Dear family, the takeout menus are on the fridge

I experienced a sense of relief recently when a study was released that indicated sitting down as a family for home-cooked meals may not be an absolute necessity if you ...more

Running an Ultra with Influenza – in 7 Easy Steps

Step 1: Get the flu.The best way is to overtrain until there is absolutely nothing left of your immune system. I will explain the secrets to "The art of overtraining" in a future post. After you have reduced your immune system to dust, hang out at playgrounds with toddlers that have recently been violently ill with Enterovirus D68. If you can, let them drink out of your colorful toy-like water bottle. Share fluids as much as possible with a kindergartener as well....more

Brow Game... I Got None.

When I was in middle school my eyebrows were like two giant caterpillars. To be honest, they were more like one giant caterpillar. I had an almost-unibrow situation going on and it wasn’t pretty.I never realized how bushy and full they were until I started noticing that my friend’s brows became smaller and smaller. In my highschool years (2000-2004) over-plucked eyebrows were hotter than Eminem’s bleached head....more

Hair None

My hair dilemma: Should I just cut what's left off?! Stereotypes associated with hair loss or baldness Especially in women: Weak, unattractive, AIDS, cancer, low self-esteem, lesbian, meek, slow in wit, can only have relationships with men who are bald or balding, poor, and generally inadequate...hhmmm??.... Well there I am in the pic with a head full of hair and yes that's my sweet Lily with me. A couple of months after that Christmas pic my hair began to fall out in clumps I guess my brain began to leak out too, if I follow the logic of the stereotypes....more

The Angel of Death (or Monday, as some like to call it)

Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission....more

Let Them Eat Dirt

As a parent twice over with 19 years of experience, I can honestly tell you that modern mothers are way too concerned about what goes in our children's mouths.  If you have a kid, I know you worry that she’s not eating enough, or not eating the right things, or putting the cat toys in her mouth again.  It is time that we, as parents, let go of our obsessive concern with what our children eat.  To that end, here are some simple rules that I have come to live by:...more

Dirty Little Secrets

Not the kind you're thinking of!!  It's Monday...way too early in the week for that!  These are the little quirks each of us has that other people don't know.We all have funny little habits that we never actually publicize.  Most of them are no big deal, we just never think to share them.  I'll go first and share some of mine...but y'all had better follow my lead!!1.  I love Cap'n Crunch with Crunchberries...straight out of the box, dry, no milk whatsoever....more

The moment you realise you're the oldest person at the gig

Last week I was excited to be attending my first gig in eight months at Borderline in Soho. After this hiatus I was looking forward to cramming myself into a tiny, sweaty venue, to drink some cider and to move my shoulders, or just tap my foot, in time with the music of UK/US band Drowners. In fact, I couldn’t think of a more pleasant way to spend my Wednesday evening....more

What it feels like to return to London

I’m hot, sweaty and wishing more than anything that the guy behind me would stop leaning against me breathing alcohol fumes in my face. Sadly there is no room to escape. I am crammed into a tube carriage, with my 60-litre, mud-covered backpack, dodging evil looks from commuters because I made the fatal faux pas of passing through central London at 8:30am on a Friday morning. I know I don’t have a leg to stand on so I keep my eyes pointed down, I bite my tongue and I apologise profusely every time the doors open and more commuters sardine themselves in around me....more