A Life Gone Wrong - Part 1

 This is part one of a three part series. I am writing my story as I can find the words and the strength to put them on paper.The pain is real. It doesn’t go away. There is no magic eraser. There is no make-it-better pill. No sympathy and no understanding – just a label fueled by rumors and lies. It doesn’t end, not until death silences the talk – maybe not even then. I cope by avoiding. I don’t talk about the situation. I avoid people and places where the subject of children might come up – but sometimes even that isn’t enough....more

You Look Good Holding that Baby…And Other Sh*t People Say When They Want You to Have a Baby

People really, really want you to have a baby. Your mother-in-law, your friends with kids, your bowling instructor. Let’s be honest, it’s basically open to anyone who finds out you don’t already have a baby....more

What Is That Smell?

Apologies in advance.  This post could be filed under “Unnecessarily Morbid.”  But this is something I think about sometimes.  It usually happens when I hear news about a decaying body being found in an apartment.   The body is not found by a loved one, but usually by the Super or the police because neighbors complained about a foul smell coming from the apartment.  ...more

I probably am more carefree as a childfree person. Why do you think I didn’t want kids?

In another room on BlogHer, Schmutzie lists "17 Untruths Parents Believe about Non-Parents." Among them, that the childfree can be late to bed and late to rise, have better (and more frequent) sex, and have all kinds of free time for fun stuff.And over on the fantabulous website DINKlife.com, Tricia W. writes,...more

New Orleans Vacation Installment One.

It has been a tough time for the last few months to attempt to write my blog.  I make everything by myself and use the funds from a percentage of my pay from a part time job to pay for the trials. The job has been more off than on so it has been harder for me to purchase supplies. I have also been having a tough time writing.  Between the Peri menopuase and just feeling at loose ends since coming back from New Orleans I just haven't written lately.  I also have had trouble not speaking my mind about a few controversial news items....more

Really Cool Spinsters We Love!

About a year ago, a guy I often see while walking my dog said to me, somewhat apologetically, that he thinks "women who've never been married are kinda sad" .  I chuckled...until I realized he was serious.   He's going through a divorce so I decided to cut him some slack.  I merely asked him if he knew any sad married people (other than himself and his soon-to-be ex-wife)....more

Will the childfree regret their decision later?

A man in his early thirties who, along with his wife, isn’t sure he ever wants kids asked this question on an internet forum I frequent:Do you regret not having kids?Everyone’s answer: “No.”I always think the “regret” question (or, sometimes, curse – “You’ll regret it!”) is a little weird, because it creates – as I see it, anyway – a paradox....more

Confessions of An Ungrateful Daughter

Mother's Day is one of my least favorite days of the year on two levels. First, despite having ample opportunity, I have chosen not to be a mother, so there's not a damn thing in it for me. Secondly, I am estranged from my own mother, and have opted to see her only three times in the last 25 years. The essay below explains both decisions above. ...more

Spring is Finally Here & 99 Days of Summer

Hi all!  Wow!  What a nice weekend!  I feel like spring is really here now that we've finally had a weekend of warm weather!  I spent as much time as possible outside.  Check out some photos from the weekend below![pinit]On Saturday I hit up the Farmer's Market in Union Square....more

An Open Letter to DINKs Everywhere

Dear DINKs,Thank you.Thank you for uploading your gloriously childfree vacation pictures to Facebook. When you do this, I can "vacation" myself after my lovely little noisemakers have gone to bed. Fiji, Costa Rica, Miami, you go. You go to those places. You do it....more