Love is Love

When I read Justice Kennedy’s final paragraph of his decision, my eyes welled up, my heart overflowing.  I thought about my Dad and J, spending lazy summers in their house, playing with their dog Benji, drinking coffee, yes, they let me have coffee!...more

Under The Rainbow: How The Pride Flag Really Began

With pride months growing in popularity all over the world, the sight of the rainbow flag is becoming ever more present in today's society....more

Taking Back The Pride March

Lady Bunny once said: "I'm from New York City, where the Pride parade is often viewed as a marketing opportunity for Red Bull and Sprint, who hire straight bodybuilders to dance on their floats. The organizers, Heritage of Pride, have now copyrighted "NYC Pride" and every configuration of it and are suing local promoters who dare to mention Pride on their invites. Copyrighting Pride, which belongs to all of us?"...more

What do Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal have to teach us about tolerance?

Why are people so accepting of Bruce Jenner’s transition from a man to a Transgender woman but so seriously upset about Rachel Dolezal’s claim that she feels that she is a black woman in spite of actually being born a white woman?We have learned in the last few years that you can change who you are, embrace what you feel defines you, and learn to love yourself. We've come to understand Transgender issues.  But many people are just for the first time hearing about Transracial people and haven't embraced the idea. Some even deny that it is a real occurrence.  It isn't until more people start coming forward and speaking about their transition from one race to another, or how they feel, that we will have the opportunity to learn and grow from this new adaptation. ...more

Caitlyn is Sexy. Good For Her.


Try As I Might.

This is probably the most political blog I'm ever going to write, Reader.  I know, I know, you expect different when you come here. I try to keep it mostly about nonsense and vaginas, and in that respect I'm still staying true to thine own self and you.  But this time it's not about what's going on in my pants, but instead what's going on with Bruce Jenner's, or Caitlyn's vagina-area. ...more

What Caitlyn Jenner reminded me about Motherhood

                                                                        Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair...more

The Radical Oneness of Equality

I wrote a post about the Radical Equality of Oneness - about how if we want to Awaken and live in Oneness, we cannot judge others and we cannot refer to the greater parts of humanity as "the unawakened masses." If we are to truly Awaken into Oneness, ...more

Transgender Children

Is there really such a thing as transgender children? Someone who is transgender is a person who does not identify themselves as being the sex they were born as.Lots of little children want to be and act like their opposite sex. Sometimes this kind of behavior is just a phase and they quickly grow out of it and begin to like and want to be the sex they were born as, but that is not always the case.Sometimes the phase doesn’t end and identifying as their opposite sex persists and becomes more intense over time....more

On Becoming Safe Places

"It seems like we need more Safe Places than just a couple of gas stations.” ...more