Grieving on Planes

I seem to do much grieving on planes....more

The Chinese Food Metaphor – Start Your Life Anew

The Chinese Food Metaphor – Start Your Life Anew...more

You Can Do This Thing Called Life

You Can Do This Thing Called Life...more

Your New Balanced Life – How’d That Happen?

Your New Balanced Life – How’d That Happen?...more

Beating the Odds and Surviving

Cancer. The word no one wants to hear. ...more

Still missing him

It’s been over a month, since my ex-boyfriend cheated and walked away from me. Only to have her move in with him a week later. I spent nearly five years with him. Five years of heartache and pain. It was a lot of work, loving him. Most of our relationship, I felt weak and little. Always look for validation from him, looking for unconditional love and support. I never did get it. Yet, I sit here torn apart and spend everyday, crying over the loss of us; the loss of him. That girl he moved on with, actually had the nerve to request to be my friend on Facebook. How passive aggressive is that?...more

No More Relationship Crumbs


Grabbing Life By The A$$

Grabbing LIFE by the A$$  The alarm buzzed like several angry bees trapped inside a tin can, letting me know th...more

A Story of Migrants

I originally posted this as "Night Train to Germany" over on my personal blog. Shortly after, a friend shared in the comments news about 71 people found suffocated in the back of a truck along a road linking Budapest to Vienna, men women and children. So I'm sharing that blog post here as well. The flood of migrants is no doubt a strain on resources and poses a massive question of what to do with all these people but we cannot ever forget that they are people. I'm was deeply sorry to hear the new of this discovered truck, and it made me think of those families I saw on the night train to Germany....more