Hello Baby, Bye-Bye Sleep

Last weekend, Drew and I were in Texas for our friend Kate’s wedding, hitching a ride from Dallas to Austin with our friends Nick and Emily (you might remember them as the first in our group to have a baby). Nick – who has never had a cup of Starbucks in his life – surprised us all by powering down a Java Chip Frappuccino on the way there....more

A Closer Look At This Woman's Reasons to be Childfree

More and more is out there these days on reasons why people are choosing to have no children. One recent post is by Hannah, on feministing. She lists 5 reasons. Whether she knows it or not, they do some back door demystifying on the childfree choice. ...more

That Loving Feeling

I blame it on the cat. I’d always wanted a pet. I always wanted a cat. We got her and fell in love with her immediately. She can eat up my headphones, scratch up my couch, and whine at the top of her lungs late at night, yet still I love her. I hate cleaning out her litter box and she can be so demanding. But I love having her. She’s my baby. And that got me thinking about real babies. I’m not in any way comparing a cat to a baby. But maybe cats…or dogs… are the gateway drugs to motherhood....more

Who’s Got it Easier: Childfree Men or Women?

I realized a little something last week – namely, that I had written a post about stay-at-home-moms and work-from-home-moms, but two of my first commenters were a childfree MAN and a work-from-home DAD. We hear a lot about Childfree women feeling marginalized by society, but jeez, what about the Childfree men? Even I’M marginalizing them....more

Why It's Time to Put the "You'll Change Your Mind" Childfree Misconception to Rest

Slate recently asked to hear from the childfree who are happy, and they have been posting on what they've received....more

2: Woke up Edgy

Day 2: ...more

Stay-at-Home-Moms vs. Working-From-Home-Moms: Who’s Telling Lies?

I recently received a pretty provocative inquiry from one of my followers, Megan, and I’m hoping you all can shed some light on this for her, because I’m unqualified to do anything other than make uninformed and judgmental speculations. Which of course I’ll do anyway.Here’s Megan’s question:...more
My Mom was working out at home cause she felt that she really want it (maybe for a time to relax ...more

Emotional Menopause? Been There, Done That

Gold stars for all my dear Internets, my nomos, my non-moms, my infertile divas and my CNBCers (childless not by choice) — you have totally earned it.  ...more

Day 1

Well, we're 15 minutes away from being done with day 1.  Betty Mae is alive and ....wait, let me run check for the 50th time today to make sure she is in fact breathing....yep, alive and well. It was a very successful first day with only approx 10 minutes of crying, 4 total hours of sleeping, 25 minutes of walking, and countless "you're a funny girl"s to get that doll face to give me one of her adorable wide open mouthy smiley things. ...more

not funny, at all, and yet so so funny

had fun today coming up with all kinds of ways that I'll be able to screw up this child.  My favorite plan was the one where I tape her feet together so she'll never be able to walk and will therefore remain manageable and portable, all in the name of bringing some culture to her life and raising her chinese.  I laughed about a hundred times today thinking of it.  Thank you to my partner in experimental-child-rearing crimes, you know who you are. I had a massage today.  I'm ready.   ...more