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Are we breaking?

Who needs sleep?

Who needs sleep?We are now the proud parents of a five year old princess diva deluxe....more

Bruce - My Valentine's Shero!

“... Considering the violence and discrimination that transgender people endure, no one would go through this except for the most profound of motivations: to be authentic to one’s inner self.”  (Nicholas Kristof, NY Times)...more

Let the child be the witness

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Momma, Princesses do NOT wear blue jeans!

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rushedmommy Well everybody knows that everything on the internet is true!!!more

Five Most Common Misconceptions about Bisexuality

As a child of the early eighties, I’ve been fortunate to see a huge improvement in equal rights for members of the LGBT as well as a large drop in the ignorance surrounding human sexuality. Frankly, I couldn’t be more proud of our collective advancements as a society. While this is amazing, I can’t help but wonder why bisexuality is still so misunderstood?...more

Turkey's first umbrella LGBTI organization:

 A new umbrella organization has been established to fight homophobia and transphobia in Turkey, the Islamic country that straddles Europe and Asia, reports GayAsiaNews.comIn existence less than two months, Turkey LGBTI Union was created in order to ensure unity and solidarity among LGBTI groups, LGBTI Web sites and LGBTI organizations, Burçin Bordanacı of the Turkey LGBTI Union told by email....more

At Times, I Hate the Word 'Love'

“We gained control of many things. But we had to let go of others.” ~ Lois Lowry, from The Giver...more
Beautiful. I can relate.more

Coming Out…Again

I’m queer. I always have been, though this may come as a surprise to some. I came out to certain members of my family in 2009 after deciding that I wanted to live free and clear about who I am without the burden of playing a role that was never meant for me. I didn’t feel affected by any backlash, mostly because my son and I lived six hours driving from my nearest family member. I could choose to answer my phone, or not. One night not long after New Years Day 2010 I got a phone call. You know that feeling in your gut that says, “Don’t pick up...”?...more