Being Asexual in a Heteronormative World

Heteronormativity, by definition, is basically the principle that in our culture, heterosexuality is the norm and any deviations from it, be it homosexuality or asexuality or anything else, are in the excluded minority and are every day forced to live in a culture that isn’t ours but is increasingly forced upon us. Take it from an asexual (ace): Living in a very heteronormative and increasingly sex-enthusiastic culture is very isolating if you don’t conform to it....more

Twitter's Tripping Over Raven-Symoné 's "Colorless" Comments

Actress Raven-Symoné recently declared herself "colorless" to Oprah Winfrey, saying she didn't want to be labeled as African-American, or as gay. Oprah, great mother to the misguided, tried to warn Symoné that she'd take some heat for her assertion, but the younger woman didn't care. ...more
powermove7 Nobody talked about Raven's family in this piece. Are you going around trying to do ...more

Should These Lesbians Sue Because They Received the Wrong Sperm and Now Have a Bi-Racial Child?

One mother is making headlines because she (a white woman) was mistakenly inseminated with a black man’s sperm, and now she’s filed a lawsuit against the sperm bank. ...more
The fact that they are lesbians is relevant because they used a sperm donor, which they ...more

A Wedding That Should be Anything But Bittersweet

Last weekend two of our wonderful friends, Rocco and Marek, got married.  We are so incredibly happy for them and wish them all the best in their marriage.  Unfortunately we were not able to attend their wedding because Rocco and Marek are a gay couple and gay marriage in not yet legal in Nevada, so they had to travel to another state for the wedding.  I say “yet” because coincidentally Marek’s law firm, where he is a partner, is currently fighting the constitutional ban on gay marriage in Nevada.  I have very high hopes that the courts will make the right decision and o...more

My Bisexuality Is Real, Valid, and Simply Who I Am

When I talk about being bisexual, my mother always scrunches up her nose a little. “You mean, you’re AC/DC, right?” she’ll ask, as if I’m a battery that can do double duty power frequencies or an ‘80s rock band. Then she’ll smile. “It’s really the best of both worlds, though.”...more
Good article, but it makes me see how even with all the changes in acceptance of the LBGT ...more

I'm Bisexual, Polyamorous, and... Single

“So when are you gonna get a boyfriend?”“How do you really know you’re bi if you’ve never been with a girl?”“You still a virgin.”“Threesome?”“Why hasn’t it ever worked out for you?”“At least you have twice the chance of finding a date on a Saturday night.”...more
codenamepercy Thank you so much for reading and sharing! This is why I write -- to reach people. ...more

10 Things You Need to Stop Saying to Gay Parents

So I have read a few funny posts lately about "if Latinos said the things white people say" and if "Asians said the things white people say." Also, things you shouldn't say to a lesbian or a gay dad, and I decided to add my own list of things you shouldn't say to people. Specifically gay people. Even more specifically gay parents....more
yes to all of them! :)more

"Transparent" on Amazon Is Your Next New Fall TV Binge

After suffering through the last season of The Fosters, ABC Family’s Little House on the Prairie treatment of parenting while gay, I was desperate to watch a queer series about queers and families made for grown ups. In other words, I wanted to see some boobs! No, that’s not really what I meant …. to say out loud. In other words, I wanted believable characters and nuanced plot lines and funny dialogue that was not taken out of my father’s shoebox full of cliché one-liners. ...more
This is my new favorite show. I love the way transgender life/Jewish realities are portrayed.more

Latina Transwoman Murdered in Memphis, Family Needs Help With Funeral Expenses

Friday night, another trans sister of color was murdered, this time in Memphis. 41 year old Alejandra Leos was born in Monclova Vieja, Coahuila De Zaragoza, Mexico, but lived with her family in Memphis. She had family support and job security. She was respected, loved and valued by those who knew her. Alejandra used the name Alexandra on her Facebook page....more