Baby Decision Mind Games

Sometimes when I have trouble making a decision, I play out in my head what it would be like to tell my family and friends my plans, looking at what happens with both options. I can glean quite a bit of information about what I should do based on how I imagine them reacting and how I feel about telling them. So for the first time, I finally thought through what it would be like to tell people about our final decision regarding the kids issue. Just to see if the true answer would reveal itself. Because I’m naively hopeful like that....more

Childfree Flights: Navigating the Unfriendly Skies?

There was a bit of a stir on the Maybe Lady Facebook page recently when I posted a link to an article from a Mom (Priyanka Kher) who was insulted by Malaysia Airline’s decision to offer premium-priced seats in a Childfree section of the plane....more