Why I Don’t Want Diverse Friends

Editor's note: This thought-provoking post will stop you in your tracks. Read her out: It's a strong case for the all-inclusive friendship. --Heather I don’t want any gay friends or atheist friends or cross-gender friends. I don’t want friends who hold different theological or political positions. I don’t want friends who are a different race or socioeconomic background. Because the truth is, I like people who are just like me. ...more
Some of the commenters here obviously didn't read the entire post. That's sad, because you seem ...more

The 'No Gays Allowed' Prom

After absorbing the details of a story out of Indiana, one blogger digs deep, offering up some startling observations about one town's decision to pro-actively exclude some kids from an annual tradition:...more
My husband grew up very close to this area.  Such a frustrating story, particularly the ...more

What Can We Learn About Gay Marriage From Sweden?

[Editor's Note: As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to weigh the legality of same-sex marriage, we might want to look across the ocean at Sweden, where gay marriage was legalized several years ago. BlogHer Surviving Life in Sweden takes a tongue-in-cheek look at how society could be affected if gay and lesbian couples are allowed to marry. --Grace]...more

Kids Playing House Give Hope for the Future

I remember playing house and family with my Kindergarten friends. I was always the mom and, oh, was I ever bossy. Shocking, I know. I wonder, however, if we ever gave the parents and teachers who overheard us any hope like a recent post by Jennifer at Bug and the Sweet Banana gives me for our kids' futures. Maybe. Just maybe. ...more

Gay Advisor’s Exit from Romney Campaign: Homophobia or Hypocrisy?

Regardless of which label one chooses for Richard Grenell’s departure from the Romney campaign ranks, the result is the same. And can anyone tell me why in the world a self-respecting gay person or a woman would ever support the Republican candidate in the first place? Image: DonkeyHotey via Flickr   ...more
 @All that makes you...  Hi All: I live in the south too, I find most here have an excess ...more

Them 'Gay' Books

I recently attended a conference and heard three wonderful women speak and share information about books for the LGBTQ patron. LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning. Image: mind on fire via Flickr   ...more
@janaremy I wrote a response on your blog but will post again here. I think your daughter's book ...more

GLBT character in YA? YES! But Not Just in Issue Books

There’s a tendency to believe that books with minorities belong in a special section. They aren’t ‘regular’ books, because the characters aren’t ‘normal.’ Which is not such a great thing, when you’re a young person looking for people who look like you. Some folks really love issue books, and I have a soft sport in my heart for them myself, but I also love it when minority characters are allowed to just be and it’s a natural part of the story, rather than the focal point. ...more
My reaction to a request to 'straighten' a character would be swift, and basically more harmful ...more

Should I Have Corrected His Friend When He Used Gay as an Insult?

My kids are young and their outside-of-my-choosing friendships are limited as of yet. So I spend my days making sure that they understand appropriate language and respecting others. I'm kind of dreading the day when other kids will not only influence my kids' thoughts and speech... but will bring it into my own home. Womenist Musings recently dealt with her son's friend using the word gay as an insult. Her son asked her to intervene... and she did. Now she's left wondering if she overstepped a boundary. What do you think? ...more

If I had heard this I think I would have ran over to your son and hugged him. THAT is EXACTLY ...more