To Each Their Own

There will always be someone different then you. That is what makes the world such an amazing place and life such an amazing journey. Each one of us has a place in this world.  The time has come to accept this.The time has come to evolve once again. ...more

Portrait of A Bully

I see you there, Bully. Whether you are tall, short, black, white, brown, male, female, wear glasses, pretty, not-so-attractive, wear preppy or goth or whatever clothes... it does not matter how varied you look on the outside. Because, on the inside, you all look the same. You are needy for attention because you don't think you can earn it on your own merits.  And as long as you don't think you are good enough, you never will be. ...more

My Sentimental Summer Journey

The Seriousness Of LGBT Suicide

The link between gay teens and suicide is horrifying to examine, there is simply no better or gentler way to describe it. While numerous factors play a role in this phenomena, there are some key areas which seem to lend to this sad state of affairs for LGBT youth more than others. While it is difficult to understand what being a gay or transgendered teen is like if you have never been one, it is quite easy to recall what being a teen is like and then extrapolating that so that heterosexuals can also get a feeling of what encompasses the issues these young people face....more

Log Cabin at the RNC: It’s About Showing Up

A political party’s platform is a strange document. It purports to represent the consensus and ideals of a massive organization, but in reality, it tends to represent only party “purists” and rarely determines policy. So then why would Log Cabin Republicans and other advocacy groups, including the Family Research Council, devote serious time and energy to attempting to influence a document that few people ever even read?...more
Thank you for showing up, and for highlighting the voices of others who do.  Kids like mine, in ...more

The post I've been trying to avoid writing about Boy Scouts

I really don't want to write this one.  I don't.I'm a hypocrite....more

LGBT: Tips for Coming Out in College

You’d have never accused me of being normal in high school, but developmentally, I didn’t really stick out from the crowd. I grew up in a conservative coastal town in suburban Connecticut. I excelled in high school, had a few boyfriends, and got good grades. My longest relationship spanned two years, two proms and a break-up with the boy I thought I’d be marrying and having many geeky kids with. I left high school for Amherst, Massachusetts, confident in my sexuality, my body, and the knowledge that I’d figured it all out before the ripe old age of 18....more
Really interesting post. Arguably, all of life is a time for self-discovery since the 'self' is ...more

It's Okay To Like Yourself

Think how far you could go if you come from a good place in your heart. There would be no worries about how others feel about you because you'd know that you can only be who you are. This is not about ego or an extension of self. It is comes from only pure thought, that you like who you are as a person. Coming from a place of doing no harm and becoming a better person by your actions leads you to a place of serenity. There will always be doubts about yourself, but your baseline would be that of assurance that you are not out to harm anyone....more

You Are All The Same

No matter what you believe you are no better or worse off than any other. It is difficult to see yourself as someone special for you have been taught to doubt even the smallest of ego that may shine within you. It is not ego to have the knowing that there is something different about yourself. Even the way you think is not like any other. Your thoughts matters. Whether trying to convince yourself that what you have to say is important or to that others would even listen....more