I Found It!! My Green Spiral Notebook!!! Falalalala-lalalala

I had decided to rise above the line and carry on without my trusty green spiral notebook.  Re-create from a memory that doesn't work as well as it used to, my menus, shopping lists, preparation strategies for December 22 through the 25.  I would remember who was bringing what to the family gathering and not have to suffer the embarrassment of having to call and ask, "Now what did you say you were bringing?" That is what I told myself but deep down, I had lost the faith.  Gamely heading upstairs last eveni...more
Yes and I was so glad to get my hands on the thing!!    I really don't think I could've pulled ...more

My Kids Meet Buddy The Elf

 I love the movie Elf, and was so excited to watch it with my five year old boy (G) and three year old girl (L). Here's how it went: L: Tell me when the funny part is gonna come. G: Elf! That says Elf!L: That was funny.L: Aww...a baby.L and G: SANTA!...more

Zaffron's In Love... Again

Zaffron's in love. The boy is in 5th grade. Much too old for her, if you ask me. This is what it's like when your second-grader is in love.On the school grounds:...more

Mgazi Puts Her Foot Down

Two of my co-workers got married this year. In the first wedding, my girls were flower girls. They got new dresses, little gifts from the bride, a lot of attention, and cake. They were thrilled....more

If George Costanza was on Facebook

My dear friend had her annual holiday tea at the Peninsula Hotel yesterday. It was our usual time to "catch up" with a two-hour year-in-review before we all ran off to our respective family winter breaks. Of course there was the required group picture in front of the Christmas tree, and, of course, the shot was posted on Facebook....more

Nora Ephron’s “I Remember...Nothing” Prompted Me to Remember

I just finished reading Nora Ephron’s “I Remember...Nothing”, and though I in every respect enjoyed the book, said to be “Breathlessly funny....” by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, (and I agree because I did laugh at some points), I nonetheless poured tears throughout the book; I guess I found the hidden sadness. And much of how she viewed life, I found I can relate.I relate (from page 45, My Aruba) to having spent the entire work-day smiling with spinach on my teeth and no-one, not my so-called workmates, had the decency to point it out....more
@Lucy's Reality You are very welcome, Lucy. And I am so appreciative of your visit, dear Amiga. ...more

That's the Way We Roll: Holiday Version


No, I Am Not Down Wit' OPP

Naughty by Nature did a song about it back in the '90's. Are you down with OPP? Well, I'm certainly not. Wait, we're talking about the same thing here, aren't we? Other People's Pubes? Sure we are! So, I'm in the shower the other day, humming a little tune and in a generally good mood, when I glance over at the ledge which is supposed to hold innocuous shower stuffs, and I stop cold in mid-songbird. There it was, just staring at me... a pubic hair!Uber-annoying Janice on Friends couldn't have said it any better. Oh. My. Gawd!...more

Careful How You Hang Those Christmas Lights

In the South, you can always tell that Christmas is getting closer simply by the noticing the amount of Christmas lights on people’s homes that are actually turned ON, not just the ones that are usually left hanging on the house year round.My husband and I were taking the kids and my in-laws to Lake Lanier Islands to see the “Night of Lights”, where you drive in your car, turn your radio to a certain station to hear coordinated Christmas songs, and watch the amazing light display that Lake Lanier is famous for....more

It's The End Of The World As We Know It...And I Feel Fine

So this is it? Friday is the big day. We're all going down, right? According to a bunch of dudes who wrote a calendar thousands of years ago, that's exactly what's going to happen. It's the end of days, which sounds like it could suck, but I've been thinking about it, and I've decided, maybe it won't be so bad. ...more