Science Of Gay: Cool Facts About The Genetics Of Gay Folks (INFOGRAPHIC)

Homosexuality has been debated a great deal for a long time now. Are they born like that? Do you become homosexual? Is it hormonal? Is it contagious? These questions are all valid ones, but people really want to get some  answers. Well, it seems that scientists have been researching and observing homosexual behaviors and the difference between straight and gay people....more

Choosing to Be a Motherless Child Still Hurts

"After a while, you kind of just get used to not speaking to your mom." I said those words, to my own surprise and without the least bit of sarcasm, two nights ago while at dinner with an old colleague. I had never described the radio silence between my mother and I in that way before. Perhaps, without realizing it, I have finally become resigned to being a motherless child. ...more
Very tough to be rejected by your mother. It is like a death. A death of a relationship for ...more

Respect for the Queers

I don't understand it. Why so many people think it's so wrong to be in love with the person who holds your heart. Sure, the bible may say so, but the bible says a lot of other things too. Those who get divorces shall be stoned to death, those who have sex before marriage should be stoned to death, and that's just two of the most common violations of the word of the bible in this day and age, I'm sure the list goes on and on much further and deeper....more
I think that people have too much time on their hands and choose to spend it bullying people to ...more

Sacrifice on Good Friday: Finding Meaning As An Agnostic

I was having a conversation with one of my coworkers yesterday about religion. He’s Jewish, and this week, he is celebrating Passover. As we stood in the dusty warehouse, with the shafts of light illuminating the dust from high above, he told me that for him, it’s not about religion. It’s about tradition. It’s about remembering where he came from and why he celebrates....more

When World Vision Stands Up -- and Love is Knocked Down

photo by Jennuine Captures I know, I know....more

Explaining the "Sexually Creative" to my Latino Boyfriend: Convincing Him to Believe in Rainbows

When T and I first started dating our best language in common was Spanish. My Spanish at the time was admittedly a fun in very creative and very not correct.  I had graduated from telling my host mother, "I to eat in the past," to, "I already ate," but more complex sentences were still beyond me unless I got creative.  Therefore, it took several dates for T and I to talk about some more serious things, especially of political nature....more

The bloom on his table.

Am I brave enough to write this?Yes.Maybe.Late to the table, days late in this Instagram world, where vitriol and love pass each other in the hallway with barely time to acknowledge one another.  So much wondering in my head about this group with whom I self-identify: these Jesus people.I love them. It’s a crazy kind of love.They infuriate me.So many issues.  Complementarianism vs. egalitarianism.  Wealthy pastors with big houses. World Vision and gay people.  So much room for judgement and hate.  Or love and forgiveness, if we so choose....more

Drag Race: Response to Idiots

(Disclaimer: I consider myself a straight female ally. I do not speak for the drag community at large, this blog is merely my own views on drag and drag queens.  It's supposed to be fun. So deal with it and lighten up!) ...more

5 Must-Read Posts on the World Vision Controversy

Bloggers have a lot to say about the Christian organization World Vision's announcement that they will hire employees in same-sex marriages....more
HolliinIl Thank you. If I were writing today, I wouldn't have so much grace. Know what I mean?more

Day 5: A Boxer-Brief Journal Entry

One summer when I was about 13 years old, my friend F and I decided to go into a Preppy Store, USA at our local mall. You have to understand a few things before getting too judgmental, here. First off, I lived in a hole in the ground with jack squat to do in the summer. We both came from crazy households, so whenever possible we skedaddled out of the house as fast as we could. I usually worked at my uncle’s pizza shop on weekends, so whenever my friends wanted to hang it, it was on weekdays....more
apt8609  I was heavily considering it.That may be my deadline to find and complete a lookmore