You Can. You Will.

In the past, when I have had heart to hearts with friends, we have discussed horrible situations we have heard that people are in, and I have heard my friends say, "I can't even imagine. I don't think I could survive something that devastating. I don't know how they are dealing with it."It is said with such heartfelt empathy and good intentions. In the past I have nodded and agreed. "I know, I think I would just give up. They are so strong, I don't know if I could ever be that strong."...more


This piece was originally published in the 2014 edition of True Words from Real Women, the annual anthology of life writing by the women of the Story Circle Network....more

The Fragility of Life

The Five Stages of Grief… For a Lost Friendship

It’s been a long winter so far. Maybe it just feels that way. There has been snow day after snow day (coupled with late starts and early dismissals), an exciting case of the flu for 2/5 of us, and my most recent excitement, oral surgery. While I’ve been in caffeine withdrawal from quitting Diet Coke cold turkey the day before surgery (stupid, STUPID) I’ve just been sitting around loathing scrambled eggs and just about everything else on the planet. And I miss my best friend, the person who was the most awesome at wanting to set everything on fire with me....more
Thank you for this powerful share about how you dealt with grief and loss. I created a work of ...more

There’s No Book

This post originally appeared on a friend's blog, and it was so powerful, I had to share.Tomorrow is two years since I lost my son.Over the past two years I have constantly come back to this wish."I wish I knew the rules."I wish I would have known just how quickly they become so cold.I wish I knew what to do.I wish I hadn't skipped church that morning.I wish I could watch the Superbowl in peace.I wish I didn't have to tell the organ harvest people that my 4 month old wasn't an IV drug user....more
That is the worst, to lose your son. So, so sorry to hear about your loss! I created a work of ...more

Love Is

Love is... ...more
The grief you describe is profound and wrenching. I have felt it, too. Thanks for sharing your ...more

Only the rich deserve love and happiness

He is white, I am dark. He calls the first world home, I am from a minuscule island found on the other side of the planet. Between us, there is 9157 miles.When I first moved to England for my studies, I did not know that someday my happiness would be bound to that land. The weather made me miserable; I am a tropical fish with Raynaud's syndrome, the cold makes my fingers and toes blue and unusable....more

She mattered

Kylie Elizabeth 5/11/2012-2/7/2015 Stage IV Amplified Neuroblastoma High Risk  ...more

Not A Fan

No, I'm not talking about the recent book by the same title, although I did read it. My father-in-law gave me a copy - he was handing them out like candy. I forget how many copies he bought, but while he was here I kept him well supplied with coupons to the Christian book store. It was a lot - like maybe 50!But I digress. I'm not a fan of this whole selling of the house and having showings thing. Yes, it forces me to keep the house tidy and that is a good thing. But it's getting a little bit old to pack up the dog and find somewhere to go for an hour and a half or so....more

When You Die

On Tuesday, as I sat beside him, "Frank" died (*not his real name). I didn't notice his last breath, just a sudden stillness. I placed my hand near his mouth, to see if I could feel an exhalation, and when I didn't, I touched him gently and said goodbye. Then I went to get the nurse, to note the time of death. Frank was 93, and while his death was expected, we didn't expect it then. I had just seen his family out, and told them I'd sit with him. However, when it comes to death, I've learned that expectations are foolish....more
What a beautiful piece! So glad to find it on the internet today. The transition you describe is ...more