Six animal qualities I wish I had as a mom

Being a mom requires a lot of special qualities.  Kindness, love, understanding, strength, courage and blah, blah, blah...  I get it.  We all get we're supposed to act like Hallmark cards every day.  And I do try my best to embody the qualities that make raising healthy humans necessary, but sometimes I'd love it if I could borrow some qualities from the animal kingdom.1.  The African Pyxie Frog can hibernate in a water soluble mucus sac for years....more

Men are Great, Women are Strong, and I'm Still Pathetic

This morning I awoke to discover that muscles I didn’t know existed were screaming in agony.It was all I could do to get out of bed.All because I “attempted” to mow the lawn yesterday.Now, I realize I’m a relatively girly-girl. But I didn’t realize the extent of my affliction until yesterday.You guys… “Men’s Work” is hard....more

a journey to trust: work/life in the Midwest

As seen on Rebelle Society:  “Trust no one.” “Eyes behind the head.” “Listen to me: Get your head out of the clouds.” “Everyone is full of shit.”...more

If Not Now, When?

Take a deep breath, and JUMP!Most of us, women especially, walk around with lingering  what if's in our heads. Some of those thoughts are small - the dress, the hair color, the date, the meal, the other car - but some of them are big - quitting the job, changing careers, leaving the spouse, not having children, moving to another state; these thoughts don't keep us up at night, but on the worse days they do creep out into our frontal thoughts....more

The Trouble with Writing Prompts

When I started student teaching, one of the first things my cooperating teacher said to me was, “I don’t do writing prompts. I hate writing prompts.” And then she got on her Anti-Writing Prompt Soapbox and proceeded to denounce the supposed virtues of writing prompts.At first I thought, “Whoa… crazy lady… simmer down. It’s just a writing prompt. Wacko.”Now? I’m totally like, “Preach it, sister!”From what I’ve seen, teachers LOOOOOOVE their writing prompts. They’re easy to correct, easy to read, and they help to teach basic writing skills.I still hate them....more

What You Should Know About Me if We Are to be Friends

The blog world is an eclectic mix of amusing, amazing, interesting and talented people. I’ve been lucky to “meet” so many interesting women and writers during my three years of blogging and more so, I’ve made a couple of dear friendships along the way which are invaluable to me. It’s somewhat surreal and weird to think sometimes that I may not have ever met these special people if it weren’t for my blog.  Having said this, being a blogger also means dealing with the not so nice, judgmental and downright rude people who cross your path as well....more

One Man's Confession of His Biggest Fear in a Relationship

A few months ago, I let the Mister take over my blog for a day and in the process, he answered some parenting questions for me and gave his take on a few things from the viewpoint of “Daddy.” It was entitled, ‘An Interview with the Mister.’ It was such a big hit with my readers that I asked him to do another post for me....more

9 Favorite Nursery Rhymes With New Clickbait Titles

Clickbait is everywhere. It's annoying as hell. So, logically, I felt that the best thing to do was to add some myself. I've taken the liberty of converting nine favorite nursery rhyme titles into click tempting teasers. Oh, and I added a bonus limerick just because. ...more
So. Awesome.more

Disappointing morning: I was sure Ed Sheeran and I were sharing a moment. I was listening to “Thinking Outloud”  and started hearing hidden messages in the background of the track. ...more