I lost track of the days...

I started to feel like I was counting down to a death. Not my death; defiantly something dying and I couldn’t participate in that behavior any longer.  I leave carrying burdens I didn’t think I would have to pile into my moving truck, but it is worth every brick in my suitcase. I decided I needed room to breathe.  I felt suffocated and surrounded at all times in our shared townhouse.  It is large and she gave me plenty of space to rattle around in, but I grew tired of the demons that would pop up with no notice....more

Some People Are Gay...Get Over It.

My brother got me this t-shirt for my birthday.  It's organic cotton, thick and soft. It's my favorite color and I love that it was screen printed by a local artist and not by some mass merchandizer.  It is quite possibly one of the nicest t-shirts I have, but I have never worn it in public.  ...more

The internet and connection

I mentioned earlier that life has been a bit rough lately and I am not feeling connected.  There is, however, one strange caveat to this.  The re-launch of Lesbian Family and subsequent re-branding to VillageQ has been phenomenal....more

My Husband Is Curious About Sex With Men

Dear Dr. Romance:My husband and I have been happily married for 9 years, and we have a good sex life. We love each other very much, and want to grow old together. He served two wars in Iraq. About two years ago, I started being concerned about his sexual behavior relating to men. He used to love attracting women, go to female strip clubs and slept with some women before he met me. We were church people for a very long time, but we haven't been for a year. We are always honest with each other....more
As a bisexual woman in a relationship with a bisexual man, this advice really upset me. I wrote ...more

What Makes the Bullying Stop? Maybe This.

Last Saturday, I packed my bag, drove to St. Louis and attended the young adult literature/anti-bullying Less Than Three Conference hosted by New York Times best-selling young adult author Heather Brewer. ...more
@AmyDelRosso Hi Amy! I absolutely will -- thank you for letting me know.more

National Coming Out Day

The other day was National Coming Out Day. As the mother of a twelve year old daughter who also happens to be a lesbian, I wanted to share something on her behalf....more
Fucking Love This!more

Parades, Halloween, costume contests, and teasing

I haven't written in over a year.  Wow.  That's kind of a long time.  I recently got reinvigorated about my blogging thanks to having recently found  raisingmyrainbow.com about a mom of another girly boy, admittedly younger than mine.  It's a pretty awesome blog and very well written.  I've never really ever had writing ability.  I tend to be far too direct and non-descriptive.  I'm all - Here are the facts!  Read Them!  (very German)  I'm totally jealous of her ease with words....more



So This Uterus Walks Into a Bar...

It's been a hard couple of weeks with PCOS scare and potential uterus issues.   But today we got great news to keep moving forward.  After the doctor  Jacques Cousteau-ed my uterus (they take a camera up there and play paparazzi) he says, "Everything looks great.  You've got a beautiful uterus.  Perfect for hosting a baby."...more

Why I'm Going Purple Against LGBT Bullying

I read an article the other day about how a high-school student, near the end of his rope, went to talk to his school counselor.  He felt safe because he saw a rainbow flag on her door.Today he is the president of the student government at a major university.  Based on that article, you might say he is thriving....more