The bittersweet taste of April 19

**a re-post from a previous birthday** I sort of love this day -- it's my birthday.I love the sweet birthday wishes from everyone; they make me smile and feel happy and warm and loved. Thank you all so much for that. It's the day I feel truly which I mean my heart grows three sizes. (Oh, no worries, it will shrink back down in a couple of days and I'll be back in Curmudgeonland) I sort of hate this day -- it's my birthday....more

When You Can't Say Goodbye

Hello friends - I wanted to pass along the next chapter of my book, "Following the Path of the Dinosaurs."  #followdinopath For anyone who has experienced the loss of a parent, the chapter stands alone outside the book.  I believe we all share and learn, even through grief.  I was a single mom at the time, struggling to finish college and cope with the death of my dad. ...more

Dear Soon-to-be-X: I Can't Defend You Anymore

Dear Soon-to-be-X:I just wanted you to know that as it appears our decades-long marriage is coming to an end, I will no longer be able to defend your behavior to others.I will do my best to explain it when necessary, especially to the kids, but defend it? No more. I will no longer:...more

4.16.07 - 8 Years Later

This day hits me hard. Every single year.Eight years ago today, I was at work at Enterprise, just going about my day. I vividly remember walking back into my office from running an errand or helping a customer, and our lot attendant telling me there was a shooting in Blacksburg.I don’t remember his exact words. I remember thinking he must be mistaken. I remember walking over to the TV and being horrified by what I saw.Scared.Heartbroken.Disbelieving....more

Are You Still Waiting for Spring?

Are You Still Waiting for Spring?All the children collected their eggs, everyone wore their Sunday best and proclaimed “He is Risen” and dinner was scrumptious. However did the joys of Easter vanish as Sunday turned to Monday? Are you still waiting for your Spring?It is Spring but I know there are a few heart aches because some are waiting. Here at the Silicon Valley Lodge we are exploring the topic #waiting....more

Why Counseling Won't Save My Marriage

It only took a few counseling sessions to realize I’d spent most of my adult life married to a narcissist. And that I'd completely lost my perspective along the way....more

Learning self-compassion

It is very hard for us to exercise self-compassion when we are hurting. But so often, what hurts most are our own views on a subject, and the very cruel judgements we make about ourselves. I know I do it -  sometimes to feel that I am prepared for the worst case scenario in a particular situation, sometimes just out of habit....more