Anger Management

There are a lot of things that elicit negative emotions from me.  I bitch-slap them all under the category of "Anger Management".  I think my actual management of these is about 50-50 but that might be wishful thinking.  (Wishful thinking is an anger management technique, by the way,  "power of positive thinking" and all that crap).  I have read all the self-help, practiced mindfulness, counted to 1000.  I have taken drugs, prescribed and otherwise, to calm the hell down....more

The Afternoon Nap - Chapter 3, Chili & Bread

I had no idea what I was going to eat for dinner and I was too tired to care. I had never made the much-needed grocery store visit that had been last on my list of errands today but luckily, there was take-out food.It had been a long first part of the day and I was exhausted. My errands began at the gas station and each leg of the trip around town became more frustrating, probably more from my lack of the “ability to deal” with the growing pile of errands gone wrong....more

Famous Last Words: I Will Never Drive A Mini Van

I can’t count the number of times I said it: “I will never, EVER own a mini van.” ...more
MitchTruswell bahaha. We WONT but I do love that video.more

WW - I'm a bad witch

No, not in the Wicked Witch kind of way, regardless of the WW in my post title (in this case, it means Witchy Wednesday)....more

10 things mom wants this Christmas

Whenever someone asks me what I want for Christmas, I always have a hard time coming up with something. I don’t “need” anything else.Do you have that problem? ...more

Parentology During the Holidays: Broken Ornaments

My oldest son is pretty methodical. And very curious. So he found the hammer, and gently tapped the ornaments until they broke so he could find out what was inside.Of them all.So now we have plastic ornaments. ...more

Parentology During the Holidays: Santa.

When I first began my Parentology journey, I thought Santa would be…fun.Not that kind of fun. ...more

I normally don't talk about poop

I should probably start this story by telling you that Jack is not a traveling pooper. In his almost three years of life, I’ve only had to deal with him pooping outside the home (or daycare or Mimi’s house) three times. Ever. Not really sure why, but I’ve just been pretty lucky that it hasn’t really been an issue.I guess the kid just likes his privacy....more

Footwear Road Kill – Origins and Implications

Originally Published on Pecked To Death By ChickensWhile I’ve never seen someone in the act of releasing their shoe into the wild, I’ve seen enough sneaker and boot remnants to know that it’s a real problem.  Every piece of footwear discarded along a roadside has a story to tell....more

How Technology is Trying to Embarrass Me

They used to call me "Becky Techie." I have been interested in technology since my first computer class, "Computer Math," way back in 1985.  I had my first personal computer, a Mac, in 1995, and taught myself a lot....more