My Life As A Headcase: Insomnia (Or While My Pillow Gently Mocks)

I swear I have the sleeping habits of a wacked out 2 year old.  I go to bed and sleep a LEETLE bit and then wake up and realise no one ELSE is awake so I panic a little which makes me get even more awake than I was and then I am up for good....more


I avoided having close girlfriends growing up.  Well, it wasn’t that I avoided it, it was more that I didn’t trust women enough to spend my time cultivating any sort of a relationship.  Inevitably whatever information I shared would, in fact, spread like wildfire on a dry hillside in August.  Now maybe it was my fault for thinking that I could trust the angelic faces I called “friends” or perhaps the information I shared was so sensitive that I should have known better than to have shared it in the first place, therefore it was no ones fault but my own....more

The "Hot Tub"

My friend Nora, me very demurely turned from the camera, and my little sister Michelle all enjoying a good soak in an outdoor bathtub....more

If I Ran A Funny Facebook Page

Ways To Negotiate With A Toddler

These are real "negotiations" that have occurred between me and my 2 year old....more

What Kind of Sports Fan Are You?

It's time to find out what kind of sports fan you are! And we are using 2014 World Cup fan reactions to do it! The Crier ...more

Strangeness in the Wormhole

Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission....more

Our Summer F**k It List

Last year I made up a Summer Bucket list for my family. With good intentions, I might add. I thought, at the time, that I made it really easy on myself. I only put things on the list that we were probably going to do anyway. Because it was summer, or because it sounded fun. At the time I thought it was going to be really easy to cross every single item off the list before school started. Oh, how I was wrong... ...more
Ha! I love the thinly veiled rage at the expectations that Pinterest puts on all of us. I often ...more

Catholic Humour, Eh?

Catholics CAN laugh at themselves, ya know. These Catholic memes are taken from a Pinterest board I help edit called Catholic Fun, run by CatholicMom. Although just a few weeks old, this board already hosts over 150 pins, all of then hilarious and in good taste. Come pop over and share a smile, a giggle or maybe even a loud belly laugh. Catholic Fun...more

Introduction and Plagues for a Modern Day Era

Hi there!I'm new to BlogHer but not new to blogging. To try and find more bloggers to follow and fun blogs to read, I took the plunge and started posting here! You can catch up over on my original blog, but here's a fun post to get you started. ...more