The Dark Side Of Grandma

She's been gone for a while ––traveling to far away places and living large. And today is her birthday.Happy birthday, Mamacita!**Click image to read full article**...more


I’ve got out of the bed this morning and wondered. “Did it snow!” I felt like a child wanting a snow day so I could stay at home in the bed and do nothing.  But, I’m a mom.  We don’t do those kinda things, right? “Yes! It snowed. No! Still have to go to work.”...more

Swag Alert: Six Things That Will ROCK YOUR WORLD!

I've pulled together six of my favorite finds and put them online for all the world to see. It's my gift to you, moms... Hope you enjoy! **Click image to view article**...more

MicroBlog Hint Humor #5

MicroBlog Hint Humor #5Green Eggs...more

Dollar Shave Club Suspects That I Have A Funky Bathroom - 5 Prehistoric Spring Cleaning Finds

I need to start this out by dwelling on the fact that Dollar Shave Club reached out to me to do this post....more
janeb  That is awesome to hear!  I was just over at your site this morning.  So glad that this ...more

My First Liebster! Woo Hoo!


Never Trust a Fart - and 21 Things You Need to Know at Midlife

Get a bra fitting - be amazed and fascinated at what your true size is! Believe me, I thought I was in the 34's until recently. Denial is a river in Egypt.2. Get a brow job and makeover- Sephora is your new best friend....more

When your youngest turns 18...

"Let me see. If Adam is turning 18 today, and  I was X  when he was born. Then X  + 18 = my age now.""Really? I'm only X  + 18?"(Foolishly, I had been adding a year to that since my birthday in August. I'm not as old as I thought? ... I better double check my math.)"If this is 2014, and I was born in 19_ _; then 2000 - 19_ _ = _ _+ 14 = how old I will be in August. Not now. I've been saying I already was X  + 18 + 1!"...more

Look Out Below! Bird Poop Stories 2.0

If you read my original bird poop inspired post, this post will make total sense.  If not, let me fill you in on all the details:  I posted about bird poop and this is a follow up....more