My brother's death

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A Teenager Commits Suicide After Reading This Text

Daniel was an "old soul" with a soft side, according to mom. He sat by a neighbor who was fighting cancer. When that neighbor died, he checked in on the widow to make sure she was OK. Daniel's caring made him a target for constant bullying.Trash had been thrown at him, he had been "jumped" and treated horribly at school.  I wonder who raised the kid that sent the text that drove this child to kill himself? What have we become that our kids think they can get away with sending cruel texts to each other?Here's a video from the mom. Would love to hear your thoughts....more

5 Things to Avoid Saying to A New Widow

"No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear." -- C. S. Lewis, "A Grief Observed"Death is a topic that can clear out a room of even the most kindhearted people. Just mention any of the following words -- passing, mortality, funeral, burial, death -- and people get nervous. Very few individuals are comfortable with holding an honest conversation about death, and even fewer know what to say to a new widow....more
KristinMeekhof but just to add, my language is far more explicit!more

A Letter To the Man Who Molested Me

Maybe I made this whole thing up? Maybe this never really happened? We've seen each other socially for years and years. I've hosted bridal and baby showers for both your daughter and daughter-in-law. We spend most holidays together, your family and mine. How could I be so seemingly calm if something really happened? ...more
Wow, that is all I can really say! I don't know what to say honestly, but I know you are brave ...more

Welcome to the Afterlife - working through grief

I am a spiritual person.  I always have been.  I believe in spirits, Angels, lives before this one, and Karma.  I have a fondness for the teachings of Celtic Wiccans, Jewish Kabbalah, and even a brief understanding of several other religions.  I ca...more

Little Green

"There'll be icicles and birthday clothesAnd sometimes there'll be sorrow"Joni Mitchell, Little Green...more

A Boy and His Dog

In the summer of 2007, in a measure of what could’ve probably been considered temporary insanity, I decided that we should get a puppy for my stepson's birthday....more

When You Have a Mother...But You Don't Really

     I was talking to my uncle this week, and I realized something: I've lived longer without my mom in my life than I have with her in it. It was bizarre, yet comforting: if I could make it this long without the support of a mother, I can surely live this out the rest of my life if I have to.  You see, my mom's still alive, but I'm dead to her. Her and I no longer co-habitate the same plane of existence....more