What Transgender Allies Can Learn From the Bruce Jenner Interview

I have a confession: Reality TV isn’t really my thing. I tried to watch Bruce Jenner and the clan in a few episodes of “Keeping up With the Kardashians” and definitely couldn’t keep up....more
Dear Maven, I truly love this post; your words echoed my sentiments, and I had thought about ...more

How Do Believers Disagree in Love?

The more I grow in faith and become well versed in scripture and understanding it, the more I find myself better equipped to actually discuss the Word with other believers. But two people being believers and a followers doesn’t automatically equate to them being in agreement all the time. When it comes to almost every topic there are and will be disagreements. Religion and faith aren't the same for everybody. And it took me some time to understand this....more

Day of Silence: What If Someone Had Stood Up for My Trans Daughter?

"Slurs," my husband told me angrily over the phone."They're commenting on her pictures with slurs."...more
What a beautiful story! Many transgenders don't (or didn't) have the support your daughter has, ...more

Hillary 2.0: I've Evolved as a Voter, Has She Evolved as a Candidate?

In preparation for the inevitable Hillary Clinton announcement, I began to peruse my archives—both written and mental— to remind myself of the hardcore Clintonite I once was. I was the girl who cried during the 2008 Democratic Convention when Hillary finally decided to concede the nomination to then Senator Obama....more
Well said. I, too, have evolved as a voter. Like you, I backed Hillary instead of our ...more

I Knew I Liked Girls In the 5th Grade

When I came out to my mother, I was 11 years old. Unlike the commonness of that now, I did it when there were neither many positive images of gay or lesbian people, if any, nor much information on how to deal with your child coming to terms with sexuality at such a young age. Add to that being raised in a household where my parents were Baptist Bible belt believing Christians? You’d think it’d be a recipe for disaster and turmoil....more
penz87 you are welcome \U0001f609more

Goodbye to Cousin X

I wish people would think about who they might hurt when they let loose their bigoted, repressive, cutting words on the world of Facebook. Real people read these words. Real people react with their real feelings. Their hurt feelings. Their feelings of despair. This goes out to all of my LGBTQ friends. I'm sorry for some of the shit you endure here. I'm sorry for some of the shit we all have to see here....more

Survival Mode or "Can I please catch a break?"

I have not written a blog post in over a year. I actually destroyed me personal blog just because It was so outdated and pointless. Today in twitter, I saw an interesting article from this page and remembered my old posts over here.Hi BlogHer!! It's been a while. Since we used to be such good friends, let me update you on some things. First and foremost: life sucks. I cannot think of one thing that has gotten better since I last was here. I actually feel like I am in some sort of retrogression in which I am moving backwards instead of forward....more
Cdestiney Thank you for taking the time to reply. It sounds like you went through some shitty ...more

Are You Looking for a Way to Rekindle the Spark?

Perhaps it's been a while since you and your wife/ husband/ partner/ spouse/ girlfriend/ boyfriend got together, and maybe things are a little... stale....more

I'm Coming Out, Again, After Getting a Divorce

My first 'coming out' was around 1992.It happened in an era when spotting a friend at a gay club meant stammered excuses and letting an HIV-positive friend sip from your drink meant hearing loud gasps.So why, in 2015, am I coming out again? The landscape has changed since 1992. We now have marriage equality in the majority of states and we have had a transgender woman, Laverne Cox, on the cover of TIME magazine....more
There are a boatload of terms now and quite a few have arisen in the asexual community.   And ...more