Searching For Equality In My Mother's Eyes

My whole life, I just wanted my Mom to respect me for the person I was.I used to make a joke with my friends - I'd tell them that if you put my Mom in a room with me and a hundred other girls my age and told her to pick her ideal kid, it wouldn't be me. Ever. Not that I had a bad childhood, mind you. My father always had steady work, we always had food, clothing and shelter. My Mom and Dad loved me, and I never doubted that. I just frequently wished they didn't love me quite so much....more

My Dad Died on Sunday

My daddy died on Sunday at 11:40am. We buried him yesterday morning at 10am.I started this blog last night at 10:15pm as I sat on the outside patio of a closed Starbucks.Think it odd…strange….insensitive that I took time to write a blog the night before I buried my daddy?  Under normal circumstances perhaps.  I think it is rather clear that I don’t come from a family of normal.  It was either drink, fight or write.  I opted to write.  Remember I come from fucked up.  I am working hard to be *less fucked up*....more
 @motherofnine9  Hello my Guardian Angel.  Thank you for all your words of support~ .I felt the ...more


For the past couple of weeks sleep has eluded me.  I just can not shut my brain off.  I keep thinking of all the things I need to do, all the things I should have done, all the things I plan to do.  I think now that maybe the universe was trying to alert me that my reality was about to change forever.My mother passed away Friday, July 6th.  I haven’t slept since.I lay awake in bed staring at the clock as it changes from 1:00am to 2:20am  to eventually 4:08am. .  . I also lay there thinking about the past few months and years....more

Chapter 1: The Clockmaker

  Six weeks after the World Trade Center came crashing down, the clockmaker died. His day began like every other, wi...more

Woefulness: A Lesson

On the day we returned home from the beach, I managed to get into a fight with my sister, niece and nephew....more

Remembering Lena... sytervans

  Remembering Lena...  SystervansBy Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka Granny GeeYesterday I began thinking about Lena.  As Skip and I talked about many things, I began to talk about Lena.My systervan, Lena Gunnarsson, who lived in Sweden.  For twelve years she was in my life everyday... by computer many times a day, by mail when we would send each other letters, gifts, photos. ...more

In Dog Memoriam: Magnus The Great

The loss of a pet, a unique type of pain that never gets easier. Here, the Food Gypsy takes a break from the kitchen to honor her beloved dog, Magnus The Great:...more
@thefoodgypsy You are so very welcome.more

A Mother's 18th Birthday Letter to Her Son -- in Heaven

To My Son, Austin -- If you were here today, I'd wish you a Happy Birthday and tear up thinking how quickly you grew up. No more Momma's Little Blair Bear, but a young man. If you were here today, I'd stand tiptoe to reach my arms around your neck and squeeze you back with one those famous Bear hugs you were known for....more
(((Joyfulchallenge))) How well i understand your name.  It was 13 years for me this year without ...more

The State of Your Mental: 7 Signs You May Not be as "Okay" As You Think

I'm just coming out of a depression. This came as quite a surprise to me because I had no idea that I was actually in a depression. As I think about what I am about to write here, I'm not certain why it's such a big a surprise given my life over the past few months. First, I found a lump under my armpit. While I knew that to be a sign of lymphoma/leukemia. For me, it actually turned out to be nothing. Praise God. But the stress of knowing it was there until I found out it was nothing was almost unbearable....more