Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013

Wednesday, November 20 is the Transgender Day of Remembrance....more

A Need For Safety

Luke “Sasha” Fleischman, 18, has a friendly smile and likes wearing a skirt. They (Sasha’s preferred gender pronouns are they, them, their, and it) were born biologically male, but identify as agender. On November 4, Sasha fell asleep riding the bus from their Berkeley, California, high school on the way to their home in Oakland. When Richard Thomas, 16, got on the bus, he lit their skirt on fire. When I heard about Sasha, I wanted to rush to their aid and protect them....more
Thanks for writing and posting this, Eva. We need more voices like yours.more

IUI: The Quiet Community

My wife and I have started the process to try to get pregnant with our first child. We have gone through all of the multitude of testing that our wonderful fertility specialist has recommended for us and are at the threshold of actually starting the insemination process. We are thankful for our insurance that helps defer a lot of the costs for the process and shake our heads at the lack of help offered to those that are in a similar boat (LGBT couples wanting to have a baby) and do not have domestic partners or fertility coverage available to them....more

Shakespeare On Multiple Wives: The Merry Wives Of Windsor

Sage Sweetwater erotic voice artist on Sound Cloud in Hollywood film promotion. Content Marketing intellectual properties in prep for cutting a CD. Poetry that sells!

Wind: Weekly Photo Challenge

Two Women Who Restored My Faith in Humanity Yesterday

1.  State Representative Naomi Jakobbsen of Illinois left the bedside of her dying son to vote yet on "marriage equality" - a measure that passed with a cushion of one vote. Tragically, her son died before she could return to the hospital....more

#NaBloPoMo Day 7: Who Are We When We Are Ten? (trigger warning)

“Who are we when we’re ten that we need to be more or less of?” ~ ReemTen was a pivotal year for me. Ten was the year I learned what a “dyke” was and how I should hide the fact that I was one....more
mryjhnsn Thanks so much. She appreciates it <3more

I lost track of the days...

I started to feel like I was counting down to a death. Not my death; defiantly something dying and I couldn’t participate in that behavior any longer.  I leave carrying burdens I didn’t think I would have to pile into my moving truck, but it is worth every brick in my suitcase. I decided I needed room to breathe.  I felt suffocated and surrounded at all times in our shared townhouse.  It is large and she gave me plenty of space to rattle around in, but I grew tired of the demons that would pop up with no notice....more

Some People Are Gay...Get Over It.

My brother got me this t-shirt for my birthday.  It's organic cotton, thick and soft. It's my favorite color and I love that it was screen printed by a local artist and not by some mass merchandizer.  It is quite possibly one of the nicest t-shirts I have, but I have never worn it in public.  ...more

The internet and connection

I mentioned earlier that life has been a bit rough lately and I am not feeling connected.  There is, however, one strange caveat to this.  The re-launch of Lesbian Family and subsequent re-branding to VillageQ has been phenomenal....more