Why the Roadblocks to Sterilization?

In addition to the recent talk about sterilization and regret, an article in this month's edition of Vogue takes a very good angle on the topic of sterilization. The title of the article is: "Q: Just how hard can it be to avoid getting pregnant?...more

I can't stand my friend's children.

I ended a friendship recently and it had to do with my friend's children. No, I don't have children and it isn't my goal in life to spawn, but I do love kids, to a certain point. There are many hints, the few ending-of-the-friendship stories all started with one of my friends (lets call her Bella) asked me to babysit while her and her husband went out for a date night. I was happy to watch her 2 boys (a 13 and an 8 year old) and took my niece over so her daughter would have someone to play with....more

Why UnBaby.Me Doesn’t Really Work for Me

By now you’ve all heard about the unbaby.me extension for Chrome that automatically replaces photos of babies in your newsfeed with those of cats (or bacon, or Justin Beiber, etc.). If you haven’t, you should consider getting wi-fi for your cave. The day it was released, nearly everyone I’d ever met emailed, texted or Facebooked me about it. At first I found this amusing, but after the tenth person sent it my way, I thought, Good Grief – these people think I’m a real baby-hater!...more

New Jersey!

I took a field trip to New Jersey last weekend to spend time with my bestie, Stacey. She so happens to be the mother of twin three year-old boys. She also so happens to be pregnant with twin girls, due in October. My favorite part of the weekend was her boys deciding to like me and be my friends. Victory! Apparently they're going through a shy phase and she was initially concerned they may not even look at me let alone speak to me. But I am the kid whisperer (and the raccoon whisperer). I get along swimmingly with kids 99% of the time....more

Dying Childless & Alone, and Other Cheerful Things

The Maybe Lady was flying solo last weekend while Drew surprised his brother Eric for his 40th birthday by showing up on his doorstep in Chicago. I’m glad Drew got to go, and I’m actually glad he got to go alone. Though it would have been great for me to see his family (and my own in that neck of the woods), it gave him the chance to have some rare siblings-only bonding, and some good old-fashioned boys-drinking-too-much-whiskey-and-throwing-up-in-the-yard* fun....more

The Turning Point Series – Call for Entries from the Childfree AND Parents!

Aren’t you all tired of listening to me? I am. I’d rather hear from you....more

Bringing Back August 1st as Non-Parents Day

We have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and so many other “Days” from Secretary Day to even National Vanilla Ice Cream Day–I kid you not! But back in the 70s there was a “Day” that it’s time to bring back – Non-Parents Day - which at one time was celebrated on August 1st....more

Patch Of Fog..

  Patch Of Fog...By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny GeeI went closer to see what lay behindThe patch of white fog, I wondered if it was a signIt wasn't very big, nor was it smallIt was the size of a person that was tallI squinted my eyes as my feet took me thereI could almost imagine I saw blonde hairAre those blue-green eyes I seeIs that a grin smiling back at me?The fog turned into the shape of a man...more

Nope, I Don't Hate Men...and I'm Not Gay...Really.

As a single woman, one of the things that both annoys and amuses me is the way some people need to understand why I'm still single.  It's not enough for them to know that I'm not married, they need to know why.  It seems to bother them way more than it bothers me...particularly because it doesn't bother me at all.  The thing is, for some, if I don't give them a really good reason why I'm still single after all these years, then they'll make up their own....more

A Spinsterlicious, Luscious Life: Radio Interview for Singles

Last week I had a fun radio interview with Yolanda Shoshana on her Luscious Life radio show about making the most of your single life...if you're single just for the time being or forever. Read more:   http://www.thespinsterliciouslife.com/2012/07/a-spinsterlicious-luscious-life-radio.html   EleanoreWwww.TheSpinsterliciousLife.com...more