When Your Dog Awkwardly Kills Your Other Pet

No better way to ruin a tea party than to have your pet casually murder your other pet. ...more

10 Hilarious Tasks For My Imaginary Personal Assistants.

Tonight I was going to write a post about It's a Small World being the most under appreciated and over-complained about attraction at Disneyland, and I was going to add plenty of photos. An hour later, I'm exasperated, as my photo albums are a frightful mess! I only found a few that I wanted to use, and I know there are more, and I absolutely refuse... refuuuuse... to make that post without those ones that strayed off. So maybe tomorrow?...more

The 12 Guys You Meet Online

 You know your romantic life is doomed when you download Coffee Meets Bagel and the app refuses to open! “Maybe it’s a sign,” I thought. I mean, not even 3 hours earlier I told a friend, “Ew no,” when she suggested I go back to online dating to “meet new guys.” ...more

Tell A Joke, Save a Life

If laughter is indeed the best medicine, it would explain why I never feel well. I’m just not the ha-ha type. I always knew I lacked the rip-roaring gene, but I never really thought much about it. Until Marge made a comment. All it takes is one aside from my mother and I feel myself bristle. “You don’t laugh much, Amy, but when you do, you kind of have a nervous laugh,” she felt fit to share. It was on the heels of a recent hair appointment I went to with my daughter....more

Don't Be Fooled: Braids Are The Damn Devil

Braids are the devil, y’all! Sisters will rave about how awesome braids are, "They look great, are versatile and make a great protective style". But they NEVER mention the dark side of this braid life....more
Hilarious! I've been getting braids since I was about 10 years old! I still forget the how ...more

Attempting "The Glad Game"...

The past week, the health club has blocked off the beautiful new showers for tile repair, and we women have been relegated to the old ones, most recently used by the men as their locker room underwent a makeover. Since one of our group exercise classmates had been telling us about the athlete's foot he had suffered from using those very showers, we were a little squeamish about being back in the Formica stalls. (First world problems, I know.)...more

Maybe We Could Express Ourselves More Fully If We Say It Without Words

Under the heading of 1001 Reasons to Move to Costa Rica, reasons 99-801 should involve completely embarrassing yourself.<...more
Cheryl Cooke Harrington We say, "it's Meg's world, she merely allows us to live in it." Wouldn't ...more

When your eyes are bigger than your weekend...

I ran out of weekend. My eyes were bigger than the time I had allotted for the chores I wanted to complete. My goal had been to transform an overflowing bedroom into a pristine guest room with much, much less stuff. It turns out that emptying a room and painting are the easy part. Sorting through stuff -- making determinations as to what I should toss, keep, or give away -- is what's tough. And so I didn't finish. ...more

Inside the Mind of a Mom Who Has PMS

I’m alone in the kitchen, making lunches.My face is sporting the expression commonly referred to as: Resting Bitch Face. Although, mine isn’t really resting; my forehead is in on the action, too. I am all scrunched up, like a pug. A confrontational (or perhaps constipated) pug.In the distance I can hear them. They’re calling my names:“BABE!”“MOMMY!”...more