Little Green

"There'll be icicles and birthday clothesAnd sometimes there'll be sorrow"Joni Mitchell, Little Green...more

A Boy and His Dog

In the summer of 2007, in a measure of what could’ve probably been considered temporary insanity, I decided that we should get a puppy for my stepson's birthday....more

The Absentee Mom; Life Without a Mother

     I was talking to my uncle this week, and I realized something: I've lived longer without my mom in my life than I have with her in it. It was bizarre, yet comforting: if I could make it this long without the support of a mother, I can surely live this out the rest of my life if I have to.  You see, my mom's still alive, but I'm dead to her. Her and I no longer co-habitate the same plane of existence....more

To My Sister: There is enough grace for this...

Knees knocking, and voice cracking, it was a humbling opportunity to share some thoughts at my nephew's funeral....  ...more

miscarriageCARE: 10 Facts About Miscarriage

Misconceptions about miscarriage abound. A recent study found this to be true, and a thoughtful article from NPR unpacked these findings. Some of these misconceptions include:...more

Progression of My Mother's Early Onset Alzheimer's in Photos

After watching Still Alice with my husband recently, I began looking through photos of my mom in old blog posts–photos of her living with the enemy, early onset Alzheimer’s disease.  I pieced together the pictures in chronological order, trying to create a visual timeline of her decline....more

My Sister Is A Living Ghost

This past weekend was one of the first hot ones. It was the first beach weekend of many to come for the season. My Beau and I did what we normally do on a hot weekend, packed up the car with our beach chairs, sunscreen, towels and other supplies. After a long walk on the shore, we settled into our little chairs and relaxed to the sound of gentle waves. That's when I saw the living ghost....more

Turning darkness into a defining moment.

What’s your defining moment?They say that a defining moment is one that is life-changing. It is said to happen in the blink of an eye.  It’s a pivotal moment filled with critical choices. For many, they struggle to discover that moment when they engage their passions, rise above the crowd and grasp their shining star. And for some, you are handed a gift of opportunity and what you do with it from that moment on is your defining moment. I didn’t manage to do it that gracefully.I almost didn’t recognize my moment.  In fact it was one of the darkest times of my life. That happens, your moment sneaks up on you and if you aren’t ready, it can often take you down a road that you weren’t expecting. Sometimes that path leads you far into the dark woods and in my case, this time I started seeing what was happening before I was truly lost. I woke up every morning in pain, dreaded putting my feet on the ground.  I dragged myself to Starbucks for liquid happiness. I had fake friends, a fake smile, a fake life and I wasn’t proud of much in my life....more

#1000Speak: The Compassion Connection

Let's connect!  Looking forward to connecting! I'd like to connect with you!...more

Shake, shake, shake ... Shake Your Booty!

Shake, shake, shake ... Shake Your Booty!he music in his laughter had a way of rounding off the missing notes in her soul.  ~Gloria Naylor...more