Nope, I Don't Hate Men...and I'm Not Gay...Really.

As a single woman, one of the things that both annoys and amuses me is the way some people need to understand why I'm still single.  It's not enough for them to know that I'm not married, they need to know why.  It seems to bother them way more than it bothers me...particularly because it doesn't bother me at all.  The thing is, for some, if I don't give them a really good reason why I'm still single after all these years, then they'll make up their own....more

A Spinsterlicious, Luscious Life: Radio Interview for Singles

Last week I had a fun radio interview with Yolanda Shoshana on her Luscious Life radio show about making the most of your single life...if you're single just for the time being or forever. Read more:

Why the Childfree CAN Have It All – At Least, All That They Want

Anne Marie Slaughter’s controversial article “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All” in The Atlantic was followed up recently by Madeleine Kunin’s piece in the Huffington Post, “Why Men Can’t Have it All Either”.  Both discussed how the confines of the American workplace make it near impossible for anyone to take full advantage of care...more

Dear Parents, We Still Want to Hang Out

A little while ago, I wrote a guest post on another blog about my fears surrounding being locked out of the Mommy Clubhouse if we don’t have a baby. After describing my first taste of being excluded from a parents-only event, I posed the question of whether this was just the tip of the iceburg or a one-off situation. I must say, the responses were terrifying! So many women without children gave some pretty sad testimony as to what’s happened to their circle of friends as everyone’s had babies but them. It got me wondering…...more

Ooh Baby Baby

A question I get asked almost daily is if I have children. I pretty much always make a joke out of it and explain that I am the mother of 8 furry children and quite frankly, that's plenty of maternal experiences in my life. I'm not entirely sure why this matters to people but I must say, I'm feeling outnumbered and annoyed that the world doesn't take the child free very seriously. Promising me I'm going to change my mind and desperately want a baby when I'm 40 does nothing to strengthen the argument....more

Neighborhoods without Kids: Not Just for the 55-plus Crowd Anymore?

About a year ago, my parents came very close to signing on the dotted line for a plot of land in San Clemente to build a vacation home. But on their final visit to the mostly undeveloped cul-de-sac, they were met with a rather dark omen: a tricycle rolling down the street, complete screaming child.Deal. Off....more

Hello Baby, Bye-Bye Sleep

Last weekend, Drew and I were in Texas for our friend Kate’s wedding, hitching a ride from Dallas to Austin with our friends Nick and Emily (you might remember them as the first in our group to have a baby). Nick – who has never had a cup of Starbucks in his life – surprised us all by powering down a Java Chip Frappuccino on the way there....more

A Closer Look At This Woman's Reasons to be Childfree

More and more is out there these days on reasons why people are choosing to have no children. One recent post is by Hannah, on feministing. She lists 5 reasons. Whether she knows it or not, they do some back door demystifying on the childfree choice. ...more

That Loving Feeling

I blame it on the cat. I’d always wanted a pet. I always wanted a cat. We got her and fell in love with her immediately. She can eat up my headphones, scratch up my couch, and whine at the top of her lungs late at night, yet still I love her. I hate cleaning out her litter box and she can be so demanding. But I love having her. She’s my baby. And that got me thinking about real babies. I’m not in any way comparing a cat to a baby. But maybe cats…or dogs… are the gateway drugs to motherhood....more

Who’s Got it Easier: Childfree Men or Women?

I realized a little something last week – namely, that I had written a post about stay-at-home-moms and work-from-home-moms, but two of my first commenters were a childfree MAN and a work-from-home DAD. We hear a lot about Childfree women feeling marginalized by society, but jeez, what about the Childfree men? Even I’M marginalizing them....more