I Just Ended a 7-Year Relationship: I Walked Away from My Doctorate

I began to ask myself the question: What would it take for me to love myself, right now, as I am, even if I didn’t achieve a doctoral degree?...more
PaulineJennett Thank you very much for taking time to read and comment...and for recognizing ...more

The Mirror Never Lies

What do you see when you look in the mirror?Your conscience that kills your continual adventures?Seeing you through your own eyesWhat is it- truth or lie?Look over your shoulder and things become any clearerIs it a hurt or is it a Damage?You hide it in your eyes and smile like bright sunshineAnd yet you ponder over the shallow judgmentsTears well up and you close your eyes…“Hey fighter, soon things will be brighter..And before long you’ll be just fine..!”...more

What to say, and NOT to say, when someone is going through a family medical crisis

Things to say to a person going through a family medical crisis:...more

The Child You Left Behind

Suicide. The word alone is enough to send chills down your spine. Unfortunately it affects at least 3700 Canadians a year. On March 6th 2006, I became a part of those statistics....more

Being A Grown-Up Stinks

I mean that in the nicest possible way, of course. Remember when we were kids, and we couldn't wait to grow up? "I'll do what I want and you can't make me go to bed (or eat my vegetables, or clean my room...)!"Well, this being a grown-up has its moments, all right. I mean, I DO occasionally eat ice cream for supper, and I have been known to stay up reading or playing a game until even I realized I was being stupid....more

The Honor was All Ours Maya Angelou

There will always be women who break ground in ways we can’t even define.  Those brave women who bare their souls and shoulder the weight of the vulnerability so we can all be more vulnerable and brave. ...more

How Roy Orbison Saved Me: 30:30 Somethings

I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, but it took a world-shattering event, football and a lil' rock-n-roll to get me and my father back on track, but I'm thankful we did and got to enjoy each other before we couldn't. http://wp.me/p4cuiX-tm...more

Great Expectations Fallen-Love Meets Again

Courtesy of Youtube...more

From Happiness to Satisfaction

I became very depressed after an unexpected break-up. School was impossible to continue for the quarter, and the level of sadness that consumed my heart, mind, and soul appalled my friends and family. Yes, Kanye. This was a truly cold winter. I told my friend goodbye, and asked myself if I will ever love again. “You need to be happy, Marwa. You’re not a happy person anymore. You used to be so happy and carefree! What happened? All of this for a guy? ...more