Cherry Bombed: My Misadventures in Karaoke

As with all things good and holy, it started with Madonna....more

Goody Spin Pin Mini Review & Tutorial | Hobbs & Hayworth

Hobbs & Hayworth are back with a review and tutorial of the Goody Spin Pin Mini.  (If you missed their last few hilarious champagne-fueled reviews, check them out here.)In this episode, Harmony and Audrey attempt to use these thingys…...more

We All Go Haywire At Times And If We Don't, Maybe We Ought To

Yesterday was National Coffee Day. It came right after National Strawberry Cream Pie Day....more

10 Things I Love About Being A Boy's Mother

  I always wanted a baby girl. Besides the obvious self-interest in trying to create my clone ;) , the fact that girl things (dresses, shoes, toys, accessories) are always way more fun than mundane boy things, kept me hoping for a girl till the end of my pregnancy.Then sonny came....more

Forget Pumpkin Spice Lattes! 8 Real Reasons Girls Love Fall

Load up the jeep, uncover the convertible, and pick out a cute cover-up, because it’s summer and we’re headed to the beach! Hooray! But, come mid-August, with over a month of summer left, girls everywhere are quietly aching for autumn. We start pinning boots and long sweaters, and we may even sneak a light scarf into our late summer outfits....more

Then God Be Blessed, It Is The Blessèd Sun

Just another monkey Monday. Our troupes seem to have their weekly staff meetings near our home on Monday....more

Going Home Again

Street fair in Cody, WY.I know “they” say you can’t go home again, but actually you can. You buy a ticket, get strip searched at the airport, and many painful hours later, you walk off the plane in what used to be…Home....more

8 things we tried instead of beating the shit out of our kids

Everything we want our kids to be, makes them a challenge to raise. Independent and self-reliant free-thinkers who will make the world a better place – that’s what we wanted and that’s what we got. Here’s how we coped with the attitude that sometimes came along for the ride:1. “I’m not mad, I’m disappointed”When my boys were toddlers, they pulled that old favorite – a public tantrum – only once and when it happened, I refused to react....more

This Is One Of Those Days That The Pages Of History Teach Us Are Best Spent Lying In Bed

 Let’s talk hygiene and sanitation again....more