Oh, hey. Milestone.

 I don't know about y'all? But The Girl and I often have involved talks while we are driving....more

I Have Arrived

LGBT v GLBT: I'm Puzzled By BlogHer's Decision

Within the gay/queer/LGBT/GLBT community there is a somewhat ongoing 'battle' about the appropriate umbrella term to describe us all ... Let me run it down for you ...alphabetically.Assexual also AlliesBisexualGayIntersexLesbianQueer also QuestioningTransgenderPut it all together and you have a lot disagreement over the "right" term. Still, there is some common consensus. Most of the time, we use LGBT or GLBT. In fact, LGBT seems to be the preferred descriptor. ...more
 @cdrdash Wow, Cathy! Great idea...a circle with no beginning and no end.more

The ground shook.



Section 11 The past three days I have been at a young people's conference presenting, "Queer People of Color Conference" in LA.As I reflected on the crucifixion of Jesus I was struck about how Jesus is being crucified in every day, in the past few days I have heard nothing but pain from people no older than 22 of how they have been tormented by the Church, their parents, and others,in the mame of "Allah", "Jesus", and so on.  Below is the presentation I gave which is a reflection on the book of Mark's crucifixion section we have been reading:...more

I Hate You, Mom

As seen this week on TheNextFamily.com (3/28/2012):...more

Ironic or Hypocritical?

I'm usually a pretty passive aggressive individual. I hate conflict. I avoid it, at all costs. I get nervous and clam up at the possibility of a disagreement gone awry. Except this summer when a large family of Tongans walked all over my stuff because they decided they wanted to make some room in the shade at the local swimming pool by moving my stuff out of the way. I became not very nice in that instant, letting them know exactly what I thought, standing up for myself, and it shocked me. I guess you can say I'm still being passive aggressive with this rant here today. ...more

Confused in Dating Land

I know dating is hard no matter if you straight or gay, But  sometimes it just seems like I'm getting the dating thing wrong. I was dating a great lady for four years, and it wasn't always good, but it worked. we ended up breaking up because she wasn't out of the closet enough to ask me to stay, so I moved thousands of miles away. So here I am just looking for friends and meet a lady with a great connection and it's all there,   But it just seems like she is blowing me off though she says she isn't....more

Learning To Speak Up...and Out

I’m frustrated.  The man sitting in front of me is an incredible person. He’s been the chair of medical departments and president of one of the world’s largest global health non-profits. He’s improved the lives of millions of people. I have everything to learn from him, but I can’t seem to get much from what he’s saying....more
 @nellewrites Thanks for your thoughts! That's something that is so great to be reminded of -- ...more