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Reading: 'The End!'

The Toddler has taken up reading. Which is to say she has taken up turning the pages of books, whilst narrating a combination of what she can see in the pictures & what she remembers of the story. 'Baby...1,2,3...Bed...Sleep...Wake up...Peepo...Dog...Peepo...Grandma...Glasses...Hat...Peepo...The end!'The Toddler's current favourite book is 'The Gruffalo'. The Toddler loves 'The Gruffalo'. Literally. She spends much of her time with her face inside the book saying, 'Kiss a Gruffalo!' The Toddler no longer gets out of bed until she has looked at 'The Gruffalo'....more

5 Strategies For Watching Live TV Just Like We Did in the '80s!

A while ago my family got rid of cable. I wrote about it on Cut Cable Today if you want all the details, but basically the DVR queue was stressing me out and we never had enough time to watch everything that cable had to offer. Castle andNashville back episodes were breathing down my neck on a daily basis. ...more
"My underwear is scootchy..." --BAHA! Like you, we haven't watched "real" tv in years; I don't ...more

Searching for Imaginary Jam

The Toddler is looking for jam. The Toddler has made tea and toast with her toy breakfast set. She now needs the jam. Probably for the toast, but who can be sure? She has regularly served people egg in their tea cups, and her favourite imaginary food offering is 'carrot and cake'. (I would love to pretend The Toddler is very sophisticated and offers people imaginary carrot cake. I would, however, be lying. It is not carrot cake. It is carrot AND cake.) So, anyway, The Toddler needs jam. Probably for the toast, but possibly to spread on eggs or stir into tea. ...more

Bladders and Bears and Butts, Oh My!!

 Vaginal Mesh, Vaginal Sling, Bladder Mesh, Bladder Sling. I have heard these 8 words over the last three months more than I have heard my own name spoken over my 60 years on earth. I don't know what they are. I don't want to know what they are. The visual I conjure in my mind is enough to make me feel I may need an Optical Mesh or Optical Sling....more

Female Genitalia Police

 I recently wrote a humorous piece on things I would never subject my vagina to (key word here being humorous). One of the things on my list was waxing. I have nothing against it personally, I am just a quaking coward and at 59 don't feel the need to bare it all....more

What I Wouldn't Give

 What I wouldn't give.....     How often do you find yourself saying those exact words, followed by some far-fetched dream or wish that, if answered, would literally make your life?...more

Out of The Mouths of MOMS


Out of the Mouths of Moms-I can't believe I said that

                          And other ridiculous thin...more


Naturally, we all brake for cute, cuddly cats and dogs crossing the road, but do you brake for other creatures? I do! (sometimes to the annoyance of drivers behind me.) What do they expect me to do? Run over wildlife? Geez....more