When did my child grow up? The question most parents ask themselves eventually!!

I was blessed with two amazing boys!  I am the mom who loves her children fiercely, but will also kick their butts if they need it.  I have a different relationship with each of my kids....more

Summertime freedom....or anarchy???? Only time will tell.

So yesterday was the last school day for the 2013-2014 school year here in Southeastern Virginia, and as of today summer vacation commences.  A few summers ago was my first summer home with the boys and I was very rigid about their schedule.  I made them get up by 9 am, and they had to go outside and "play" for at least an hour every day, and they had to be in bed by 11:00 pm so they could get enough sleep. I had time limits on electronics, and made them read each day.That was three years ago....more

The Girl Who Wanted To Be A Boy

Disclaimer:  I realize this is a sensitive subject for many.  Please, understand this was not written with a heart of condemnation, but rather with a heart wanting to understand. ...more
The parents haven't made any permanent changes. They're just calling him a little boy because he ...more

How TV Helped Me Talk to My Kids About "The Gays"

Recently one of my daughters and I were making dinner and had some sort of home improvement show on in the background from Bravo, HGTV or something to the like. In it, a male couple was looking for a new house and saw a stunner of a master bedroom closet. One of the gentleman exclaimed, “Well, you know how the gays love their closets!” ...more
Great post, love the honesty. My conversation revolved around a wedding invitation that said ...more


Margie moved in with Vee after a few more chanting sessions with the Buddha Life group.  They were all very happy to have her join, yet Margie couldn’t help but approach the whole scenario cautiously. By that time, she’d become aware that she was being monitored, but not understanding why, or by whom – only that it began when she’d first joined the game “Dream Life” – and worsened after she left her husband, Pete....more

Join Us: Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day Is June 2

Yes, it's that time of year again, and you're all invited to join me for the 9th Annual Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day on Monday, June 2! This is a celebration of LGBTQ families whether you’re part of one, know one, or just want to support them....more

If You Can’t Afford Tampons, What Do You Do?

This is a problem that I never thought about until I was 25 years old. While my family had financial struggles, I never lacked the items most women take for granted – pads and tampons. At 25, I met Shirley who gently educated me on the impact of poverty on our womanly ways. I learned that women and girls who couldn’t afford these products used rags. And because they did not have a lot of resources for laundry, they either burned or buried the rags....more

Homosexual lifestyle and the NFL

The NFL Draft has come and gone. The first openly gay player was drafted in the seventh round to the St. Louis Rams. When Michael Same came out as being gay, it was nothing new for most of the world. It seems the media went nuts because he plays football, deemed a MANLY sport. Now look, I am sure their have been countless gays in pro sports and just chose not to talk about their personal life. Frankly, it is none of anyones business what their sex life is about. I think what has everyone up in arms is the fact that ESPN captured Mr. Sam kissing his boyfriend and they aired the piece....more

An Open Letter to LGBTQ-Friendly Teachers

It's Teacher Appreciation Week, so here's an open letter to all of the many LGBTQ-inclusive and welcoming teachers out there....more

Science Of Gay: Cool Facts About The Genetics Of Gay Folks (INFOGRAPHIC)

Homosexuality has been debated a great deal for a long time now. Are they born like that? Do you become homosexual? Is it hormonal? Is it contagious? These questions are all valid ones, but people really want to get some  answers. Well, it seems that scientists have been researching and observing homosexual behaviors and the difference between straight and gay people....more