Happiness....Where is it?

I often wonder if the idea of happiness is often confused with temporary gratification. I recently read an article by Debra Manchester, LCSW titled: “The Hard Truth About Happiness”. I used this article to facilitate a group therapy at work and the response I got was extraordinary. It was uplifting, confusing, eye opening and sometimes depressing. It was as if some people thought the root of happiness was found in instant gratification and when it dwindled away we were just depressed. How do we find the true meaning of happiness?...more

Taking up My Pen Again . . .

Three years ago, when our house burned down, I lost an important part of my identity.  Now, this was a part that had been dying out for awhile, but the fire ended it definitively....more


We were parked haphazardly in a gravel driveway.  If I rolled down the windows and listened hard enough I could hear the faint notes coming from Mrs. Duncan's piano studio. My oldest son was playing. ...more

Markings: A Golden Wind

A new post for Veterans Day. A Golden Windhttp://www.silkentent.com/Trees/?p+5464...more

Forever Grateful

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, Point Loma, San Diego California. Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission. Pauline Baird Joneswww.paulinebjones.com...more

The hardest part about emigrating

In making the decision to emigrate we considered a lot of things. We considered the impact on the Boy - missing his family and friends. But he was four, and would adapt easily, right?...more

Day 10 - My Hero

 I can't remember a time growing up when you weren't there.I can't remember a time when we didn't go fishing....more

Who's In Charge?

I don't know why I expected that this would be easy. I must have temporarily lost my mind.There is rumbling and grumbling around me and within me. Communication is not happening. Things are changing and not being disclosed. Assumptions are being made and feelings are getting stomped.I'm torn between being connected and telling everybody to go jump in the lake. Even the dog is annoying me. What is with all this barking? And that's not just the dog....more

Serendipity Breeze

In the silent expectation of dawn, just before the first slice of silver reveals the horizon of a new day, a slight breeze moves through the pine trees in my yard. The brief rustle of branches releases a faint smell of long-past adventures in summer mountains and stirs the chimes that hang in the arbor. I look upward and smile at the memory of my mother....more

Joy & Pain Taught Me To Be Present

The experiences that had the most impact on me were not planned. These experiences were both joyous and painful. All of them taught me that the present moment is what matters most.The first major life experience that taught me how to be fully in the moment was when my partner of four years died on February 11, 2005.  If any of you felt surprised by my last sentence, I can assure you it is miniscule compared with how shocked I felt. I was totally unprepared for someone so close to die....more
This was devastatingly beautiful. Thank you.more