It's Never a Good Time to Get Pregnant

Just returned from Vegas, and what happened there will stay there*, but the conversation I had with my friend Emily before we left, will not.Vegas!!!             ...more

Make Your Leap List Before You Get Married or Have a Baby

Because evidently you’re going to be leaping off the face of the earth. At least, that’s what Honda would have you think. Their latest Leap List campaign has me a little puzzled. If you haven’t seen the commercials, the basic premise is that you should create a list of things you “wanna do before everything you oughta do” (their sad corporate attempt at casual language, not mine). The implication being “you better do it now, cause no way in hell are you doing it after [insert life event] happens.”...more

The "Are You Ready to Have a Baby" Quiz!

Ahh, remember the good old days where you could smash someone’s heart or declare your undying love, based solely on the Cosmo “Are You Compatible or Not” quiz? Yeah, being 29 was fun. Well, moving on, we’re grown-ups now. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still rely on quizzes to make major life decisions. Rather than borrow one of these professionally assembled exams from a low-rung editorial assistant, I thought I’d draft up one of my own....more

so, i value my tv time...

One of the benefits of not having children yet is that my husband I can spend hours upon hours watching some of the worst greatest television that Netflix has to offer. I'm not trying to be selfish but that's a guilty pleasure that I am not anxious to give up. Judging me yet? ...more

Eggs Over. Not Easy.

Bad Reasons to Have a Baby

Do people have kids because they’re bored? Drew and I had one of those didn’t-leave-the-house-during-daylight-hours Saturdays this weekend. You know the one. Nothing sounds good. Do you wanna…play Scrabble? No. Run on the beach? No. Complete an adult science fair project? No. Wait, what? I couldn’t help thinking how nice it would be to never have to have the do you wanna conversation again. And when you’ve got kids, there’s no more wanna, only hafta....more

Birth control pill recall may lead to unwanted pregnancies

Did this headline terrify anyone else?Tell me here!...more

You Look Good Holding That Baby - And Other Creepy Things People Say

Last weekend, I did something shocking. Well, there were a few shocking moments: I had dinner with a baby (amongst others). Said dinner with baby took place at a somewhat fancy steakhouse....more

Chasin' Down a Dream Like It Stole My Wallet

 It’s bad out there (economically speaking), it’s two months before our mortgage re-adjusts, I just got promoted at my job that’s 2.5 miles from my house and lets me out at 1:00 on Fridays, and I am, in general, a pretty level-headed, responsible gal. Sounds like a recipe for quitting my job to pursue some half-cocked writing endeavor if ever I heard one. Dear Reader, I did it. I spent all of Christmas break (to say nothing of the preceding twelve months) waffling over this decision....more

I guess I wanna be a Toys 'R Us Kid or something

My house is starting to look like an episode of Hoarders. Particularly the kitchen. Where nary a dish has been washed in what must be going on six days now. This may not come as a surprise to my mother. Or my college roommate Ale, who was so obsessed with cleanliness, she used to scrub the toilet before we went to the bars in case one of us needed to rest our head in it later that night. (I have to say Ale, I really appreciated that. Many times.) But it’s a surprise to me! I’m thirty. And apparently unable to keep house....more