The post I've been trying to avoid writing about Boy Scouts

I really don't want to write this one.  I don't.I'm a hypocrite....more

LGBT: Tips for Coming Out in College

You’d have never accused me of being normal in high school, but developmentally, I didn’t really stick out from the crowd. I grew up in a conservative coastal town in suburban Connecticut. I excelled in high school, had a few boyfriends, and got good grades. My longest relationship spanned two years, two proms and a break-up with the boy I thought I’d be marrying and having many geeky kids with. I left high school for Amherst, Massachusetts, confident in my sexuality, my body, and the knowledge that I’d figured it all out before the ripe old age of 18....more
Really interesting post. Arguably, all of life is a time for self-discovery since the 'self' is ...more

It's Okay To Like Yourself

Think how far you could go if you come from a good place in your heart. There would be no worries about how others feel about you because you'd know that you can only be who you are. This is not about ego or an extension of self. It is comes from only pure thought, that you like who you are as a person. Coming from a place of doing no harm and becoming a better person by your actions leads you to a place of serenity. There will always be doubts about yourself, but your baseline would be that of assurance that you are not out to harm anyone....more

You Are All The Same

No matter what you believe you are no better or worse off than any other. It is difficult to see yourself as someone special for you have been taught to doubt even the smallest of ego that may shine within you. It is not ego to have the knowing that there is something different about yourself. Even the way you think is not like any other. Your thoughts matters. Whether trying to convince yourself that what you have to say is important or to that others would even listen....more

Adapting To Change

Why are you so surprised when your life begins to change. Although what happens is through no fault of your own, change is none the less, something that you need to go through. It is because you are all interconnected, if others are going through life changes, so in turn will you. Some of you are often times upset with things that aren't familiar. You may get resentful that you weren't given more time to adjust to what has occurred, but that is what life is all about. It is your resiliency and determination that all will be well that will see you to your future....more

Wasting Valuable Time

You tend to waste valuable time when you are being critical of others. You have your own path to walk, which is difficult as is, then spending time trying to resolve other people's issues. You are all unique and your experiences are so different, why would you think that they would respond the same way or have the same behaviors as yourself. It's not easy to understand those you don't know, so you instill in them your own behaviors. When they don't act or respond the way you would, you judge them as being inappropriate. You are wasting time in doing this....more

9-11 Memorial: Saying Goodbye to Friends

While in New York for BlogHer '12, I had the privilege of visiting the 9-11 Memorial. The last time Cheryl and I were in New York was in April of 2002, six months after the attack. The city was still somber and the remnants of that horrible day were still scattered for miles along the fence line of lower Manhattan....more
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A New Normal

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

To get away from all the hypocritical rhetoric on both sides of the recent Chick-Fil-A debacle.   Of course with a lot of the attention taken off of herself, Ms....more