Where does a childless 40 something couple fit in?

As a child I coddled my dolls, changing their diapers and feeding them pretend plastic bottles with what I perceived to be as the "magic" milk inside. As a teenager I rocked a colicky infant to sleep that was in my care for the evening, wondering if my own child would have such brillant blue eyes and chubby cheeks. At our rehearsal dinner, family members joked about whether or not we'd follow the family tradition of naming each first born son after the father who was named after the grandfather who was named after his father, and so on....more

Families of Two's Vicki & Nathan a Decade Later

I recently had the pleasure of reconnecting with a wonderful couple, Vicki Righettini and Nathan Meyers, who were interviewed in Families of Two.  They have been married 26 years now, and currently live in Boston....more

Pierre Downing

So my boy Pierre Downing hit me up telling me that he'll be staring in the NYC stage play "The Bronx Is Next" at the Riverside Theater August 6th-17th. The play is apart of two one act performances, and depicts the interracial racism, sexism and black militant movement in the late 60's. It centers around the "burning out of the ghettos" that took place in Harlem and the Bronx....more

Does Being an Aunt Beat Being a Mother?

My niece recently sent me a link to the New York Times.com article by single-no-kids Kate Bolick, "Let's Hear It For Aunthood." Bolick makes some interesting points, starting with-because nearly 1 in...more

No Children, No Guilt

I recently had the pleasure of reading childfree writer Sylvia Lucas' Ebook, No Children, No Guilt. She described it to me as a "first person collection of anecdotes designed to help others manage their child-free decision with as little guilt (or self-flagellation) as possible." I'd say it is more than that....more

Childfree Prime Minister Julia Gillard Takes Satirical Heat

Julia Gillard has taken some heat for not having children by choice, and now it's her sex life that is being satirized....more

When Grandpa Asks Annoying Questions

I received this note from one of my favorite readers:...more

On The Gen X Having Fewer Kids: A "Creeping Non-Choice"?

The Center for Work Life Policy has just put out a research publication on Gen Xers. One area it looked at was the kid factor. Check out some of the findings, and how Sylvia Ann Hewlett, the founding president of the Center for Work Life Policy interprets them....more

Childfree by Choice & Circumstance in China

There are some interesting trends going on in China. For a country that has had the one child per couple law for about 30 years now, it may be moving toward a time when they don’t need this kind of law anymore....more