Kim Kardashian Comedy Spoof

One reason why I love acting is because I can be someone else. The reason I love writing my own scripts and especially comedy scripts is because today I am Kim Kardashian! I am a reality show junkie and I hope you are too because you will definitely get a kick out of this Kim Kardashian parody video starring yours truly! xoxo Melissa...more

Zoe vs. the British Nanny

You may have heard of British Nanny Emma Jenner, author of Keep Calm and Parent Up. A recent post of hers went viral in which she lists the reasons she believes modern parenting is in a crisis. I agree with her, for the most part. Zoe, as you might imagine, does not. Emma Jenner's viewpoint boils down to this question: Who's in charge? Zoe thinks it's her. I'm afraid she's right....more

Hurry! Act Now! This Offer Won't Last!

Any chance I had at an inheritance has gone straight into David Venable’s pockets.  Don’t know who David Venable is?  He’s that hard-to-hate, always happy, seriously-quantities-are-limited host on QVC.  I think he may even have a fan club.  Thousands of lovely older ladies who tune in a couple times a week to see what he’s hawking. One of those lovely older persons happens to be Marge.  I discovered just how often she tunes in the other day when I was looking for a box.  Actually, I discovered two things the other day:...more

My Sister Is Melting Because She Won't Wear Shorts

Dear Mouthy Housewives,How can I get my sister to wear shorts? It's 100 degrees outside already this summer, and she insists on wearing jeans every day. She says she's more comfortable that way, but I know it's because she's embarrassed that she's not skinny. She feels that she looks bad when she shows her legs. I don't think she looks bad, and I want her to not be so hot and sticky. What can I do to help her?Signed,My Sister Wears the Pants in This Family...more
In the summer I wear light weight slacks or capri-length pants instead of jeans & don't need to ...more

Why Do We Keep Up With The Kardashians?

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Freshhelen OMG!  "Kartrashians" is gold!  Fricking brilliant and so accurate.  I also love that ...more

Road Trip - "Country Roads, Take Me Home"

A huge part of our Road Trip to Upstate NY is spent visiting many of our favorite people because the majority of them live around there. So, we make the rounds or they stop by so we can "spread the love" around.And boy can we spread the love.I suspect there is a collective sigh in Upstate NY when we hit the road for the "Return to Wisconsin" part of the Road Trip.(Some day, when my children are older, I dream of a Road Trip through the USA to visit family and friends who are scattered around. Doesn't that sound like fun?)...more

The Comedy Kitchen welcomes Flo!

The Comedy Kitchen is proud to present Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials. Well, to be honest it is just me pretending to be her. I really enjoy writing comedy and parody is my all-time fave. I combine it with my love for improv and that is what you will see when you check out my video of the day. Talk soon:)Melissa...more

1-Year-Old’s Feng-Shui Guide For Your Home

No one told me that having a child would push my OCD organizational limits.  A child, or at least my child, has her own ideas and knows where things really belong in the house.The following is the Feng-Shui Guide according to my 1-year-old:...more
so cute!more