Newspaper Print May Wash Off Your Hands, Never Your Soul

Even though I was only 23, I can still remember everything about walking into the newsroom for the first time and that feeling of actually being a daily news reporter.I had worked for a local weekly suburban newspapers for about a year and made the right friends and connections and had found my way here. Jeez, was I nervous? What if I wasn’t as good of a writer as I thought? What if everyone hated me? Oh, man, what if I whined too much and was the complete girl reporter that everyone despised?But what I didn’t know was I would find a little family in that newsroom. And after hearing recently of the passing of one of my fellow journalists, my mind is flooded with all the memories we had all of those years ago in that small satellite office in Collinsville, Illinois....more

On Shadows

There are those hidden corners within the self many of us don’t want to face. I have existed by avoiding the shadows throughout my life. Disassociation helps many of us function as humans. The hurt is too much to face, so we cope through drugs, alcohol, sex, work etc. But eventually, shit gets real.  78 days ago I decided to get sober. I did this for many reasons....more

What to Expect After You Walk Away From a Problem Person

If you have a person in your life that is toxic or is the cause of major problems, one of the hardest things you may have to do is to walk away from the relationship....more
Thank you so much for this. I am going through all of these things right now in severing a ...more

I don't wish this pain on ANYONE!

I just spent time with the three most amazing human beings that have ever lived. I carried all three of them in my womb for nine months, creating a unique and special relationship from the very beginning. I gave birth to two wonderful beautiful girls and one amazing handsome young man. I've taught them how to crawl, then walk and talk. I potty trained them and taught them manners. I took them to school the first day then followed the bus all the way to school to make sure they made it okay....more

What to say (and what to avoid saying) when a friend is suffering

Early last week I received some harrowing news. An old friend of mine lost her husband suddenly and unexpectedly. He was young. He was healthy. And they had a family. I grappled with how to respond. What do I do? What should I say? How should I say it? It took me awhile to wrap my head around the situation and get my own emotions in check. When I did, I wrote a message and later in the week, I sent a card....more

Moving Right Along

I have been alternating between bursts of intense activity and bouts of inertia, accompanied by STUPID eating. The good news is, I have gotten rid of another five boxes of books, and a back seat full of clutter (including a bag of mugs and a kitten tree, among other things). The recycle guys are probably groaning when they get to my address, and the trash guys may or may not be muttering under their breath at me. But I've gained back two of the pounds I lost, and there is all this CHOCOLATE in the pantry for some reason!...more

Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies

Who in their right mind would drive farther than several hours with four children in a 15-year-old Eurovan when airfare costs the same and is so much  faster?Us. Our family. That’s who....more

Can You Be Happy After Infertility if You Don't Have Children?

I've been thinking the last few days about those very early days of learning we will have a life without children. First, infertility, then childlessness. I remember those days, even though they were many years ago. I felt as if I had been slammed into a brick wall. ...more
zedsmiles I'm so glad, that in some small way, this helped.more

Broken Heart: #2

The week after next, January 19th, will be 3 months since mom died and I think I'm only feeling it now. I'm incredibly sad. I'm tired. I'm empty and I feel as though I have nothing to give, although it seems as though I still am giving. Going through the motions without feeling much of anything but sadness. This is the first week where I'm actually allowing myself to do nothing, since she died and I refuse to feel bad for this little bit of selfishness. Next week, online classes start again, along with getting my business plan started, so I'm reveling in doing nothing....more

Inspiration To Write?

 "Where do you get your inspiration to write?" ...more