Peut être Jolie

I´m screaming but you can´t hear meI´m right here but you can´t feel MeIt hurts to see how you think I´m far goneI´m trying to let you know that I´m right hereBut my lips can´t move and my body is numb You grab my face to find me insideBut my eyes seem disoriented way farThe sensation of desperation takes over MeI´m trying to sense you a signBut I´m feeling paralyzed You seemed frustrated like if you´re wasting timeI just wanted to let you know that it was all Me...more

Let’s Get Jen Tyrrell on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

(Crossposted from Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents)My friend and blog team member Jen Tyrrell would be a perfect guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show....more

Team Draft

So. League draft. What a loaded topic. I was with my league at its inception. I never went through fresh meat, so I have no idea just how crazy it must be. Let's be honest. People join derby because it's fucking cool. Yeah, sisterhood, athletic, positive female roles, blah blah. Face it, go to a game, and it's a charge- people are cheering, women are going fast and nailing each other, cool uniforms, beautiful bodies- attainable fame...special. Cred. Cool. Add the GLBTQ factor, and it's a magnet for really neat people. I dare you to sit in the stands and not think "I want that"....more

The Christian Chicken and Civil Rights

Linds here.

What do you do when you have an Evil Stepchild?

This is a subject I have wanted to write about for a very long time.  But couldn't.  It is a very sensitive subject.  Calling my stepchild evil means I am disparaging the child of the person I love more than anything.  However, after many years of dealing with this issue, and the fact that things are getting worse not better, I have decided it is important to talk about this topic....more

What My Momma Taught Me About Sexual Orientation

I’ve never written about this, so I am going to need lots of love and encouragement. I have no doubt there are going to be some haters. There always are. More than anything I sense my growing fear is the rejection of those people that I like and care about… but with authenticity comes risk, so here goes....more

Return to reality

It's been a while. I wanted to make this blog about my league and the personalities and drama therein, but I seem to have been sidetracked by life. I am sure there's lots going on but I have been so immersed in my own internal drama that I sort of gave it all a miss. Only the drama that directly affected me seemed to catch my attention. and I used to know everything in my league. Burn out? Probably a bit....more

DOMA causes hardship for Military gay and Lesbian couples

I usually stay away from political commentary, however, I have been reading more and more about the hypocrisy of the Federal Government, and the more I read the angrier I get.  Now don't get me wrong, I am the kind of girl who does NOT believe everything I read, but the evidence is mounting and I am upset!When I was in the military and in a same gendered relationship we had to hide everything.  Of course most people were able to put two and two together, but we were not able to be open about who we were in a relationship with....more

Your Mom is Gay!

I remember getting lost in the mall. I wasn't tiny, but I was little enough to panic when I looked around and my mom and sister were gone. I walked around the store three times just to be certain, and trying my best not to cry, I walked up to a policeman standing nearby. I was terrified. Cops freak me out. (Which is especially interesting because I'm married to one. Last time I saw him in uniform and armed, I forgot how to speak English.)"Excuse me," I said, voice wobbling. "Can I help you?" he asked. ...more
@Denise Aww thank you.more

Why I Don't Judge Jodie Foster. Well, Yeah, I Do.

Jodie Foster came out during her Golden Globe speech last night.Twitter and Facebook exploded as the LGBTQ community dissected her every word, gesture and the fact that it took her 50 years (well, say 30.) The straight community pretty much said "what the hell is she talking about?" and/or "wait, Jodie Foster wasn't out yet?"There's no "right" way for a celebrtiy to come out. A rambling speech on live television is one approach. An obituary like Sally Ride is another. People Magazine. 60 Minutes. Barbara Walters. New York Times. Sometimes we cheer, sometimes we jeer. ...more