Love Is

Love is... ...more
The grief you describe is profound and wrenching. I have felt it, too. Thanks for sharing your ...more

Only the rich deserve love and happiness

He is white, I am dark. He calls the first world home, I am from a minuscule island found on the other side of the planet. Between us, there is 9157 miles.When I first moved to England for my studies, I did not know that someday my happiness would be bound to that land. The weather made me miserable; I am a tropical fish with Raynaud's syndrome, the cold makes my fingers and toes blue and unusable....more

She mattered

Kylie Elizabeth 5/11/2012-2/7/2015 Stage IV Amplified Neuroblastoma High Risk  ...more

Not A Fan

No, I'm not talking about the recent book by the same title, although I did read it. My father-in-law gave me a copy - he was handing them out like candy. I forget how many copies he bought, but while he was here I kept him well supplied with coupons to the Christian book store. It was a lot - like maybe 50!But I digress. I'm not a fan of this whole selling of the house and having showings thing. Yes, it forces me to keep the house tidy and that is a good thing. But it's getting a little bit old to pack up the dog and find somewhere to go for an hour and a half or so....more

When You Die

On Tuesday, as I sat beside him, "Frank" died (*not his real name). I didn't notice his last breath, just a sudden stillness. I placed my hand near his mouth, to see if I could feel an exhalation, and when I didn't, I touched him gently and said goodbye. Then I went to get the nurse, to note the time of death. Frank was 93, and while his death was expected, we didn't expect it then. I had just seen his family out, and told them I'd sit with him. However, when it comes to death, I've learned that expectations are foolish....more
What a beautiful piece! So glad to find it on the internet today. The transition you describe is ...more

Ten examples why I believe infertility brings out the best in us

Recently, in the context of the recent twitterstorm, someone in the ALI (adoption, loss, infertility) community commented, "Infertility brings out the worst in all of us ... We’re all guilty." I beg to differ....more
I think it's brought out the best AND the worst in me.  I can only hope that it's brought out ...more

Reach Out in Compassion Now

Time to get raw and real as I reach out in compassion joining 1000 voices and speaking out about #WomensLives. I am righteously angered this morning about the tangled mess in which we find our world....more
MaryKat - Thank you for expressing your feelings on this terrible disease. The anguishing ...more

When a gone.

I have never lost a child. Never ran the marathon of grief that never heals. I work surrounded by it. The never-ending sorrow and pain that is always just below the surface for mothers and fathers equally. The wound that never heals and can tear open with the slightest memory or just because it is a picture perfect spring day. ...more

Gifts of Infertility - Courage

Rather than being the easy way out, letting go of a dream can require immense bravery.It takes courage to say, “enough is enough,” to step off the treadmill and often, away from the support we might have there.It takes courage to know that your decision will bring sadness and loss, to absorb that as part of you, and to continue to face the world every day....more
So true.  The whole infertility journey requires immense courage.  From that first step of going ...more

Imagine if ...

I often find that people with children, when they hear women who embrace their life without children (either by choice, or because we had no choice), find it necessary to comment that they couldn’t imagine life without little Jack and Jill (or whoever). Of course, they can’t (or won't) imagine their life as it is now without their children. To do so would be to imagine them gone, to feel their absence, their loss, and to imagine and feel the grief of this loss. Of course they can’t do that. And none of us are ever suggesting they should try....more
Thank you for this short but incisive piece. I am also childless... I would like to share a ...more