A Boy in a Dress Is Still a Boy

Zach's friend is in most ways a typical boy. He plays with cars and Legos, climbs trees, and fights with his sister....more

How Holly, The Little Frightened Abandoned Dog, Was Rescued (VIDEO)

Holly was a little abandoned and frightened dog that was rescued by the wonderful Eldad Hagar, co-founder of the non-profit animal rescue organization Hope For Paws. It took a while, but with love, patience and determination, Eldad Hagar was able to win her over. The video of her rescue went viral after only one day....more

The Tendency to ignore the rainbow elephant in the room

I came out to my motherat the age of 24 over a phone conversation. She lives in Colombia and I in New York. Everyone advised me against it given that she is extremely religious but I, of course, did not listen. I wanted to be honest and be able to be myself. Bad idea. My mother got deeply depressed and to this date refuses to talk about it. She feels defeated and failed, as if my gaynness came from something she did wrong while raising me. And I can name a thousand things she did wrong but I doubt any of them led to gayness. I was born this way. ...more

How The Selfie Transformed My World

I absolutely hate photos of me. Or I used to hate them. Now I sometimes like some of them a little bit.Like many women, I am my own worst critic about my appearance. I’m fat, ugly, crooked teeth, scar on my lip, etc, etc, etc. But the thing I’ve hated the most are my eyes....more
melanie jean juneau Thank you for your kind words! :-)more

Transgender - Educate Yourself

Life is hard enough, now you may or not be accepted because of who you are. It's not like you chose it, can change it or are asking for anything other than to be treated just like everyone else. That's what Peter hopes, that he will be treated like everyone else by everyone else. That his gender identification isn't something that people think about when they see him. For now, he looks to family, close friends and music for comfort, just like any other teenager....more

Transgender - Living in Someone Else's Body

As long as I've known Peter, I've known there is something different about him, and this isn't a cliché. Ask him. When we talked about writing this blog post he said, "I remember when I first met you. We joked about me thinking there was something different and you said there was but I should be whomever I want to be. You were really cool about it." Back then Peter was Kaleigh, to the naked eye, one would think she was a tomboy, she wasn't. Frankly, standing in my kitchen cooking with her, I thought she was homosexual and thought nothing of it. She said she was a boy, there was no doubt about it. It didn't matter to me, and I told her; she could be an elephant for all I cared, she is a great kid....more

She's My Partner, Not My Sidekick

One disadvantage to blogging is that I get “the glory” while Laura (Ledcat) often gets overlooked. And when I get the beat down side of a stick, she gets that, too. Unfair....more

Activist Needs Help In Her Final Days

Cathy is 61 years old. Her professional career has spanned nearly four decades in a rural community just outside of Pittsburgh. As she faces her final days with a diagnosis of end stage pancreatic cancer, she finds herself without the financial means to pay for her final expenses - a funeral, gravesite and a headstone.What Cathy does have are wonderful friends, her "family of choice" which has rallied to raise the money before Cathy passes so she can leave this world with peace of mind. ...more

Embracing My Maleness, Loving Fiercely

Standing on the corner of 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue, I wasn't a guy, I was just a 16 year old ci-woman with a deep voice and a different, more confident way of moving than these kids had seen. But I wasn't gonna take away their learning lesson. What if I was a guy? What about it? ...more
NewWomanOrderIsn't it beautiful how when you open up, sisters are there?more

My Blog, My Partner and Me: Together Eight Years and Counting

Sunday December 29 marks the eighth anniversary of Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents. Over those 8  years, I’ve personally written between 2500 and 3000 blog posts – exact count is hard to determine due to some behind the scenes software “stuff” I can’t explain well....more