Happiness has a bounty

When did it become so unsafe to leave your home? When you chose happiness! That's it. Above your mistakes, regrets, failures, put downs, shut downs, let downs, secrets, private moments, split second decisions- when you choose your life and you muffled your pain with the fabric of your smile- you silenced your fears and agreed with your past. Dealt with your truths, flaunted your flaws, fell in love with your hardships. Chronologically organized your issues and dealt with them accordingly....more

When Bad Things Happen to Children

I took a buzz feed quiz the other day and it said my most defining personality trait was “sensitive.” I suppose that is a positive thing. I am empathetic and I care. Two things I think we need more of as a society. The problem is that being sensitive can be painful too. It can sometimes feel like a punch in the stomach. It can feel overwhelming and heavy. It can feel like a weakness rather than an asset. But, not today. Today, I am going to garner strength from my ability to feel....more

Just Let Life Take Hold and See the Wonderment it brings

At times, I still expect Timothy to burst through the front door, full of energy like he was just away on a long trip. A part of me thinks it's crazy after nearly five and a half years. But there are some things that the mind won't let go even with time, or maybe it's the heart that won't let it go.I keep thinking that maybe, just maybe one of those times when I feel like I get a glimpse of him in a crowd of people or swear I hear his voice come up from behind me that it will really be him. But the reality of the matter is it's not him and there are way too many people in this world who could be his twin, which makes it even more horrible. ...more

Why I Hate December 16th | Missing My Dad

December 16th is my second least favorite day.  Thirteen years ago today, I lost my dad to a sudden heart attack.  He was only 60 years old, and had no major heart problems.  Ten years later (my least favorite day), I lost my mom, so I am truly a middle-age orphan.  Being only 47 and having both parents gone is something I never imagined.  I also never imagined that my kids would not have ...more

Beauty From Ashes: Changing Your Perception

Beauty from Ashes. It’s simple yet profound. It’s a concept from the Bible, but you don’t have to be Christian to understand. Everyone has difficult times in life. Their situations vary. The struggle for all is the same.My fiance and I had it all. Maybe not to some. Some want a lot of materialistic things. Some view expensive objects as a sign of success. It is true, you have to be successful to have expensive things, but you don’t have to have expensive things to be successful. Those struggles in life tend to put this realization into perspective....more

I Cry, Pray and Hope

I cry … for the innocent lives lost in Pennsylvania, Pakistan and Sydney – and for those not in the news that lost their lives in other unnamed towns, cities and countries throughout the world....more

Who's Raising Who? Fourteen Years Of Being A Mom

 "And you can tell everybody this is your songIt may be quite simple but now that it's doneI hope you don't mindI hope you don't mind that I put down in wordsHow wonderful life is while you're in the world"-Elton John, Your SongMy brother died 10 days before my wedding. I was caught between suffocating despair and the happy prospect of marrying the man I love. But I didn't think I'd ever feel pure joy again. I couldn't imagine joy in a world without my brother....more

Writing From Prompts (NaBloPoMo Day 9)

 I'm having a really hard time with these December NaBloPoMo prompts. It's not them; it's me. It's this time of year. It's my life, this season, this topic- Joy....more
I totally agree sometimes the prompts are not helpful. I found that to be true during the ...more

Is Your Therapist Depressed?

“If you don’t feel it, don’t play it”. – The Funk Brothers...more