The stigmas of womanhood

I was in the store with my son, when a woman remarked at how well behaved he was being. I smiled (because I was filled with mommy happiness at the compliment) and agreed - he is a really great little guy. Then, the conversation took a turn for the worse....more

In case of emergency

When I was in my mid-20s, I learned that a friend of mine had listed me as her emergency contact. Thankfully, I didn't learn this information during an actual emergency. Rather, after hanging out one night she admitted that it was hard being far away from family, and even though she lived with her boyfriend, she had me listed as her emergency contact on all her forms....more

Things I wish I'd known about grief

Image: No Kidding in NZ via FlickrI wish, as I was growing up, I had learned these lessons about how to respond to those who are grieving:...more
#5 and #6- YESmore

We, My Husband and I, Are Selfish

According to the Pope my husband and I are selfish. We decided many years ago to have a child-free marriage. I say child-free because childless makes it sound more like it wasn't a choice. We did have a choice. We chose not to have children....more
DrSarah Thank you so much for your comment! I admit I wrote this one in a bit of a rant, and I ...more

How to Survive Being Married to a Night Owl

There are two camps of people, generally--morning people and night people. I'm not going to tell you which kind I am, but I will let you know upfront that some of my very first bras are still defrosting....more
TheBudgetBrainiac I don't think Vin would mind taking a night shift at all, which is good for me ...more

The Trouble With Mommy Blogs

I have a confession to make… and it has the potential to be both scandalous and life altering, if you don’t mind me over-stating the obvious. I mean… when have my confessions not been scandalous and life altering? Please. It’s the entire reason you read this blog, amiright?Ahem.Anyway, my confession is this:I kind of, sort of, really, truly hate….Mommy Blogs....more

It's Okay If You Don't Want to Be a Parent

“This above all: to thine own self be true”. – William Shakespeare...more
genghis.khannie  Glad you were able to be an example to your mother.  What works for one does ...more

When Your Friends Become Moms -- and What That Means for You

There comes a time in every girl’s life when her close friends start to have babies.  For me, it began around five years ago…and hasn’t stopped yet.  Out of my closest girlfriends, I’d say 90% of them are now mothers.  That’s a pretty big number....more
thekatieshowblog thank you!  It *is* hard at first, for sure.  And I won't lie, it's still hard ...more

How My Beauty Regimen Pains Were Like My Sister's Labor Pains. Sorta.

I will never forget the day my niece was born. A friend of mine worked at Sephora and had given me a giant bag of goodies. As I dug into it, I started trying out all the different products. And I mean all. I smeared on the face-life cream, eye patches to reduce puffiness, lip plumper, teeth whitening strips, cellulite goo on my thighs, stomach firming gel, foot tingly stuff with the special socks, exfoliators, you name it and I had it gobbed on my body....more

Ten examples why I believe infertility brings out the best in us

Recently, in the context of the recent twitterstorm, someone in the ALI (adoption, loss, infertility) community commented, "Infertility brings out the worst in all of us ... We’re all guilty." I beg to differ....more
I think it's brought out the best AND the worst in me.  I can only hope that it's brought out ...more