The Time I Blew a Crazy Amount of Cash on Discontinued Lipstick

We've all been there: Faithful to a particular cosmetic item; loyal as can be. We've grown to depend on it day in and day out, and it has come through for us—pun intended—with flying colors. Then, one day...Poof! In comes word that said item has been discontinued....more
As much as my pockets can bear, Denise. Sigh. But, alas, you already know...lolmore

It's not easy being green

I have a love hate relationship with green juice. Mostly hate. I want to like it, it's packed with goodness and full of life and bursting with nutrients and vibrancy and all that stuff. But it tastes like ass.I think it's mostly my rigid thinking getting in the way of my taste buds here. I like fruit . I even like fruit juice. I love veggies.. I like V-8. But somehow, mingling the two causes me some form of tastebud anxiety. My brain can't process a fruit and a vegetable mixed together like that....more

A Fuck Up of Epic Slither

As I pulled my car in front of the house, Brandus sat on the tailgate of his truck, swinging his legs and talking to the guys across the street, who were throwing around a football. Voldemort and the dog ran around with the kids next door, and I smiled as I got out and walked around my car to get my stuff out of the passenger side. FLASHBACK A tiny five-year old alia stands in her backyard, bare feet balancing on a wooden garden partition....more

Are You Singing the Lunch Lady Blues?

Shhh.  Do you hear that noise? That rustling sound? That’s the noise of paper bags being pulled from backpacks, smooshed under books and binders. And that sound? That wailing?  That’s the sound of my kids moaning as they discover yet another peanut butter and jelly sandwich waiting for them. Unoriginality at its best from a mother who prides herself on unique eats for dinner.  But when it comes to lunch, I’m flummoxed....more

And The Preschool Mom Of The Month Tiara Goes To….

Originally Published on Pecked To Death By ChickensLike many of you, I’ve entered plenty of giveaways online before, that used Rafflecopter and the like. What I was NOT familiar with, until recently, was how to administer one of those giveaways. This week I actually have 2 giveaways running on other sites, so I was forced to figure it out....more

Steals and deals I found this week.

My shopping has been sorely lacking this summer due to my children who make me want to drink upon occasion little helpers being home all the time and not being able to take the time that a good couponing haul needs.  But I'm grabbing deals here and there and found some great ones this week.  If you haven't been to Shaw's yet for the Jolly Time popcorn deal, you need to go before the sale ends Thursday night....more

“I’m too old for this $#!^”

It was the day after the super moon phenomenon of 2014 and a group of thirty something friends sat around the patio completely satiated. Homemade Mexican food had been served and devoured and all wore beer induced grins. It was a lovely way to spend a summer evening. It was all quite normal and familiar when the conversation took a sudden turn. Music from the 90’s had played commercial free on one of those Digital TV channels and all night the phrase “I love that song,” could be heard....more

2Toms Blister Shield Powder Review: An Ultra Toe Sausage Test

When people call you 'one of those crazy ultra runners' do you consider it one of your most favorite compliments?  Do you have a smell wafting from the insoles of your shoes similar to that of old shortening?  Do you buy a trunk full of baby powder and enormously large vats of Vaseline at Costco because you cannot fathom living your entire life without the convenience of white powder to shake at your disposal and 48 mini buckets of petroleum jelly shrink wrapped together?  Or are you still chafing in your own sweat and obsessively, compulsively trying anything to halt the toe ...more

Creature Feature

So, after 34 years of living in Boca Raton (minus the four years I spent at the University of Florida in Gainesville), I finally took the plunge and moved somewhere else.  My husband and I were tired of the hectic life South Florida has to offer, as well as the congestion and the ever-entitled and mostly older crowd who call it home.  Not to say there aren’t wonderful folks down there, you just have to know where to look.  Unfortunately, the encounters with nasty people were becoming less and less few and far between.  (Did you really just cut me off and give me...more
Denise Lol!  Yes...Go Gators!  My husband and I are both Gators!  I know what you mean...South ...more