The Advantage Of A Sister

I REALLY wanted my realtor to come over here in the middle of the night and surprise me with a "SOLD" sign in the yard. But she didn't, and that is okay. Because it's done. The only thing left is for the appraiser to come out here and confirm that my house is worth what the buyer is paying for it, which it is....more

The Day the World Ended, Part Two

Before she disconnected the call, I asked the dispatcher her name--Shannon--and thanked her for her help. As I got to the end of my driveway, the truck stopped in front of me and told me, “the smoke is heavy, but you can get out.” That’s all I needed to hear....more

The Day the World Ended, Part One

(August 6, 2013. He had taken the kids down to the beach, where they were to spend a couple days with their grandfather. He was going to come back that evening, as he had to work the next day. Since I didn’t want to be in the house alone with him, I packed my suitcase and spent the night at my son’s house, 10 minutes away.)...more

I Miss Grocery Shopping with My Mom

My grocery cart isn't nearly full enough today, but my heart is another story. I've put off grocery shopping for about a week and a half now. A little over a year ago, I had no choice. When my mother was low on food, I had to replenish. There is no longer any urgency. My family can endure a few days of doing without. That's why God invented pizza. ...more
This was hard to read...more

The Waiting, It Is Almost Over

Soooo, that whole waiting thing? It's been going on. Hopefully well, because it's no secret that I am not a fan of the waiting. And if I do well and eat my peas and carrots, then maybe, just maybe, I will not have to keep doing it too much longer....more

the birthday that might not have been

Like most moms (and dads, of course) I never thought to prepare myself for what it would feel like to lose a child.I’m not talking about losing him in the mall or losing him in a crowd; I mean to lose him forever.We were so immersed in the business of living that it never occurred to me that anything life threatening might happen to my Angel Boy.Health and fitness has always been a priority....more

Please, Take My Wedding Gown

Hey there, folks!My wedding gown is beautiful. I found it three weeks before my wedding, off the rack at a David's Bridal here in town. It was the third dress that I tried on and I just knew that this was the one. I walked down the aisle in my gown on one of the best days of my life. I danced the night away and clomped through the grass for Pinterest-worthy wedding photos. I love my wedding gown....more

What Do You Say?

 What do you say? I have been struggling what to say for about three weeks. I know what to say when someone gets a new job; I’d say “Congrats” I know what to say when someone gets married; I’d say “Congrats” again When someone loses a loved one; I’d say “Sorry for your loss” ...more

A Letter to a Friend Lost to Cancer

One of my best friends lost a parent to cancer today and my heart hearts for her loss and my heart hurts because I knew her and loved her too. She was a wonderful, dynamic and loving person and I am happy she doesn’t have to bear the burden of fighting anymore. I know I will hear her laughter forever in my memories....more