What My Son Is Teaching Me About Fear and Hope

I’ve never been too optimistic. It’s not that I see the glass half empty. It’s more that I foresee the glass somehow tipping over and shattering, after which I get a laceration on my foot from trying to pick up the shards, which then that gets infected and turns gangrenous and has to be amputated in an emergency surgery.So I suppose you could call me paranoid....more

How do you sum up a life?

At a previous job, one of my responsibilities was to read through obituaries to be included in an alumni magazine. ...more

Simple Human Connection

The Boy In Our Hearts

She knows she has another brother, one she can't play with or see or talk to or torment. One who won't torment her back, the way her eldest brother does. “He's in our heart,” she says, pointing to her chest.“Yes, baby,” I tell her. “He's in our heart.”“I'm not a baby,” she says forcefully. And she isn't, of course. She's four. But she doesn't only mean that she's too big to be called baby. She knows she'll always be my baby. Daddy's baby. Our baby....more

It is well with my soul

 We sat on the right side of the church near an exit.  It was natural for us to run to church as soon as we got home. Grief subsumed us and it was the most natural place in the world for us to run....more

What Cancer Weakened, Greed Destroyed

It has been just over a year since my Grandfather, and shortly thereafter my Grandmother, passed away. In the wake of their deaths we have suffered a fracture to our family that can only be described as irreparable. What was said and done can never be repaired and time may heal all wounds but it cannot remove the salt....more

Forgiveness: My Sons' Painful Journey to Freedom

He was told he had two years to live, longer if he quit drinking. He didn’t quit. My ex-husband, Doug, decided that if he was going to die, he was going to do it his way and to hell with anyone that disagreed. This was nothing new, he was an alcoholic who thought only of himself. He had been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and Hepatitis C....more

Breathing Room

It seems to have been another month. I really don't know how this keeps happening - it's not as if I'm this amazing social butterfly with no time to spare! But I will admit to a few flurries of activity here and there, interspersed with periods of boredom and even some mild bouts with the black hole of depression....more

What I've Learned From Two Miscarriages

Of course I did know this, but it didn't really hit me until now. Each family is different. We have friends that don't want kids at all. We know couples that have been trying and praying to get pregnant for over a year and nothing has happened yet. Miscarriages – both early and late term – have happened to many people we know. ...more
I managed to get pregnant six times, but never brought a baby to full term. The first time, I ...more

Locked Away

https://youtu.be/v98cFsRXi8I I heard this song for the first time the other day and was blown away by the lyrics I think Prince Charming’s new job in Heaven must be as a song writer or as a muse for song writers....more