A New Normal

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

To get away from all the hypocritical rhetoric on both sides of the recent Chick-Fil-A debacle.   Of course with a lot of the attention taken off of herself, Ms....more

Taking a Stand

As seen this week on TheNextFamily.com (8/1/2012):...more

The Art of Being Sorry: Lip Service, Empathy, and the Breeding of Covert -isms

Apologies are like assholes.  Most stink.But, also like assholes, they’re necessary for getting shit out of the way.  And by shit, I mean the not-so-well-thought-out garbage that flows from most of our mouths in moments of less than stellar verbal acumen.  Especially when you’re a celebrity or politician.We say things when and where we shouldn’t.  Our timing gets off or are filter springs a leak.  It happens.   When you’re a notable person, it happens in 3D....more

Standing Up For Chick-fil-A

The ruckus over Chick-fil-A raises the question: Who's behaving like the hater here?...more
@SadieLankford Once you spend your money at a CFA, it is no longer yours and the owners can ...more

Changing Places

Although there may be times in life when we'd like to change places with others, our path will still remain the same. It is not for you to be in another person's experience, then it is for them to be in yours. From afar, there are those whose life seem to be more comfortable or successful than yours but you all have your own way to go. It is the lessons learned that is vital to your existance not the material things that you can attain. You are given what you need to live a life which is right for you....more

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” For Children

Following the Boy Scouts of America decision to continue excluding gay people from participating, many parents are venting their frustration with what they describe as the gay community’s assault on one of the last bastions of wholesome tradition – in the eyes of many, an assault on childhood itself: “Why do we have to talk about this? Why can’t you just let kids be kids?”...more
I'm sorry I didn't meet you at BlogHER 12 this month.  I, too blog on topics of interest to ...more

Why Marriage Equality Matters: A Coming Out Story

I was a perverted child, destined for a life as a moral degenerate, outside the grace of our Creator and segregated from the fellowship of a church family.Or so I thought.  At age 9....more

Gay Dads and Kids Terrorized in their Home

Felix Bermea and his partner, Roy, believe they are being targeted for being a minority family in the neighborhood. Bermea is concerned that the police have not acted with enough concern or speed in helping the family, and worries that authorities care less than they might if the situation involved a white, heterosexual family like the majority of their neighbors. While they wait for the police to stop what they call “terrorism” against their family, Bermea and his partner have become the focus of a campaign to at least get them a little vacation from the stress of the situation....more
 @jillicious We need to hear stuff like that to remember how far women have come, backlash or no ...more

Can I Be That Mom? Saying No to Chick-Fil-A and Boy Scouts

My children -- while they definitely won’t have the problem of having restricted cartoon viewing or lack of alcohol exposure may, despite my best efforts, still come out of childhood feeling slighted. It’s hard to explain to your eight-year-old why you won’t match her in wearing her Susan B. Komen regalia when she thinks it’s so cool. To your ten year old why you don’t want him to be a Scout. To either of them why chicken nuggets and waffle fries have to be passed over....more
 @April Byrd Don't be flippant. And please don't toss around the word "proclaimed" like we're ...more