Too Busy to Help a Stranger? Think Again.

Editor's Note: I read many, many posts from my perch here at BlogHer and this one wins for 'Shortest Post to Put a Sudden Lump in Your Throat' hands down. The little story is a great reminder about how no matter how "busy" your day may be, God may have other plans. --Heather...more
Thank you! @Karen Ballummore

Sister Loss: 11 Years, Still Painful

Editor's Note: The loss of a loved one is never easy, especially when the deceased was your little sister, your buddy in life. Though over a decade has passed, Natasha feels a particular sting this year in facing her sister's absence. --Heather...more
@suebob YES! Exactly that! I feel like I've been robbed of 11 years of sharing with her. I can't ...more

Shared Grief: Obsessing Over Another's Loss

When this blogger learned of another blogger's personal tragedy - losing a baby son - her physical and emotional reaction was both intense and mystifying:I don’t know this blogger, nor do she and I share similar parenting styles...I knew of her through other bloggers and occasionally checked in on what it was she was saying. Overall, though, she and I knew nothing of one another, she probably never having heard of me at all. ...more
@RSMunoz69  I am so sorry for your loss. So sorry. :-(more

It's Okay - Life Goes On

After the tragic events in Connecticut, a woman noticed that Twitter peeps were complaining about people still talking about everyday things. As a mother who lost a son, she illustrates the importance of daily minutiae:...more
I agree -- to a point. I still believe that twitter parties should have stopped ASAP on Friday. ...more

Handling Grief and Loss Through the Holidays

When a family has suffered a death or a divorce, the holidays can seem cruel. In this post, Elena offers several helpful tips on how best to enjoy the season despite the emotional pain:...more

NFL Player's Wife Dies of Cancer One Month After Wedding

(Editor's Note: Professional athletes often make news for off-court antics that aren't exactly flattering. They sometimes think they're above the law and are cited for everything from packing a gun, to driving under the influence to sexual assault (not naming names here). But there are good guys too and NFL player Chris Draft is clearly one of them.  Nordette's post profiles more of a love story than a sports story - but one that transcends classification and will touch your heart on so many levels. ~js)...more
What a beautiful story of commitment and lovemore

A Mother's Prayer: Let Tomorrow Come

You may have heard the horrible news that a a baby died after a fall from a shopping cart earlier this week. It popped all over my Facebook page, with everything from shock to grief to judgment to warnings about how to put your child in a shopping cart properly. The truth is that a freak accident could change our lives and our families forever. Law Momma, who lives in the same area as the mother who lost her baby, wrote a heart-felt prayer in reaction, asking for tomorrow. I urge you to read it....more
What a perfect way to word what I have always wanted to say, "God let tomorrow come." Thanks for ...more

I Regret Not Spending More Time with My Son

I wept openly as I read through the regrets Crystal is sorting through since the stillbirth of her son Calvin. It's not an easy read by any stretch, but it's one that I hope all moms who are facing the death of a baby get to read before they say goodbye. Calvin's story is also a hard read, but shares information about Amniotic Band Syndrome. If you've lost a child to stillbirth, did you take those pictures or spend time with your little one? ...more

I have the same regret. And a laundry list more. Losing a child is just about the worst pain one ...more

Would It Bother You to See Dead Baby Pictures on My Wall?

The death of a baby is a sad, life-changing event. No question there. However, Ashley at A Ruby Family was recently asked why she still hangs up photos of her son Nolan, two years after he died. Her post addresses the question and is a good look at how mothers of child loss deal with grief. ...more
I say yes -- hang pictures of sweet Nolan on your wall for as long as you want to.  My first ...more