How I Feel Two Years After My Best Friend and I Broke Up

 I was born and lived in my hometown until I was 30. As a result, I have many friends that I have known from the time I was born and others for as long as 25 years. In those mix of friendships I had close friendships with 4 girls that I grew up with and one was who I considered my best friend. I will refer to her as Lynn....more

As Soon As Is Right Now

I can’t remember where exactly I read the above quote but I remember it was in the last couple of months. It really hit home with me When Prince Charming was alive, we said this all the time.“As soon as the house is paid off, we will do XXXXXX.”“As soon as (insert work problem here) is over, we will do XXXXX.”“As soon as (whatever excuse we had to not do something), we will do XXXXX.”...more
I totally understand this!more

When Words Can't Heal

It was a regular OB visit.  I was 16 weeks pregnant and despite the growing aggravation of increased bathroom visits, I felt great.  I was pregnant with our third child and was elated to be adding to our family.  At 35, I was on the cusp of being considered a high risk pregnancy, but my two earlier pregnancies had been fairly normal and gratefully uneventful....more

3 Reasons I’m Thankful for Experiencing Childhood Sexual Abuse

I know what you’re thinking. How could anyone possibly be thankful for something as horrible as childhood sexual abuse? Don’t misunderstand me, sexual abuse is a terrible thing and it’s not okay, ever.Unfortunately, it does happen and it happened to me from the time I was 8 years old until I graduated high school. By the time I could finally force myself to work through it with a professional, I was married and had girls of my own. I went through a six-month grieving process of tremendous proportions....more
Thank you so much for writing this. I'm an empath, and I am also an incest survivor. My ...more

It's All About The Nesting

I am happy to report that I was able to get the other bolt of fabric, and even persuaded the store to refund me a part of what I paid for that second bolt, due to its being on sale for less when I picked it up than when I paid for it. I wasn't able to score the same deal on the first bolt, because of time factors, but I tried. She was gracious to give me the discount on the second one, because technically she didn't have to. Perhaps when I pointed out the amount of money I had spent, she had compassion. Not to mention, I was very nice about it and how I was asking for it....more

Finding Hope in the Midst of Loss

Growing up I have always said that my magic number was five. Yes, I wanted to have five children when I would become a mommy. I thought it was so easy to get pregnant. I had no problems getting pregnant with our first baby. He was healthy, beautiful, and most of all loud. He was one little man with one huge personality. He was everything to us. When our son was around a year and a half, I got pregnant again. I loved seeing the plus sign on the pregnancy test and we called and told everyone who we knew that I was pregnant....more

Resilience Through Testing Times - Losing Mum

How resilient are you? - Sometimes resilience is the only choice we have. I often sit back and reflect on both my teenage years and early adult hood. The time I wasted, missed opportunities and frivolous spending. ...more

The Eternal Guilt of an Immigrant

My oldest nephew will turn 16 on Christmas Eve. When he was born, I lived in Slovakia and my sister lived in Germany. The first time I saw him he was two-month-old. I still remember it like it was yesterday - getting off the S-bahn, my sister meeting me with the stroller and I couldn't see anything but layers of blankets. Holding him for the first time. Having him falling asleep on my shoulder every time I picked him up. The love. The dread. My sister bundled him up in a stroller and sent me out for a couple of hours so she could clean....more

Does This Make You Whole?

Over the course of the past year, I occasionally hear the phrase “make you whole” whenever I’m talking to someone about Prince Charming’s estate. The phrase has always made me gasp and it brings whatever conversation I’m having to a complete stop while the person who said it tries to figure out what to say next and if I’m going to burst into tears ...more

Still Adjusting to the Loss of Ryan, 14 Years Later

Still Adjusting to the Loss of Ryan, 14 Years LaterThe art of losing isn't hard to master; so many things seemed filled with the intent to be lost that their loss is no disaster  ~Elizabeth Bishop...more