That time we almost got arrested in Chinatown

To quote the late, great Sophia Patrillo from Golden Girls, picture it, New York City, summer of 2009. A young couple visiting from Florida found their way to Little Italy. As they carried on with their usual banter when deciding on a meal spot, a young, Asian woman walked behind the girl and with so much as a whisper, purred "Pursessss?" ...more

14 Fauquier County Fair Firsts in Photos (Say It Three Times Fast)

Originally Published on Pecked To Death By ChickensYesterday I attended the Fauquier County Fair with my husband, two kids (2 and 4) and my parents.  Having just moved back to the area after 20 years, we enjoyed the country atmosphere, field parking, and smell of funnel cakes in the air....more

This Is What 47 Looks Like

Hmm... Maybe they should change the name to OLDveralls?! Yippee Ki Yay, Mama!

Why I Stopped Taking Advice, Stopped Looking for a Job, and Started Living

I stopped taking advice from others a few weeks ago, stopped looking for a 9 to 5 job, and started living my life my way.  I did it because I wanted to.  I have been a mom for 20 years.  That is a very long time to take care of other people and focus primarily on the needs of others.  ...more
Thanks for sharing! Being an entrepreneur can be difficult and takes a lot of effort, but loving ...more

Road Trip Ramblings, Day 2

Day 2(If you missed the post for Day 1, Look for "Road Trip Ramblings" by aarynemm)My children ALWAYS sleep later on Road Trip mornings than they would if they were home.  It's another one of those Murphy's Laws of Children. Today, I would not mind if they woke up at 5 am so we could get up and get going since we have a full day of traveling ahead of us. It never happens that way and I let them sleep....more

The 10 Best Blog Posts I Have Read So Far This Year

Originally Posted On Pecked To Death By Chickens BlogAs a blogger, I blog a little and read other blogs a LOT.  I have been keeping track of my very favorites and decided to post them today since I am hearing a lot about Christmas in July and figure I will make my own New Years in July.This probably seems like an odd mix, but these are just the ones that grabbed me the most for various reasons.Here they are in no particular order…...more

Real Estate Emotions: Highs, Lows, and Gigantic Korean Needles

May 27, 2013 we moved out of the first home we ever owned together. It was a beautiful home. I absolutely loved it. We got engaged in that house, found out we were going to be parents in that house, spent a month or so on bed rest, brought home so much baby crap and drug around pack n plays in that house (read about a night of pack n plays HERE on SO YOU GOT KNOCKED UP?! still cracks me up), and finally brought Camy our home....more

Anxiety Chronicles

Anxiety is a soul sucking whore of a beast.I don’t know why I have anxiety. I honestly don’t remember not having anxiety. It is only recently after talking to a dear friend that overcame a brutal case of anxiety and agoraphobia that I’ve decided that I’m not accepting this shit anymore. My entire life I have accepted anxiety as part of my personality but I’m done with that. Well, I’m trying to be done with that. ...more
userh6478 It is a vicious cycle. I have finally found something that works for me - sharing soon ...more

What it's Like to be Married to My Wife

Lately, I've been more scatterbrained, and while I can usually keep it all on the DL, I've been messin' up and my husband is noticing. By that, I mean, I've been laughing at myself a lot this week. I thought, why not have him tell you what it's like to be married to me, just this week. I have to say, I crack up when we're with friends talking and the subject of my "supreme organizational skills" comes up. I leave you in his hands....more
ThatGirlShelley He didn't even mention mail, which I am totally surprised about. I never open ...more

Some Dogwood in the Wormhole

A dogwood tree blooms at the Bayou Bend House and Gardens in Houston, TX. Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission....more