I Don’t Feel Guilty About These Parenting Shortcuts. Neither Should You… On The Mid

Parenting Shortcuts NOT to Feel Guilty AboutJen from MomCave has a piece on TheMid.com about Parenting Shortcuts NOT to Feel Guilty About....more

how to annoy your Facebook friends in 9 simple steps.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I am growing increasingly tired of the constant commercial that is Facebook these days. It seems like I can’t sign on to my News Feed anymore without being blasted with before and after pictures (eww, panties! Why are they ALWAYS in their panties?), pictures of “free” luxury cars, and invitations to Facebook parties. I like my friends, and I like Facebook, but can I just say it? Enough is enough! Please just stop!In light of my current frustration with Facebook, I present to you 9 simple steps to annoy your Facebook friends:...more

Why Wisconsin is the Best State to Live

I’ve lived in Wisconsin my entire life, in various cities and towns across the central and southern parts of the state. After 24 years as a Wisconsinite, I have no desire to move anytime soon. I’ve definitely had my complaints about the state (such as the occasional need for a winter coat in July), but they’re overshadowed by benefits. We might fly under the radar, but here are 11 reasons why Wisconsin is the best state to live:...more


 photo by Giandomenico Ricci...more

11 Things Dads Don't Do

1. Fingernails. Think for a minute: when was the last time your husband a) noticed one of your kids' fingernails had become jagged little weapons or b) searched for one of the dozen pairs of fingernail clippers wedged between the couch cushions to trim them back? My husband wears with pride his refusal to touch this task with a ten foot pole. Maybe he's seen me struggling with wiggly toddlers and minuscule baby claws one too many times?...more

Single Mom, Single Friends & Stepford Wives

My college friends that are twenty-somethings spend their weekends at the beach, reveling in the glory of meaningless drunken flings and planning fun trips to places that are notorious for cheap booze and strong ties to the Cartel....more

10 Things Mummy Has Actually Said. Out Loud

1. 'The Toddler, don't ride The Baby, please.' 2. 'The Baby doesn't want a rhino on her head at the moment.' 3. 'Sweetheart, the little girl and her mummy don't want to do the Hokey Cokey...No, we're not doing the Hokey Cokey now...No: no "in out".' 4. 'You want to phone Grandad's doggies? Doggies aren't very good at phone calls.' 5. 'No, The Baby, you can't chew the cat!' 6. 'Yes, it's raisins on a bus. Where do you think they're going?' ...more

How to Be a Happy Camper When Camping

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My husband has been hinting that he wants us to take our boys camping for a few months now. ...more
I love camping - but this is still hilarious.more

Parents just don't understand

On days of high stress at my office, my coworkers and I will message one another with phrases we've picked up from the younger members of our team: This meeting: I can't even.OR I literally can't with this person right now.OR ...more

10 Reasons You Should Take Your Kids to an Amusement Park This Summer

       When weighing the pros and cons of yet another costly summer activity, we as adults tend to focus on the mature things. How much is this gonna cost? Can I get the time off work? Is it educational for the kids? Will this provide too much structure, not enough structure, build relationships, promote independence, increase physical exercise, allow for creativity, encourage teamwork, stimulate without over-stimulating, etc., etc., etc. ...more