Will There Be Childfree Regret When Parents Are Gone?

A city-data forum recently had a thread started by a person who had suddenly lost both of her parents. She ponders regret for not having children in a way had not thought of before, and the 11 pages of comments are worth the read....more

Move over Baby On Board! IF signs for every occasion

Prompted by you commenters pointing out the annoying "Baby On Board" signs (most frequently endured apparently by international bloggers), Will and I decided to create a line of "On Board" signs for the infertile driver....more

What the Childfree and Single-Child Parents Share

A mother of an only child recently wrote me about the top five "bingos" she has received as a "Done at One," or DAO.  They are more related to what's behind a lot of bingos the childfree get than you might think. Here they are:Top 5 Bingos to the DAO1. You only had ONE child? Why didn't you want more?...more
Love this article.  I have an Only.  This article and the comments have enlightened me and ...more

Lament of the end-stage infertile

Lament of the end-stage infertile...more

The Truth

Leah had just finished watching the Super Bowl and decided it was time to get ready for bed. She walked up the stairs to the second story of the house she was sharing with two of her guy friends, Nick and Wes. She knew she needed to get to bed soon because she had class at 8am and that time would come all too soon. She wasn't much of a morning person. Really, she wished her classes were a little later but that wasn't the case with the degree path she had chosen. Oh well, she thought. I can get some sleep tomorrow after work. ...more

When Your Friend Has a Baby

 At the beginning, I think they used to feel sorry for me all-single-and-alone in my apartment, so they had me over on a regular basis for food and drink.  I took complete advantage of this.And several nights a week, we would unwind from a rough day at work over a glass of wine.  This is a picture I took of the inside of their refrigerator.  Tells you what their priorities are/were, right?    ...more

I am, most definitely, mad.

Today was the first day back at work after a wonderful Thanksgiving break. And I opened my inbox - which I had not checked even one time over break because I refused to get sucked into work on my time off - to five different emails asking me to do five different, time-sensitive things. And this was on top of the five different time consuming things I had been asked to do before break....more

Giving Thanks for the Childfree Life

There is a lot of talk about the challenges of being childfree, but at this time of year, let's talk about what is great about having chosen not to have children--if you have made this choice, what is on your list to be thankful for? I'll start....more
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!more

A Bountiful 2011

Thanksgiving's coming.  It's my very favorite holiday.  I start calorie counting on November 1 just to make room for all the goodness I'm going to absorb at Thanksgiving dinner and the week of leftovers. Yum!This year I'm hosting a very Spinsterlicious holiday that will begin on Wednesday evening and last through the weekend with my sister and a few fabulous girlfriends. I'm looking very forward to it. 2011 was a good year.  Here's a few of the many things I'm thankful for:  ...more

Where does a childless 40 something couple fit in?

As a child I coddled my dolls, changing their diapers and feeding them pretend plastic bottles with what I perceived to be as the "magic" milk inside. As a teenager I rocked a colicky infant to sleep that was in my care for the evening, wondering if my own child would have such brillant blue eyes and chubby cheeks. At our rehearsal dinner, family members joked about whether or not we'd follow the family tradition of naming each first born son after the father who was named after the grandfather who was named after his father, and so on....more