Tragedy's Beauty: The Courage of Human and Hero

Originally posted on ChapterTK.comThere’s a sort of beauty in tragedy. It’s an inevitable part of the human experience, even in the unlikely scenario the only tragedy a person ever faces is their own death. Maybe this is due to my current optimistic personality or my history of being a youth. Either way, I can’t help but appreciate the sadder moments in life for the beauty an impact they can have, if only you look....more

"The Blue Light" - a Son's Story

 byTracy D. Holloman, MA, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP...more

It's About Time

Someone we love is dying right now. Not the abstract “we’re all going to die someday” kind of dying. The real right now kind. The kind that will leave us with broken and grateful hearts. Wishing we had a few more days, or months, and yes, years.It’s making me anxious, which is not what I expected. I expected sad, and I am. I didn’t expect to feel like my own clock was on speed dial and I would be racing to catch up....more

Dealing With Gender Disappointment

I'm finding it hard to be enthusiastic right now, despite the fact I have every reason to be. Yesterday we had our big 16 week gender scan, which culminated in us finding out the amazing news that we are expecting a beautiful, healthy baby.....Again....more

Dell Amor, a pillar of the Fil-American community

The Filipino-American community here in Charlotte, North Carolina mourns the death of Dell Amor, the 2008 president of the Filipino American Community of the Carolinas (FACC). She was 63-years-old.Amor died peacefully due to biliary cancer at their home surrounded by her husband and children last Monday, May 26. The disease took root in November last year....more

At the corner of grief and gratitude

The other morning I was driving to work, listening to a story on NPR. I don’t remember the subject of the story, who, or why–but a calm, confident voice used the words grief and gratitude in the same sentence.Those two words, in such close proximity, captured my attention for the rest of the drive. There was something about how she spoke­, without question and without hesitation. Like the two words obviously belonged together. Right next to each other, both connected and separated, by a tiny three-letter and.Co-existing....more

How Maya Angelou Touched My LIfe. My Gratitude.

Maya Angelou spoke at Bill Clinton's Inauguration in 1993 as Poet Laureate.  There was just something about this soft-spoken woman woman that riveted me to the TV screen.I  knew her voice was going to be important for me....more

Saying Goodbye to Maya Angelou

 I never had the chance to meet Dr. Maya Angelou, but I feel as though I have known her most of my adult life. A dear friend of mine showed me a poem that Maya Angelou had written entitled, "Phenomenal Woman" and from that moment on, she became my mentor. ...more
Phenomenal Women was such an insightful poem.. RIP Chris

Mom's Wedding Date

I chose the pretty pharmacy on Columbus to select my wares. My mother was going to a wedding and she needed some cosmetics. I was by myself and I wanted to take the extra ten minutes to choose the right blush and eyeliner and just the right shade of lipstick....more

We Thank You Maya Angelou

I have always loved reading. It has taken me to many places that my physical body will never see. I can remember distinctly the first time I read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings in Ms. Edwards middle school English class. I remember raising my hand to share in so much of the rich and lively discussion. Such a powerful work to read as a middle school-aged black girl. I remember reciting her poems Still I Rise and Phenomenal Woman before I could really grasp what they really meant....more