Tuesday: Space Issues and Selling Hollywood

First, I want to express thanks that everyone I know in the Northeast is safe. They didn't all get through without some sort of impact (garages, hot tubs, power and some flooding). But everyone (so far) is ok....more

Whoa! I Wasn't Bingoed!

Cross-Post: Whoa! I Wasn't Bingoed - when recently asked if I have kids......more

Sunday: My Own Mess...

Between the extended trailer for Les Mis (Christmas Day) and the extended trailer for Cloud Atlas (Oct 26), I am a mess. I don't know how I will make it through either of these movies. I would love to read Cloud Atlas before seeing the movie, but I don't think I have time for that....more

Cooking for Two Sucks

It must seem like I’m always pontificating on the various merits of life without kids, despite the fact that I’m supposed to be examining the pros AND cons. So here’s a bone for those of you wishing I’d present a more balanced viewpoint: the Childfree culinary life kind of blows sometimes. Particularly if you’re as cheap, health conscious and untalented in the kitchen as I am....more

Getting Sick with Kids

Last week brought with it a pretty heinous bout of the flu. The kind of flu that leaves bruises on your sternum from hours of hugging the toilet. The kind where you’re just not sure you want to go on living. The kind where your stomach says, “You thought you could sneak that single Saltine in here? I don’t think so!” and then laughs maniacally before rejecting it. Because stomachs laugh....more
I'll be honest: It sucks. No way around it. If you have a partner in crime and that person isn't ...more

Saturday: Pick-A-Run

Saturday started out with a pick-a-run. I headed out knowing that I would do no less than 6 and maybe as much as 8. But I wasn't really putting the pressure on myself to do the full 8 when I left. But I did it anyway....more

Friday: Same Hills, Different Day

Friday was a quiet day.  A non-running day....more

Holiday Slacker

Cross-Post: Holiday Slacker - if you're childfree, do you feel the need to decorate for holidays, such as Halloween? If you have kids, do you feel pressured to decorate?...more

Thursday: Piles of Miles and Books

I just joined Run Eat Repeats Pile on the Miles Challenge for November.  It is a great way to get the holiday season started off right and keep those pesky pounds in check.Go check out her site and join up!Pile on the Miles!...more

Wednesday: Hills of Noodles

Today was a day that I didn't really want to head out and do anything.  But eventually I climbed into some non-pj's and onto my bike.  I told myself I would just be casual about it.  Then I managed to find the hilliest 6 mile route in my area!  It was fun....more