HIV/AIDS in AMERICA - The Stigma, The Misconception, The Reality

HIV/AIDS in AMERICAThe Stigma, The Misconception, The Reality A sweet and familiar song begins to play as various people throughout the crowd begin to stand with large white posters in their hands. As they walked the room slowly, I felt the tears begin to well up in my eyes. I was trying my best to keep it together. The presenter said that each year those infected by HIV/AIDS participates in a presentation in order to save someone else’s life....more

Time For A Break

Tomorrow I am taking Buddy to stay with Grandma while I visit my cousin. This is our spa trip, the one which is part of her year-long celebration of turning 50. We planned this when she visited in September, before I knew I was moving out there. Originally, my mom and sister were coming here, but with the showings and everything, it will just be easier all around for them to stay there and have Buddy visit....more

Dangling Modifiers

I'd sell your heart to the junkman babyFor a buck, for a buckIf you're looking for someoneTo pull you out of that ditchYou're out of luck, you're out of luck ...more

Does Time Heal?

The most overused statement to anyone who is grieving or going through a difficult time is the comment "Time will heal." ...more
I'm sorry for your loss. Today is the anniversary of my father-in-law's passing. He died last ...more

Let's Talk About Heaven .....

So today I had an unexpected conversation with my almost 5 year old.  It took me off guard and I'm not entirely sure if I said the right thing, or even if there is a right thing to say... We've been frequenting the local ice rink (as in every home game of our local high school time) and every time we walk in my Jack (who will be 5 in April) comments on a retired Jersey hanging in the front corridor.  He asks why it has his last name on it......more

Show Up. Bring Food. And Leave.

Years ago, the day after my father died, I was comforting my mother. The funeral was the next day -- Jews move fast -- and Mom was at my home as we processed dad's death and the plans for the service. Around 11:30 a.m., it occurred to me that I had nothing to feed her. With all that had gone on immediately before and after dad's death, I hadn't had a chance to go grocery shopping....more

Better Than An Obituary

I pulled a bag of blueberries from the freezer to make some muffins. Due to favorable growing conditions and some savvy harvesting, from time to time I can relive a bit of the past season, until next summer's crop. The cooler air and barren trees are bitter reminders that people, too, come and go like seasons in our lives. My mother and I planted a relationship seed of our own one spring that did not survive another season. As crazy as she made me, I’d give all the blueberry crops in the world, to share a muffin with my mother.***...more

Let's Play a Game of "Remember When..."

February 18. On this date in 2000, my first son and I were hit by a red light runner at the intersection of Grovers and Cave Creek. He was 17 months old and killed immediately. Seven years later on the same date, my sister found our father who had died in his sleep. He was 53 and unaware ofthe heart disease that was slowly closing all the necessary pathways to and from his heart....more

Say His Name

I was only surfing the internet when grief came and sat down beside me last weekend.An innocent Google search brought me to the Wikipedia page of an actor that goes by the name, Ben.Bennett. His name is Bennett....more