A Big Man

February 15, 2013 will be the two year anniversary of my father’s passing.  As the day approaches, I’m often taken back to his funeral. Someone once told me that a funeral isn’t for the one that has died; it’s for the ones that that person left behind.  It’s a way for us to say goodbye and find some closure.  I didn’t say goodbye to my Daddy. I certainly don’t have, need, or want closure....more

Queen of Spin

 They’re gone!  The house is quiet. I can actually hear birds singing outside.  And I’m trying to decide whether I should have a twix day, or clean up this sad looking house. ...more

Attack Of The Dream Killers

“Aha….I got it!” Another brilliant idea had suddenly popped in my head, and I couldn’t wait to share it with my friends and family. Seeking the support and approval of the people closest to me, I disclosed my latest plans, but to my surprise my idea didn’t receive rave reviews. So, what’s the big deal? Sounds like they came down with the case of the ‘Dream Killers‘!...more

Are you happy?

Are you happy? 3 little words that ask so much. Happy - what does that mean? Who can say how another feels? Often I think that happiness is something I will never experience again, but then I remember little joys and realize I do experience "happy" it's just different now. What makes me happy these days? Spending time with my niece and nephew is always a joy, seeing old friends and supporting a good cause are both reasons to be happy. So I should just be so happy right now because I did all of those things this weekend....more
Maybe being "happy" will have to be a new thing for you after losing a child?  I have found that ...more


my name is claire, i'm a 27 year old single mum from the uk. life for myself and my 9 year old son is really hard, 6 years ago i could not have been happier i was in a relationship and pregnant with my second child, sadly at my 20 week scan we were told our son was ill and would die if not before then not long after he was born....more

What's In A Name? Everything.

Many years ago, I watched someone die from complications due to AIDS. He was a family member, and it was hard. Very, very hard. A few months later, I was invited to take part in a local AIDS walk, along with other family and friends. We arranged for David's name to be added to their list (and if that confuses those of you who follow my blog, yes, my son is partly named for his uncle) during the memorial reading of the names. We got to the venue bright and early, and the reading of the names was well underway....more

Standing On The Sidelines


Letter to Dad

Dear Dad,So your son found a video of you on YouTube. I don’t even think you knew what YouTube was but you made it on there before I did. LOL… It was so amazing to see you on there and hear your voice again. I can freeze frame the video and it is like you are looking right at me. I really miss talking to you and thought maybe I’d write you a letter here to let you know how I am doing....more

Snow days recall memories...

Snow day!!! Yes, those words can cause just as much excitement for a teacher as they do for a child. Waking up this morning to texts of no school was thrilling until I remembered where I was. I am 600 miles from home, planning to fly out today back to my hometown. Will I make it? Is the airport open? Will I make it in time for our Parent/Teacher conferences scheduled tonight? Why do we still have conferences if there is no school? It seems I am full of questions that have no answers at this moment....more

When it Rains

When it Rains   When I was seven or eight or some naive age, I gave my dad a picture I colored of a rainbow, some rain, and a few clouds....more