Don't Like Barilla's Anti-Gay Statements? Eat This Pasta Instead

Yesterday, the CEO of Italian company Barilla said in an interview that "gays can eat other pasta" if they didn't like the fact that the company does not include LGBT people in its advertising. ...more
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PCOS: Or How to Ruin a Girl's Day

Everything in our journey to begin artificial insemination has been fab until yesterday.  I was diagnosed with PCOS.  I have always struggled with weight and irregular periods so this makes sense.  But it doesn't make it any easier.  My post covers this with a witty tie to a 19th century novel.  Stay with me....more

Piglet is a Girl! (Toddlers & Gender)

I've been thinking a lot about gender lately, especially as I notice changes in my 2 year old daughter. I haven't found a way to organize these thoughts other than in a list; maybe something more will emerge....more

So What About The LGBTQ People Who Don't Want To Get Married?

The marriage equality movement has changed the face of “gay culture”, and not entirely for the better.  “Gay life” might have been derided as tawdry and dangerous by onlookers for decades, but it was also long on fun and short on rules for people who actually participated.  Now, when many straight people hear ”gay”, they imagine the elderly, sweet-looking Edie Windsor describing her victory over DOMA, or politically aware middle-aged folks in street clothes making it legal with their partners of 20 years at city hall.  ...more
Weather your straight or bi sexual as long as your happy with your decision whether being single ...more

Never Stop Trying To Change The World

     Last night I attended Open House at Punkgirl's school. She had reminded me at least four times to visit room 205, the classroom where she helps out the Special Needs program. She has been working with the program since last year, when another child had introduced her to it, and from the first moment it has been her niche....more
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How to Learn to Not Give a Crap: Humility Through Public OPK Testing

I know we are probably overdoing it with daily ovulation testing starting a couple days after my last period ended, but we want to get it right.  This, though, means I have to do OPK testing daily wherever I am at the time it needs to be done...  I travel for work a lot and I'm rarely home when I need to perform the test.  This has left a plethora of experiences honing my skills in balance, personal cleanliness standards and ignoring the fact everyone thinks you're in the stall so long as you had other "business" to handle....more

Who's Your Daddy? Or, Choosing a Sperm Donor

We are approaching the point where we are choosing a sperm donor and the best way I thought to blog about it was lie a game of Guess Who.  Read on......more

Top 10 Reasons Why I Would Choose to Be a Lipstick Lesbian (although it’s not a choice)!

Have you seen the recent Durex advert?  It talks about how wonderful sex is and about meaningful relationships.  It made me think about how lucky I am that I don’t need to worry about condoms in order to have sex.  The advert also inspired me to reflect on all the positives to being a lesbian. I have always been delighted that I am a lesbian, but I have never articulated exactly why it is so great.  To be honest it is hard to put into words how wonderful it is.  Nonetheless I have tried to narrow it down to a top 10 list: ...more
don't think you know what a lipstick lesbian is - all the things you list are benefits of just ...more

Do You Become Psycho Mom?

      I am generally the "level-headed parent."  I am generally the person willing to find a way to work it out, and I am willing to admit it if my kid is the one instigating or even participating in the problem.  I believe strongly that it's important to teach children that they are going to run into people that they don't like, and they will have to deal with those people maturely.  ...more
I am proud of you. I have not yet had to deal with bullies with my own kids, though I dealt with ...more