The Cat Has Left the Cradle

As my parents were driving me to college so many years ago, my mom said to me "It's not fair that just as children really get interesting, they leave."My mom is not a kid person....more

7 Ways My Preschooler Is Like a Kardashian

Public urination. Questionable taste. Unintelligible ramblings. Am I describing a preschooler or a Kardashian? Trick question. These are features belonging to both. Perhaps I'll dub my own preschooler Special K so she can join the club of Kris, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie, and Kendall. After all, she is in Pre-K, which may as well indicate a Kardashian in training....more

Is this Transport in my Future? O.O

Is there a riding lawnmower in my future? O.O Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission....more

Fanny Pack Mom Begins

 My name is Audra Wray and I am a fanny pack mom. A fanny pack mom? You may be wondering what that could possibly mean......allow me to explain....more

Humans Disgust Me

Cassandra@TND Thank you! :-)more

Oh Come All Ye Old Faithful Suckers

On a recent three day road trip to northern California our wallets were gouged by near $6 a gallon gas prices, fainting goats on strike and a spitting steam valve purported to be the “Old Faithful” geyser.With a Cliff notes itinerary and travel time a premium, our rental car quickly filled with irritated banter when my husband altered our plans. He turned at a hand-scrawled wood sign: Old Faithful, 13 miles.“Old Faithful is a national treasure,” he said. “Seems silly not to go. Calistoga is a few minutes out of the way.”...more

It Would Be So Nice To Be A Cat

Making "the most of our moments" sometimes means stepping beyond our comfort zone.   After voluntarily allowing ice water to be dumped on my head this week, I may have become either more brave or more foolish.  Probably a little of both, as I decided to tackle the second part of this week's Words for Wednesday Challenge: ...more

Sadhvi Sez: "The Hundred Foot Journey" and, it's still Summer!

SadhviSummer is not over yet, but seeing all that Halloween stuff in the stores, you might think it's just around the corner - it is not!  It is stil...more

Why Awkward Shopping Encounters are Terribly Awesome

I am insanely jealous of Harry Potter.  I fully admit it.  And it's not because of his ability to cast spells, his gajillion-billion dollar bank account (though I wouldn't hate sharing it with him) or because of his sure to be on and probably off screen love affair with the beautiful Emma Watson.  No, it's none of those perfectly envious things.  I want one thing from you Mr. Potter: Your invisible cloak.Seriously.  And I've got a few reasons why I must get my hands on it.  And they all have to do with shopping....more

Bachelorette Parties, Penis Straws and the VIP Section

"So, how much would it be to get a table?" I asked this question to the bounciest of bounce-bag bouncers who was currently checking my ID to grant me entrance into one of the trendiest bars in town.   It was my good friend's bachelorette party and I was really only asking because I more so wanted somewhere to put my purse and be able to order a drink without getting my leg humped rather than flaunt the bottle service.  "Oh yeah, that's not gonna happen," was his oh so kind response....more
My friends had the dare card game at my bachelorette party last fall. The bartender would NOT ...more